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My Masturbation Statistics

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Statistics from 1971 including sex with my wife. Would like to see other personal stats.


I started recording my sexual activity the beginning of 1971. I don't remember why I started but I wish I started from my first masturbation which was about 17 years early. By 1971 I was already married over 5 years and still am to a wonderful wife. I started jerking off around the age of 12 or 13 and guess I did it about once a day . I wish I had kept track to see how horny I really was. This continued until I joined the Navy after High School. This curtailed my masturbation activity quite a bit. I would estimate about once a week if I were lucky. After the Navy I went to a local college and started dating. This resulted in a few hand jobs, an a couple of blow jobs and a lot jerking off again. I wish I had the numbers, but I estimate close to 5 or 6 times a week I beat my meat. After that I got a job and met my wife. Again I have no stats but I think most of the time it was hand jobs by her a few blow jobs and once we had intercourse. I can't remember if I jerked off a lot then. I don't think so. Maybe once a week.We were married about 1 1/2 years later and I wish I started to keep track of our sex life then. I can only guess that intercourse was at it's peek then and masturbation at a all time low. I can tell from 1971 what day (morning, afternoon, or night) I did what.I have it in these categories: masturbation,masturbation with a device,handjobs,blowjobs, intercourse(missionary,doggie style,her on top, and other) ,times my cock was sucked but not to orgasm and combined totals and sub totals. I also included my wife's stats. The number of times she came to orgasm by rubbing her clit with and without a vibrator, eating her with and without a vibrator and intercourse. Of course I don't have her masturbation numbers because she is a very private person. I would be shocked and delighted if it were more than once a year.That first year(1971) I masturbated 8 times, was given 27 hand jobs and had intercourse 66 times for a total of 101. My wife came 39 times by me rubbing her clit, 9 times from me going down on her and 3 times from intercourse. When I was a teenager I thought my masturbating days would end. Little did I know. From 1971 my masturbation totals increased to a high of 85 a year in 1981. It stabilized at about 60 a year until I retired. My intercourse numbers have stayed around that 66 level(a high of 89 in 1976) of 71 until 1989. Of course my totals jumped up to about 150 a year due to the increase in masturbation. Blow jobs reached a high of 22 in 1982 and Hand Jobs were at a low of 1 in 1981. Things changed since I retire in 1993 and my wife is at work during the day. From 1971 to 1993 my totals were Masturbation 1319 (42%) Hand Jobs 330 (10%) Blow Jobs 209 (7%) intercourse 1285 (41%) Total 3143 or 136.7 times a year. 1994 to 2002 my totals are Masturbation 1010 (72%) Hand Jobs 60 (4%) Blow jobs 66 (5%) Intercourse 258 (19%) for a total of 1394 or 154.9 times a year. AS you can see there has been a big increase in masturbation. So teenagers don't think you will stop beating your meat when you get married. I would like to encourage you all to keep stats and see where you love or self love live is going. Keep us posted on this site. Inquiries of my stats will be expanded on request.



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