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My Masturbation History

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My history of masturbation that revolves around pantyhose


My first masturbatory experience that resulted in an orgasm was in the third grade at about 8 years old. During recess I was racing another kid up a 20 foot swing set pole, when about half way up I got this funny feeling in my pants I had to stop because I got all weak and was afraid I was going to fall off. When the feeling subsided, I finished my journey to the top with another orgasm. Those days were great because I hadn't reached puberty yet and could have two or three orgasms without ejaculating. Needless to say I decided to forget kickball and start racing kids up the swing set pole. The funny part about that whole situation was a teacher who always supervised recess always used to say 'you really go up that pole fast.' To this day I wonder if she knew why.
Two years later in fifth grade we used to have this obstacle course in Gym class that we would be timed on and we would practice one section each week. The rope climb section we worked on the whole week and I thought I would die of pleasure or embarrassment trying to hide my erection. They used to have two ropes to climb, one with knots and one without. I chose the one without, those knots hurt going up yet it was supposed to be easier. I obviously didn't think so. That was great because I would have two orgasms one on the way up and one on the way down. Again without ejaculation. I got the school record for the obstacle course that year, and probably still have it.
The next year in the summer between sixth and seventh grade was my awakening. Before I would take my shower in the morning I would sit on the toilet and rub my erect penis for about ten minutes. Using a dry hand everyday was making my penis sore, so I looked for something that would make my hand glide better. I grabbed my dads shaving cream and started rubbing my hand up and down. Not even 2 minutes later I shot my first load. It kind of scared me, I didn't know what it was. I had never had a wet dream (still haven't) and thought something was wrong. After a trip to the library I realized it was sperm. That whole summer I probably masturbated about 3 times a day. I Think my mother knew but didn't say anything. She asked me if I had used up all my dads shaving cream, and constantly told me to stop sitting in the bathroom too long. How could she not know?
I never talked to guys about masturbation because in the eighties only people who didn't get laid masturbated. I found out later on that wasn't true. I used to masturbate a lot, even in relationships with girls. Right round 14 was the time when my fetish for pantyhose on women really started to take form. I found myself masturbating to the pantyhose section of the JC Penny catalog and taking the Sunday ads to the bathroom with me. To this day I still have Sunday JC Penny and Sears ads from the mid 1980s. I think the catalogs caught on to this because its hard to find and ad or picture now with a woman in pantyhose. They just show the packaging.
Every girlfriend I had indulged my fetish and would parade around in pantyhose while I masturbated for them. Those days were so good. My girlfriends loved to see a man with a penis in his hand and I just loved to masturbate to them in pantyhose. One time while in high school my one girlfriend dared me to masturbate in school, I didn't care so the next day she wore a mini skirt, white control top pantyhose without panties underneath and we went to an unused classroom. When we got in there I sat on the desk, she gave me the hand cream, she pulled up her skirt and I jerked off for about a minute and a half before I exploded. It was so exciting because there was a window next to the door that if someone looked in would have observed a sight. Later after school my girlfriend went wild with her vibrator while I jerked. She was so horny from the days events.
Twenty-four years after my first orgasm I still masturbate at least once a day. I don't have much time, with a job and kids. My wife indulges my pantyhose fetish and knows I masturbate every day. When I used to work 2nd shift I would get home and she would be sleeping with pantyhose on and I would lube up and jerk off standing over the bed observing her form in tight pantyhose. She would wake up and say 'welcome home honey.' Even now if we have to be somewhere I'll go into the bathroom where she's getting ready, I'll pull her skirt up while she's putting her make up on and jerk off real quick. She still can't believe how often I masturbate, She figured when we got married that I'd outgrow my pantyhose fetish and stop masturbating. We've been married 10 years now.
Now all my masturbation revolves around pantyhose which is OK with me, its a lot easier to find images now that we have the Internet. As long as there's women and pantyhose I'll be masturbating every day.



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