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My Lovely Laptop

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For my 18th, my parents gave me a top of the range laptop, complete with built in webcam.

A friend at school told me about ST and I have spent many happy and wet hours reading and playing with myself.

I know that some girls have stripped off for their BF's on webcams, and that it is all too easy for these to become public knowledge. but I thought of a way around that. While reading and rubbing myself through my panties, I suddenly thought, what if I connect a camera and just let it look between my legs. That way, I couldn't be identified. I dialed up my bf on MSN and we began to have one of our usual sexy chats. Then I put the camera on a stool and made sure it had enough light to see up my skirt. Then I invited my BF to a video conference. I had my own image on my screen as well as his. At first, I started to type really naughty things to him and I saw him get his cock out almost immediately. But I kept teasing him.. just letting my knees part for a few seconds and only JUST enough to see my white panties. Then closing them again. All the time I was telling him how much I ached to have his cock in me and soon he was pleading to see my pussy. I told him that I wanted him to be really dirty when he wrote a message to me. (This is something that totally sets me alight, but is also something he is not terribly good at...yet) He told me that he ',,wanted to stick his cock in my wet pussy.' Good, but not good enough to get him his reward. So I told him to use more dirty words to me. As he got warmed up to it, I let him see more but always stopping short of actually touching myself. I could see how desperate he was becoming, and still I hadn't even taken my panties off or even let him see them for more than a few seconds. In the end, he couldn't take it any more. 'Open your fucking legs, you teasing little whore.' Ahhh THATS more like it. I lay back in my chair and let my knees flop open, and , to his delight, I started to touch myself. 'You fucking bitch... if I was there, I would rip those panties right of you.' I liked the sound of that, so I did exactly what he suggested and tore the thing string of material around my waist on both side and ripped them from me. He was jacking furiously by now. He has always liked me telling him what to do sexually. He loves it when I might just slip into a role play, and, although he has never done anything against my will, or even slightly nasty, (more's the pity, because sometimes I like it rough) I knew that today we were in for something special. So I reached into my secret drawer and got out my dildo. I let it play around my lips and then typed. 'rape me.' to him. He actually stopped jacking and used both hands in a flurry of typing. (Which I will repeat for you)

'You bitch.'

'I should slap your fucking face'

'IF I was there, I would force your slug legs open and ram my cock up your dirty wet cunt'

[me] 'Ohhh no... please... stop. I'm a virgin!!'

'Who gives a fuck. Take it, bitch, slut, cunt, WHORE'

At which point I jammed my dildo all the way in and fucked myself hard and fast and brutally. Then we stopped typing and just watched each other. We had one huge simultaneous orgasm. I saw him shoot rope after rope after rope of hot cum all over himself.. and his webcam, which went slightly out of focus. He saw me squirt. Something I can do, but hadn't so far done with him.

I said that I wanted to see him tomorrow afternoon. (Today, now) and that I wanted to act out in real life exactly what we did online. I am going to get ready now. I want to wear something 'innocent' so I think my 6th form school uniform will do nicely, don't you? Oh, and we have made arrangements to meet not here, but in the local park.

I am looking forward to him chasing me and eventually catching and taking me in the bushes.




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