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My Masturbation

Author: Age: 45 Posted on: 1 comments
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My unique but kinky and unusual way to masturbate.


Ever since I was younger I started to masturbate this way. I found my penis really tickled when I touched it. Soon I was laying on the floor with my hands underneath my cock and rubbing and rocking until I had my dry orgasm. I did this for a long time.

One night my parents went out on a date and left me and my sister with a babysitter. That night the power went out in the house and the babysitter went into the kitchen looking for flashlights and matches. She handed my sister and I a flash light and took a large box of kitchen matches and started striking them to light the candles. I watched her as she struck the matches. The smell of the sulphur was intense and I felt my cock tickle and begin to get hard. I remember I was wearing shorts and my hard on was sticking out very visibly.

The Babysitter asked me why I had a hard but I was embarrassed to tell her. She asked me again and said is it because I was lighting matches? I shook my head and she giggled and said wow that's cool. She offered to strike the matches near my nose and blow them out so I could smell the sulphur while I rubbed on the floor. I lay on the floor and she began to strike them one after the other hard and fast. The tickles in my cock were so intense it only took a few to make me orgasm.

I remember day after day it became a habit and I was sneaking matches into my room so I could rub on them or sniff the match box cover while I stroked my cock. About a year later I found that I was able to strike the matches for myself and began striking them and smelling them as they lit up. Touching and stroking my cock till I spurted my white cum all over. I found that the harder I struck the matches the more intense the smell and the more it made my cock and balls tickle. I did this for a few years and then found that I was wanting to experiment with different types of matches. I started trying book matches, kitchen matches, fire place matches. They all smelled and sounded different when struck. They all made me cum hard though.

I have had many women over the years strike matches for me until I cum. I have them strike them about 6 inches below my cock so I feel the heat of the match under my cock and balls. She teases me with the fire and blows them out towards my nose. She places the match box firmly against my balls while she jerks my cock in her warm sticky hand until I shoot my load. This feels amazing, every guy should try this at least once alone and once having some one else striking the matches for you. It adds a bit of adventure to it and the thought of some one having that power over you makes it even better.



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