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My Loveable Aunt

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Fondest memory


At the age of thirteen I went to sleep at my aunts place at a weekend, while my parents were out of town. After dinner we played cards and chatted. I put on my pyjamas and went to bed. Minutes before turning the light off, my aunt came to my room to say good night. She kissed me on the cheek and I really got aroused, I had begun masturbating less than a month before this glorious day.

She was a single and very beautiful lady in her early forties with a degree in Psychology. Somehow she noticed that I was sexually aroused, that explains, I suppose, why she asked me if I had ever seen a naked woman. I answered 'nnno' stammering. Well dear, she said, would you like to see one right now? I could not give credit to what I was hearing, and before I could manage to articulate a word, she began undressing. By the time she stepped out of her panties I had a raging hard on. She let me caress her all over. Her nipples got hard, and she reached to my pyjama pants and gently pulled them down, exposing my fully erect penis.

She uttered an expression of admiration that made me feel proud. She asked me to lay on my back, she went to the bathroom and came back with body lubricant. Very gently she poured a generous amount in her hand and began caressing my boner. Her fingers were like the fingers of an angel, handling my penis very delicately. Soon she began stroking slowly. As I began to move my hips, she did it more rapidly. I had the most wonderful and intense orgasm of my life, spurting my load all over. She then said that it was the right time to return her the favor.

She laid on her back and permitted me to look in detail very close at her vagina. She gave me a hell of a lesson of anatomy before saying 'well, let's see all this in action,' She led my fingers to gently rubbing her clitoris in small circles, then she told me to put her clit between my index and middle finger. By this time she was totally wet. I kept rubbing as taught. She soon began moaning, at the same time she grabbed my penis, as she could, and began stroking it again. We had an explosive simultaneous orgasm. We slept naked in the same bed. In the morning we commented how wonderful it had been.

She told me that this was a little gift she had for me, a sexual encounter with a female. She also said that this would be a 'once only' episode since she wanted to contribute to my sexual education and deemed it not convenient to do it again because she wanted me to be psychologically healthy and well prepared to make the best of my sexual life in the future. From that day on she was my coach in dealing with females. She helped so much, as a counsellor of significant importance in my life.

I have been reading these stories for over a year, and I thought it was time to tell my story. It seems that aunt's contribute significantly in the sexual education of the population. I am sure that many stories will remain forever untold. I cannot imagine talking about this in a different place than this one. My congratulations to the webmaster and my gratitude to all those that have so generously shared their intimate personal stories regarding the subject of masturbation. I am happily married, but I still masturbate to the memory of my adored aunt.



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