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My Masturbation Experiences

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I am 15 years old, soon to be 16, and I absolutely love masturbating. I think it's the healthiest and safest way to enjoy yourself sexually. I love to take my time when I masturbate and have taken up to 3 hours to reach orgasm before. Let me tell you, the orgasm you eventually get from bringing yourself up close ot orgasm and then letting yourself fall back down over and over again is incredible! Anyone who has never tried that needs to, it makes me shoot gallons of cum and I shake for many minutes aftewards. My typical way of masturbating involves getting hard by finding some erotic fantasy or pictures/story online. Then I'll unzip my fly and run a couple of fingers up and down my shaft a few times until I get so horny I just can't stand it anymore. Then i'll take my index finger and thumb of each hand and run them up and down my shaft. I typically continue this position until I cum, which I have tasted occasionally to those who are wonder. Anyway, onto my most memorable masturbation experiences...
I've always had fun playing sexual truth or dare, and one time while on the phone with one of my girlfriends she suggested we play. Needless to say I jumped at the chance. She was very creative in her dares and before the night was over I had to deepthroat a toothbrush, color my balls blue, and stick a pen up my ass among other things. and sooner or later it evolved into phone sex, with each of us masturbating away listening to the sounds of the other one. Once we both came it was so sensual, listening to the sounds of her fingers furiously rubbing her pussy and clit brought me over the edge so hard.
About a year ago, as I was looking through my mother's bathroom closet (my parents are divorced) getting some advil, I stumbled upon a purple, plastic vibrating dildo. Until I pulled it out I didn't realize what it was, but once i did I realized immediately and turned the switch at the bottom to turn it on. I knew exactly what I had to do so I touched the mock penis to my own, feeling the vibrations as they ran up and down my cock. It was heaven but I realized that the vibrator wouldn't get me off so once I got about as hard as I could, I replaced the dildo exactly as I found it so as not to arouse suspicion. And then I went into my room and had an amazing jack off session.
Up until the present I had never really given much thought to the dildo except the occasional time when I would rub it against my cock and enjoy the pleasure. However, tonight as I opened the door into my mother's bathroom so that I could take a shower, I saw my mom sprawled out on her stomach on the floor, with her vibrator on high, stuffing herself with it. Of course she flipped out and yelled at me to get out, but as I hung around outside the door I could still hear strong vibrations and an all too familiar moan that she must've thought was drowned out by the tv.



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