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My Masturbation History

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This story involves some MF and MM, but mostly just M.

Also, I wanted to put all of my experiences into one post. It seems that every story on here ends with 'More to come later', but later never seems to come...

Also, this is an extended version of a story I posted a few years back.


Hello all, I've been reading Solo Touch for about two years now I think, and I love it. I eagerly wait for midnight to roll around every night to see the new stories. My favorites are the Female and Female-Female discovery stories, I've always wondered about these kinds of things.

Anyway, about me. I'm 17 and have about a six inch penis. It's not very thick. (not sure, maybe two inches circumference?) I'm uncircumsized, and an adhesion on the head of my penis makes it uncomfortable for me to pull my foreskin back too far. As I type this, I have a massive erection. At the end of every few sentences, I stop and stroke my cock a few times to keep it hard.

Anyway, my earliest memory of masturbation was when I was around seven years old. I was beginning to get erections for the first time, and I started to think about girls for the first time. My first experience, however, was Male-Male. My mother would look after a friend's son, who was the same age as I was. I don't even remember his name. We'd go downstairs and play, like normal kids. One day, however, he asked to see my penis. We played with each other's penises, just fooled around with them, nothing special.

The next time he came over, we came up with a codeword to escape my brother. In my basement of my old house, there were a pair of mattresses leaning against a wall in the uncompleted part of it. We'd lie side by side in there and play with each other's penises. We didn't do much, but it felt good so we kept doing it. One day, for some reason, I remember we were pulling back each other's foreskins. I didn't like it, so I asked him to stop. He got above me, with his little penis pointing towards me, and started slapping my penis back in his hands from above. My dick would bounce back and he'd slap it again. He did this for a few minutes, and suddenly it started to feel good, very nice and warm. I realize now, this was my first orgasm. I was too young to ejaculate.

At the same time, I was in my room watching TV when a girly show came on. I was going to change the channel, but I couldn't find the remote, so I started watching it. I eventually had an erection, and started playing with my penis and rubbing my ass. It felt good, but I couldn't get to the point of an orgasm.

About a year later, my brother became very good friends with a neighbor girl. They were both around five years old, and they spent a lot of time together. I was friendly with the girl too, and sometimes we'd go downstairs and play 'Cats', where one of us would pull down their pants and the other would literally kiss the other's ass. This got me very hard, and I showed her my erection. Not much else happened.

Later that year, one of my schoolmates was over at my house. I was horny again and asked her to show me her vagina. We both pulled down our pants, my little erection pointing towards her. She, however, only pulled hers down a little bit, showing me the front of her groin, where her pubic hair would eventually grow. This got me really horny, and my penis and scrotum turned red. The next day at school, she told a few friends and rumours went around the school. I vehemently denied it.

My first self-induced orgasm was when I was 11. I was lying in my bed and very horny. I began to rub my penis slowly, and kept doing it because it felt good. I was thinking of girls in my class at school, when suddenly the same good, warm feeling washed over me. I was still too young to ejaculate. Every night since, I've masturbated, sometimes even four or five times a day. I can even come up with the date I first masturbated: December 12, 1999. I know this because I remember thinking about a show I had watched earlier that day, and referencing the premiere date. Heh heh...

Later the next year, I moved closer to my cousin, to the east coast. As I got off the plane, I thought to myself 'Wow, she's really good looking'. We became friends quickly, and soon we began to have sleepovers. When she slept over at my house, we'd both sleep on my pullout couch. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and pull out my penis. Quietly, I'd begin to jack off looking at her beautiful face.

There are a few other stories that come to mind when I think of her. The first happened one time when I was about 13 or 14. My family had gone over to theirs for dinner. 'Lindsay' as I will call her was in the shower after soccer practice. I was looking around her room for something to do, and I stumbled upon her wet panties. This was the beginning of my panty fetish. There was a big glob of her 'juice' left in it, and I quickly smelled it, and became really horny. I quickly jerked off and put them back.

The second time was once when I was sleeping over at her house. We were downstairs watching a bad, softcore porno movie on the extended cable channels. Being a teenager in puberty, I was super horny. I had to jerk off. There was one scene I remember, there were two girls having sex on the screen, masturbating each other and having fun with an icecube. This sent me over the edge. I had to come. I tried to keep it covert, but she noticed from her couch. She called me on it, and I denied it, claiming to scratch a mosquito bite. Later that night, I was jerking off. It was probably about 5:00am, and I was really tired but horny. I had to cum. When I did, however, I began to pee all over myself. It sounds impossible and weird, but it happened. I fell asleep quickly after that.

The third story with her was on my other cousin's birthday. He had a party going on in the basement, and I was sleeping on the ground in Lindsay's room. I woke up for some reason at about 4:00am. I sat up and heard her moaning in her bed. It was quickly followed by a distinct crying sound. I was confused, horny and curious. My mouth was dry. I began to masturbate. After I came, I was going to say something, but couldn't. At that time, my other cousin got really loud, causing my aunt to get out of bed in the next room and go down to yell at them. Lindsay quickly stopped. To this day, I don't know if she was having a nice dream, masturbating in her sleep, or just plain fingering herself.

The last, and my favorite story I remember with her was about two years ago. She was over at my house and we were playing on the computer. She had slept over the night before. She got up to go to shower. My room has a large walk in closet, and I had always wondered about this hole on one end of it. As she went in, I got into my closet to look for a board game. I glanced through the hole, and it connected to the bathroom she was in. She was on the toilet, peeing. This is the beginning of my voyeurism and pee fetish. She got up, flushed the toilet, and got naked in front of my eyes. She has tiny, 24A tits, and didn't shave at the time (I know she does now, though). She had a thick, brown bush. My cock was throbbing at this point. She got into the shower, and I couldn't see her well through the glass door. I kept watching though, she had to get out and get changed. Before she did though, she reached up to the shower head, and tried to take it off, like hers does. It wouldn't come off. Suddenly, she disappeared where I couldn't see her. A few seconds passed, and then I heard a faint but distinct moan. She was masturbating in the shower! This continued for a few minutes while I listened in awe. Her moans got louder and higher pitched, but suddenly stopped. I don't know if she came silently or just gave up, but she got up, turned off the shower and got dressed.

When she came back into my room, I asked her what took her so long. She said she wanted to feel the water through her hair. Her pubic hair, maybe..heheh....



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