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My Masturbation Story

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I've enjoyed so many of the other ladies stories. I want to share mine.


Masturbation has been a major part of my sex life for as long as I can remember. Even though I am married and have good, although infrequent sex with my husband, I masturbate everyday. Some days I get myself off two to three times a day. I have spent entire days fingering my pussy when my husband was out of town. I spent many years ashamed of my masturbation habit. I really thought there was something wrong with me because I was so horny all the time and needed to get myself off.

My husband did little to lessen my shame when he first caught me masturbating. He called me a nympho and a slut for what I was doing. I am more careful now about not letting him catch me. It has not caused me to stop. I just love the feeling I get with my hands and fingers all up and around inside my pussy. Yes I prefer to masturbate with just my hands, although I do have a couple of toys, I have to hide them from my husband, so it is not as convenient as my hands. They're always with me, ha ha. I am so grateful for this site because it has helped me realize that some people just have higher drives than others and masturbating does not make me a slut; although, the things I imagine myself doing in my fantasies definitely would!

I wanted to share with everyone here about when I first discovered the fire in my crotch and the pleasure I could give to myself. It was the summer after I turned 13 and I was on the swim team in my town. I would ride my bike to swim practice in the afternoon and typically I would just have my one piece swim suit on. At that time I didn't bother putting on shorts or anything over it. This little event caused me to discover why the older girls usually wore gym shorts over their suits!

As I rode my bike to practice that one fateful day I felt a sensation in my pussy that I had felt before, but this was much stronger. I became aware that I could position myself on my seat in a way that increased the sensation. I loved the way it made my pussy feel. When I arrived at the pool, I locked my bike and lined up for stretches. We usually did a few minutes of some basic stretches before we worked out. One of the stretches we put the soles of our feet together and pushed our knees toward the ground as we drew our feet toward our bodies. I liked this stretch because I could sneak glances at the boys penises. I especially liked the older boys because some of them had pubic hair that was visible over their suits. I also noticed their cocks were larger than boys my age.

As I looked down at my own crotch, I was mortified to see that it was soaking wet. A dark wet spot was clearly present and it looked like I had wet my suit. I also noticed a smell that I now know was the smell of my aroused cunt. I tried to cover myself as much as I could but couldn't get into the pool fast enough so the rest of my suit would be as wet as my crotch. The rest of the practice all I could think about was my pussy. When I did the breast stroke, I opened my legs and imagined the boy swimming behind me looking at my cunt. I imagined swimming naked and him looking at my open pussy. My little nipples were erect throughout practice, but I had seen a lot of other girls that got hard nipples during workout. I wonder if they had naughty thoughts like me!

I hurried home after practice. I enjoyed the bike seat on my way home, humping a little more than the ride to practice. I threw my bike down in the front yard and ran up to my bedroom. My parents were at work and I had a little time to myself before they got home. I had to check out what was going on with my pussy. I stripped off my swimming suit, took a small mirror off of my wall and jumped onto my bed.

My pussy was really tingling now and I propped a couple of pillows against my headboard, spread my legs and put the mirror up to my pussy. I really took a good look at it like never before. I could see some fine golden hairs that were starting to grow on my mound. My pussy lips were puffy, bright pink and glistening with moisture. I tentatively rubbed my index finger along the length of my lips and felt a jolt like electricity when my finger hit my clit. Wow! What is that I wondered? I spread myself with both my hands and saw my little bud. The sensation was a little strong for me to touch it directly, but I sort of pushed the flesh around it and wow! This is the sensation that I would become addicted to.

I noticed a small trickle of clear fluid that had started to leak from my pussy hole. I touched it and rubbed it between my finger and thumb. It was so warm and slippery. I am not sure what made me do it, but I dabbed at some more of this juice, and then licked it off with my tongue. I'll never know what made me taste it, but I loved it! Even now I love to taste my sex on my fingers, getting my pussy really wet and licking my juice from my hands.

I felt inside my hole next. I was afraid of breaking my hymen, because I wanted to remain a virgin until I got married, so I didn't push in too far. But after the play with my clit, the warmth of my inside on my finger and the feeling of my finger pushing into my cunt hole gave me what I now know was my first orgasm. It was small compared to the orgasms I would later give myself but it was still the best thing I had felt in my life. My heart was beating so fast, a flushed red area was visible from my neck down to my budding breasts and a pulse of pussy juice seeped down into my ass crack. It scared me a little but it was the start of daily exploration. I found out what made my cunt (I love the nastiness of that word, that and twat) feel good. I tried different positions and things in my twat, but always preferred my fingers best. I love how wet my pussy gets and how it feels as I enjoy fucking myself. I hope people like my story. I have a lot more to tell. I'd like to hear from other ladies how they have over-come their feelings of guilt about masturbation and the challenges of having a mate that just doesn't have the same kind of sex drive as they do.

Happy Masturbating!



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