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My Member Is in Your Hands, Beth-Ann

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This adventure started 32 years ago. A mutual commitment to experimentation and yet abstention has gotten us pleasureably to middle-age, with an on-going rich sexual relationship.


I met my wife, Beth-Ann, through a friend during our last year in high school. I fell in love with her after dating her just two months and we married just four months after that.

We were both virgins when we met. She would not allow penetrative sex before marriage. She assured me that her body would belong only to me afterwards. This however did not preclude us from masturbating together. I was at first reluctant to relieve myself in her presence, however she was fascinated by ejaculation and egged me on at every opportunity. For my part I was amazed that she could bring herself off with a mere minute or so of clitoral stimulation. This relieved the sexual tension between us.

We were quite stressed-out by the time the wedding reception was over and she asked me to postpone intercourse for the first part of our Caribbean honeymoon. She asked that we begin a journey of discovery of each other's bodies. We learned mutual masturbation together and how our sexual parts responded and released through orgasm.

I would begin with gentle kisses to the side of her face and neck, my hands touching her shoulders, then back and my skill in arousing her developed with practice. My slow and gentle massage built intensity in our sexual encounter.

Most times my patience was rewarded by her response. Her eyes would close, she would moan and her head would tilt back, as she arched her back. This was her sign for me to remove the last of her clothing and her underpants, so that I might gaze upon her nakedness. Then she would raise her knees and spread her thighs apart, exposing her swollen vulva. Her hips would begin thrusting, as she would quietly beg me to touch her most-private sanctuary.

This surrender of her privacy enticed me to strive to pleasure her. She asked that I lick and suck her nipples as I massaged her clitoris and her swollen vulva. She would have multiple-orgasms for almost an hour, without touching me.

When she finally climaxed for the last time, then she would stroke my throbbing erection in the most-delicious manner, so that I too could experience the relief of climax and physical collapse. She was fascinated by the streams of cum issuing from my manhood. Then 20 minutes later she would address anew the business of reviving my erection and doing me a second time. Often there was a third time for me.

After several days, she still was not submissive to being mounted and we discussed this at length. Many months before we married we had decided that we did not wish to have children. She was very afraid of becoming pregnant and for this reason did not wish me to mount her, despite her being on the Pill. After several more mutual sessions and several more discussions we decided that we would forego intercourse and remain virgins, enjoying only non-penetrative sex.

This adventure started 32 years ago. A mutual commitment to experimentation and yet abstention has gotten us pleasurably to middle age with an on-going rich sexual relationship. Many senses are at play here, including sight, touch, texture, taste, scent, and the rhythm of our physical bodies with our minds.

Our lovemaking has evolved over the years. We have become very skilled at handwork and derive great pleasure from each other's touches, regardless of where they fall. Her vulva and clitoris are her main arousal areas, while my cock and ball-sack are mine. We continue to experience very intense orgasms.

We have various modes of enjoying sex, still most often enjoy handwork.



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