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My Masturbation Experiences

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This site is great. I wish I had access to this kind of information about masturbation when I was in my teenage years. I have been masturbating at least once a day since about the age of 10. Although I never felt guilty about it in those early days, I remember constantly wondering if my friends jacked off, how often they did it, and if the frequency of my masturbation was "normal". Although jacking off was not a topic I discussed with friends, had I had access to the kind of information on this site, I would have known that they probably loved to masturbate as much as I did and I would have felt more comfortable that I was perfectly normal. This site seems to be a great ice-breaker for people of all ages to be able to talk to their friends and lovers about masturbation, perhaps leading to a mutual masturbation experience, and I think that's fantastic. Although by definition, masturbation is usually a solo act, it can be an exciting, highly erotic, and intimate experience to share with another.
My earliest memories of masturbation involved a support pole in the basement of my family's home. It went from floor to ceiling and was about eight feet high. I was always climbing things when I was a kid and I used to shinny up that pole for fun, then hang from the girder that it supported and drop to the floor. I don't know why or how I started doing this, but I discovered that if I just climbed part way up the pole and flexed my knees and thighs up and down while I hung on in mid-air, my cock would get really stiff and hard. In a very short amount of time I would get this incredibly intense and pleasurable tickling or itching sensation deep inside my lower abdomen and down my thighs. I was only about ten at the time and didn't associate it with anything sexual (since I didn't know anything about sex anyway), but it was pure pleasure!! I climbed and rubbed against that pole every chance I got. I probably built up some pretty good arm strength as well from holding myself midway up that pole so frequently. Although the pleasurable feeling was always accompanied by a hard-on, I'm not sure I thought my penis was the source of the pleasure. For that reason, it never occurred to me that I could get the same feeling by using my hand. I thought I needed to rub against that pole to get the "feeling".
In fifth and sixth grade gym class, we used to have a time during the year when we would do gymnastics for several weeks. As part of this, we would climb ropes that went all the way to the ceiling of the gymnasium. This was probably about 40 feet or so. There were three or four ropes and all the boys would line up at each rope and take turns climbing the rope. Some kids couldn't climb very high or at all, but I was a little monkey and could climb all the way up and down those ropes faster than anyone. In the process of climbing the ropes, my penis would get very stiff and I would get that same incredible feeling. With the pole in my basement, I was consciously trying to achieve that sensation, but with the ropes in gym class, it was completely unintentional. In the few minutes it took me to climb up and down the rope, I would get that amazing sensation I knew so well without even trying. Lucky for me, I had not yet entered puberty and we stopped climbing ropes after about 6th or 7th grade; otherwise I would have gotten to the bottom of the rope with a big wet spot on the front of my shorts. As it was, I still had a raging boner to hide when I got to the bottom of the rope. I wondered if this was happening to the other boys or if it was my secret, something I alone had discovered. I still didn't associate it with anything sexual and certainly didn't know I was "masturbating" or having an "orgasm". A few years later, I discovered that girls do this as well, since I once looked out the front window of our house to see my younger sister clinging to a basketball pole we had on the side of our driveway. She was hanging onto the basketball pole about six feet off the ground and flexing her knees up and down, just like I did on the basement pole. It was no big deal and I never mentioned it to her; I simply smiled to myself knowing what she was doing and wondered how it worked in girls and if the sensation was the same for a girl as it was for a boy.
I was in 7th grade when I became more curious and knowledgeable about sex from health class. By that time, I had a basic understanding of the mechanics of sex and I remember very clearly laying on my bed one night and thinking that maybe I could duplicate the mechanics of fucking by wrapping my hand around my erect cock, pretend my hand was a vagina, and stroke up and down. Sure enough, after only a few minutes, I started to get that familiar tingling sensation and then this explosive pleasurable feeling. Ah ha! That same feeling I got from climbing the basement pole and the ropes in gym class! Once I figured out I could use my hand, I was freed from the confines of the pole in my basement and could masturbate in my bed, on the bathroom floor, in the shower, or sitting on the toilet. I always shared a room with a brother and there was no lock on our bedroom door, so privacy was always a problem unless I used the bathroom or masturbated discreetly under the covers at night. Throughout these times, I always wondered if my friends masturbated and I often fantasized about jerking off with them. I'm sure such fantasies are common in young boys and girls since our own bodies and orgasms are our closest frame of reference for sexual fantasies at that age. I find the stories on this site about mutual masturbation experiences between boys or girls, or boys and girls together, fascinating and exciting because they reflect playful experimentation and harmless sexual curiosity that we all have during our pre-teen and teen years. I don't know about anyone else, but between the ages of twelve and eighteen, anything and everything about sex made me horny, whether sexual thoughts about girls or other boys that I sometimes fantasized about. During my adolescent years, had any of my friends, male or female, wanted to masturbate with me, I would have said yes in a heartbeat.
