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My Masturbation History

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I truly love this site, and I hope my story excites the readers



I am a married man of 39. I have been masturbating since the early age of four. It all started on a Saturday morning. I found that it felt very good to rub my penis against the bed in my pj's. I found that after I did it for awhile, a sort of throb came on followed by a very nice 'tickly' feeling. I called it like a pee. I loved it.

I continued to do my 'rub' on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day, but pretty much each day. I either did it with my underwear on or on 'special' occasions naked against my soft cotton sheets. Of course in grade school the little orgasm was dry, but I sure loved that tingle. One day when I was around 13, my older cousin (female) was watching me as my parents were away. That night as I did my rub, at the end I noticed a wee drop of white fluid at the tip.

My cousin was a nursing student. I was so scared I had finally developed a disease from my habit, so I called her to help me. She found me naked. I explained what happened and that I was scared. She simply chuckled and went to get a wet rag. When she returned, she wiped me off and explained that this was semen, and it was a normal part of growing up. She made me feel better. She explained that what I was doing was masturbating, and again it was normal for boys and men to do it. I then got a bit bold and asked if girls and in particular, if she, did masturbation. She confirmed that indeed girls do it as well, and as for her she did it often. I asked if she would show me how she did it, but she said it was not appropriate for her to do it in front of me.

Anyway, as I entered my sophmore year, my rubbing orgasms became more intense. One night I was lying in bed thinking about a girl I liked and how I would love to have sex with her. I formulated the idea of wetting my hand with my slippery saliva, and then thrusting my hard penis into my hand, hence my backhanded masturbation technique, which I still mainly employ today, was born. That night I thrust my penis in and out of my hand, and when I let go, BOOM, what an orgasm! I was weak, but this was great.

All through high school I masturbated frequently. I had one of those black bean bag chairs. One time I kind of folded it over and put some Vaseline in the slot. I started to fuck away at it, and quickly realized this was fun. Later that day I went outside and this neighbor girl laughed at me. I said, 'What's so funny?' She explained that she was spying on my through my basement bedroom window as I fucked my bean bag. She further explained that all she could see was my butt and my balls and that she would have loved to see my dick. I asked her if she ever did anything like that. She said she regularly humped her pillows, but also she rubbed her clit a lot. I asked what that was, so we went back behind my garage so she could show me.

When there, she took off her swim suit bottoms and said she would only do it for me if I would let her see my dick. So I did. I dropped my suit, and my teenaged dick popped out. She spread her pussy apart and was very wet. She showed me her clit and then started to rub it. She asked if I ever 'jacked' my dick, and I showed her my backhand technique. It did not take long for both of us to start to cum. Afterward we hugged and kissed.

I went off to college, and of course my little secret went with me. I soon found out that a lot of people in college jacked and jilled. There was one girl who met me regularly to face off and masturbate. One night we took it a bit further and actually had intercourse, but that is another topic. In college, during our experiments she asked me to try to come just by flexing my dick. It took a while but pretty soon I was cumming and never even touched my dick. She said that she could do it as well without touching herself, so many times we would just lie in front of each other and flex to a nice cum. In college I also learned that a nice bristly brush being brushed on my balls would make me come far, and she simply loved this.

When I returned from college I eventually met back up with my behind- the-garage neighbor and actually married her! So here we are close to 40, and we still love to employ masturbation into our sexual activities. We have four boys, so we do our fair share of fucking as well.

Anyway, we both love this site. Many nights we sit side by side and 'jack and 'jill' while reading the postings. But the reason we decided to finally post, is that we recently went to my college for a visit. Believe it or not, we ran into my college masturbation buddy. My wife knew of our past and did not have a problem meeting her. My college friend is still single. We three decided to have dinner together; one thing led to another and my friend became our friend.

We all went back to our hotel for a drink, and one thing led to another again. We were all in our room later; we opened up completely and had a nice three-way masturbation session. I personally had four squirts, and the girls had uncountable orgasms. There was no touching, just masturbation. Last week I actually caught my wife on the phone with our friend, and her hand came out of her pants as I caught her. That was hot.

Well, I hope my story is selected. I also hope to hear from some ladies and guys about what they think of my story. My wife and I are going to take a hot tub now. She loves the jets.

Happy stroking and rubbing to all.



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