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My Masturbation Circle

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My Masturbation Circle
It all started when my parents first bought a muscle massager. i found it in one of my parents drawers and took it out to see how massaged i could get. well at the time i was 6 and just learning about pussy and cock and all of that. but my parents were gone somewere. and all of the sudden i just thought what would happen if i stuck it on my dick. well at first it tickled and after a while i felt so good that i just left it on. that was my first time.
skipping ahead a year or so my sister caught me and asked me what was going on. i told her that it felt really good on my dick, so she tore off her pants and grabbed the massager out of my hand and shoved it on her pussy. that was the first pussy i ever saw. after a while my sister and i started to get closer and then we both started to get more sexually mature. she is my twin sister. now we masturbate each other almost every day. we are very close, even at school. the last great thing that happened was she came home with a vibrater and said we should try it out together. so we hopped in bed (after getting naked of course) and went at it.
once my sister had a friend over and she was really hot. we went swimming in our pool at about 9 at night and my parents were in bed. I brought up the idea of swimming naked and the girls both aggreed on it and we all took off our swimsuits. i immediatly got hard and my sisters friend, jackie, saw it. she just dove on me and grabbed my 7 inch cock and jerked the hell out of it. after the first orgasm my sister joined in and took my cock while me and jackie started to make out. this was very hard to do in water so we went back into my sisters room. my sister took a shower and jackie and i layed in bed and i whipped out a rubber. we had sex for an hour and my condom was overflowing with cum. she took it off and sucked on my hard cock while i played with her "C" tits. she said that i should suick on her pussy so i did for about 15 minutes. my sister walked in with a nuther rubber and said she wanted some. that went on until 4 in the morning.
next i had a couple of guy friends and thats when i learned i was bi. one of the guys brought up sex and stuff like that and asked who beat it. of couse i said yes. my friend michael said he wanted me to whip it out. so did the other guys so i did. i jacked for about 3 minutes and then came everywhere. my sister walked in the room without a shirt on and no bra. i saw michael's eye widen. she said that she just came in my room to find some underwear. my other freind jamie asked if he could touch her tits. always looking for a way to get some cock my sister agreed and they went into her room. i could tell michael was horny. he asked to suck on my hard cock. i also look for chance to get off on. he jumped on me and grabbed me and started pumping his cock was just sitting there so i started to suck on it. he came 30 seconds after i put it in my mouth. His cum tasted sooooo good. i came right after. we had some 69 and told jamie and my sister to get in the room so we could have an orge which we did.
when i was 15 my parents split up and my dad got remaried to a really hot model. she had nice tits and a sweet ass. one night when i was fingering my sister she came all over my face. right after that my step mom walked in the room and stared at me and my sister. she told us to wait and dont move. she came back ASS NAKED! i dropped dead right then. she told me to stick my fingers in her pussy. i obeyed and they were in. her pussy was shaved and big enough that i could shove 3 fingers in. she moaned and screamed somthing but i was too horny to hear anything. She came on me and my sister. i licked it up and went to bed.
i still masturbate with my step mom and jackie and of course my sister. if you have anything to ask me email me at



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