My father subscribed to Playboy magazine, and later, Penthouse. I think my parents were more open about sex than most parents and the magazines were easily accessible to me in their bathroom or on a shelf under a nightstand next to their bed and they didn't mind if I looked at them, even at the age of eleven and twelve. I was fascinated and excited at the sight of fully naked girls in Playboy and the sight of their breasts and pubic hair. My dick got instantly hard looking at those Playboy magazines. But it was my father's Penthouse magazines that increased my fascination and love of the female body exponentially. Penthouse is a much more erotic magazine, and although Playboy was liberal in showing pubic hair, Penthouse showed women with their legs spread and their pink, glistening pussy lips open in full view. The girls even used their fingers to open their pussies wider. I had never seen anything so exciting. I couldn't stop looking at those beautiful girls in Penthouse with their nicely trimmed or shaved pussies. I always ended up masturbating after looking at those pictures. I also loved reading the Penthouse Forum stories. I learned a lot about sex at a young age from reading those Penthouse Forum letters. Even though I was only eleven or twelve at the time, I don't think it hurt me one bit to be exposed to such explicit and erotic material. That's probably why I don't think anything on this site is inappropriate or harmful for anyone over the age of ten or eleven to read. For a constantly horny young teenager like me, Playboy and Penthouse were pretty hot stuff.
When I hit puberty and started to shoot come out of my cock, it only added to the excitement of masturbation. I loved watching gobs of come spurt out of my cock. I once hit myself on the chin with a spurt of come while masturbating on my back. I also liked to jack off in an upright position, sitting or standing. When I would orgasm, my come would shoot straight up and land back down on the head of my cock and drip down my hands and between my fingers. I liked to keep stroking, using my own come as lube. It felt so good!!!
Now that I'm older, I'm much more comfortable bringing up the topic of masturbation with girlfriends. I've had a few girlfriends who claimed they didn't masturbate. One girlfriend told me she didn't want to "waste" an orgasm on masturbation, as if she was allotted a finite number of orgasms at birth and would use them up if she masturbated. I thought that was a strange way of thinking. For the most part though, almost all girls I discuss it with (girlfriends and girls I am just friends with) readily admit to masturbating. I've masturbated with two girlfriends who were very open and comfortable with the idea of masturbating in front of me. In my opinion, there is no sight sexier or more exciting than a woman absorbed in her own self-pleasure. I love watching a woman use just her fingers to masturbate. Seeing her fingers circle her clit or watching as she plunges one, two, or even three fingers in and out of her dripping pussy drives me wild. I love hearing the slurping sounds of her excitement as she reaches an orgasm. To all guys and girls out there, if you haven't masturbated with a partner before, you are missing out on a truly exciting and intimate experience.
When you think of it, of the two sexes, females are the lucky ones. They have a part of their anatomy that exists solely for their pleasure. A guy's penis, while a source of great pleasure, also has other functions. But the only function of a girl's clitoris is pleasure. That's what it's there for. I'm surprised that many women don't take full advantage of their little pleasure bud and masturbate every chance they get.
I remember one time my girlfriend lied on her back and asked me to sit straddling her stomach and stroke my cock while she gave me lots of sexy and "dirty" verbal encouragement. I was so turned on sharing this personal part of my sexuality with her and she loved watching me stroke my cock. As I began to come, I grabbed her hand and cupped it over the head of my cock so that my warm come spurted through her fingers. What didn't cover her hand and fingers landed on her tits. I then placed my hands over both of her hands and used her hands to rub my come all over and into her breasts. I remember hearing sighs escaping her lips as I did this; she was so turned on by the whole experience. I dated another girl who lived about an hour and a half away from me. Because of this distance, we regularly had phone sex together. She had admitted to me early on in our relationship, much to my pleasure, that she had had a few sexual experiences with other girls, including oral sex, and she loved describing those experiences in explicit detail to me over the phone while we masturbated together. This girlfriend had a completely shaved pussy. What turned me on most about it was that she shaved it because she liked it that way. She loved the way it felt when she masturbated and she loved the way it looked....she told me she liked to hold a hand mirror between her legs when she masturbated so she could watch her own fingers explore and rub her shaved pussy. We enjoyed mutual masturbation on many occasions when we were together.
My biggest turn-on though, is giving oral sex. I just love to eat pussy and I loved it the very first time I ever did it. I can't imagine having sex with a girl and not licking, exploring, and probing her pussy with my tongue and lips. To all the women out there reading this, you have something very sexy and beautiful between your legs. It's a shame that young girls and women receive some negative messages about their pussies, sometimes from parents and often from the very guys trying so hard to get into them. I love oral sex so much because I get to experience my partner's excitement with all five senses. I get a close-up look at a very sexy part of their body as I spread their engorged pussy lips open or pull the hood over their clit back to expose it; I get to feel their warm, soft, wet pussy against my tongue, my face, and my fingers as I explore their pussy with my fingers while I eat them; I get to taste their wonderful juices and smell their exciting scent. The slurping sound of my fingers in their pussy or the sucking sounds I make with my lips just add to the excitement for me.
I'll end this letter with a masturbation technique tip that may work for guys and girls. On the other hand, since techniques can be a personal thing, it may just work for me. I find that as I approach an orgasm, if I rub the area between my navel and my pubic hair with the palm of my other hand, lightly and in a circular motion, all the way through my orgasm, it greatly enhances and intensifies the pleasure for me. This may work for women as well; try rubbing the area between your belly button and your pussy in the way I described as you approach and reach orgasm and keep rubbing in light circles all the way through your orgasm.
I would be interested in hearing stories from anyone (guys and girls) who tries this to find out if it works for them as it does for me. I would also love to hear stories from any guys and girls who had similar experiences as I did with climbing poles or ropes, so I can know once and for all whether other boys or girls were having as much fun climbing the ropes in gym class as I did.



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