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My Masterbation Evolution

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I have been reading stories on Solo Touch for only a month or so (I absolutely love the F-F or female solo stories) and I thought about what I'd want to say. The story that got me off the most was the middle-aged woman who drank handful after handful of her own cum while she furiously rubbed herself. She said the more she rubbed, the more there was to drink and that she felt a real connection between her mouth and cunt. I like when they say their clit is throbbing for attention, too. Oh I'm throbbing just thinking about it! From this site, I now better understand the way a woman's pussy works and the ways they induce orgasms. I had an idea before but not this clear. In the end I decided that I will share the story of my experience with masturbating and a few fantasies I have.

I guess to start off, I'm about 6 and 3/4 inches long (yes I've measured!) and circumsized, thank goodness! I know that's not real long, but it's long enough to satisfy all the women I've been with. Sometimes I get so hard, it hurts a little. I don't know how it is with other guys, but I have two 'sweet spots' that are more sensitive than other places. They are at the top of the shaft, right below the head on the top and bottom sides. I actually was able to make myself cum once by just static (no movement) touch alone! I grabbed my cock like I was going to jerk it but I just squeezed at the right spots for about a minute or so and bingo! I have to say that it was the most intense orgasm I've ever had (not counting sex)! I could feel the cum flowing up through my shaft before it came out.

I was excited and surprised to read about a female who first found out about masturbation the same way I did, on the playground slide pole. Of course, at the time (around age 7, maybe) I didn't know what really was going on down there. I would just wrap myself around the pole and slowly rubbed my crotch up and down on it and it felt good, like nothing I'd experienced before and I didn't think much of it. Although I was slightly embarrassed sometimes as I was out in the open.

I don't remember the first time I had an orgasm or the first time I actually came either. I just remember when I did start to cum, the orgasm felt so much intense and hard. The next way I found to please myself was to rub my cock on my right leg back and forth real fast. Every once and a while I'd change legs and the hand I used to switch things up a bit. For a while I just had an orgasm but didn't ejaculate. But then I reached that certain point in puberty and cum started coming out when I climaxed.

Around age 12 is when I started masturbating the traditional way, by rubbing my enclosed palm up and down my shaft. I used to just lie on my back with my legs spread out and didn't care if I came on myself. I've only tasted it once and I didn't like it, but it was real erotic to me. It was difficult to make the switch at first, but I got used to it and started enjoying it very much when I learned of using lubricants. I could squeeze real tight and still be able to move my hand up and down real easy. I've found that body wash is about the best substitute. I went through a phase where I had to really work myself to orgasm, I was totally spent after rubbing so fast and so long!

It seems everyone has their own thing that they do when they masturbate. I have a tendency to hold my breath. I just release it when I can't hold it anymore and take another deep breath real quick and keep going. I haven't made myself pass out from lack of oxygen though. Also, I learned from this site that tensing your leg and butt muscles will make you cum quicker. So now I pay attention if I'm doing that or not so I can control it somewhat and enjoy myself. Also, I moan a lot. I just can't help it when those waves of pleasure surge though me. I know sometimes I must sound like a woman moaning so much, but it adds to the eroticism of it all.

Recently, I've taken a new look on life and have felt kind of guilty about masturbating in the past. But now I totally love and accept it and know that human sexuality is nothing wrong! It's helped keep my sanity when I have to regretfully go through long periods of time without sex, like 5+ years!

After I started masturbating that way I pretty much stuck with that, although years later I revisited the old leg-rubbing technique and it still works great, especially sitting at the computer! Most of the time, if I'm not watching a video of women masturbating and cumming I'm imagining it in my mind. It's usually my good female friend that I'm very much attracted to. She is laying naked on her bed, spread eagle and slowly circling her clit with two fingers. She uses her another hand to finger herself and rub her breasts. Whimpers of pleasure escape her mouth every so often. Eventually, right as I'm about to cum, she starts to rub her throbbing clit with one hand and her g-spot with the other faster. Then her cum starts to spray out on her and the bed. She continues to cum more and more as it spurts out and then runs down her inner thigh. She moans very loudly as I do and we climax in unison. In a final act of eroticism, as she's panting, she rubs her cum on her stomach and breasts, and licks her hands while moaning.

I've had the extreme pleasure of seeing a girl masturbate right in front of me. She was my girlfriend at the time and I just asked her one day and she said yes. She proceeded to take off her pants and panties and layed on her back, legs open and in the air. She took a hairbrush and stuck the handle end into her cunt. She pushed it in and went slowly for a minute then started pushing it in faster. I could tell she hit a sweet spot because she threw her head back in a silent scream and her toes curled up. She almost look like she was shaking when she started to cum, it was like a stream and it went on for a better part of a minute. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing, at the same time I was hard as ever. That was something I'll never forget!

And lastly, my dream/fantasy is to masturbate with a female (or two) or just to have one sit on my lap (without me inside her) or on my stomach even and cum all over me. She would sit just behind my dick so she wouldn't be sitting on it and our legs would be both stretched out and spread. We would both start jacking'/jilling' while watching the other get off and subsequently get off from that. She would cum first so I could use her juices as lube as she cummed right on my cock and thighs. Then I would climax and and shoot cum on her cunt and stomach. Then it's like a vicious 'masturbation' cycle, if you will. We keep cumming and cumming until we're both rubbed raw and completely spent, panting hard. I look down to see my whole chest, stomach and some of my face covered with her juices (and some of my own, probably). I also started getting off on being choked (not too hard of course!) and held down in a way. I'm not into the whole S&M thing, though. So she could have one hand on her clit and the other around my neck. As she came closer to climax, her grip would instinctively tighten around me. Maybe I'd cough a few times when she held too tight and she'd let up. Alright that does it for fantasies!

I hope you've enjoyed my story of masturbation! Happy jackin/jillin everyone!!



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