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My Love of Panties

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I absolutely love the stories about sniffing panties and jacking off. I remember my first time. I was 13 years old and we were visiting my aunt, my mother's youngest sister. She was in her early 30's, about five-three and had the hottest body I had ever seen on a woman. And if this was not enough, she was topped off with a pair of 38DD's. The day that sticks in my mind, I had gone into the bathroom to jack off. I dropped my pants and as I sat down on the toilet I spotted a pair of my aunt's panties on top of the clothes hamper. I picked them up to investigate. I don't think I had ever held a pair of soiled panties in my hand before that day and had no idea of the possibilities. While looking at them I noticed some stains in the crotch of the panties. Whatever it was, it was still damp. I really don't remember what caused me to smell the stain but when I did, my dick became instantly erect and started throbbing. I suppose it was the animal instinct but I started licking the crotch of her panties and jacking off like crazy. I almost chewed the crotch out of her panties and shot the largest load of my young life. I also knew at that point that I was hooked. I was addicted to women's panties.

It is impossible to know how many different panties I have sniffed since that day some 54 years ago. I would estimate that I have sniffed panties from probably 300 to 400 different women during this time. I never go into a house without checking out the bathroom for a clothes hamper. Be it family members of non-family members, I will sniff any of their panties.

Some do, however, stand out in my mind. I had a neighbor once who had three of the most beautiful daughters as well as a beautiful wife. I managed to get a pair of each of their panties.

My two all time favorites have been my wife's twin sister and a niece. I have sniffed my sister-in-law and niece's panties more than any others, excluding my wife's panties. I have been sniffing my sister-in-law's panties for over 40 years and jacking off. I have sniffed my niece's panties for 20+ years. I still enjoy them today. They both live nearby and I happen to have a key to their houses and can get a pair of their panties just about anytime I want them.

To my knowledge no one knows about my love for panties, except my wife and she only knows about my love for hers. We often masturbate together. Sometimes she will watch me masturbate as she masturbates. Sometimes she will jack me off. Either way, I always sniff her panties while we are doing it. But, she does not know about the other panties that I have sniffed. I think my niece has a good idea but we have never discussed it. She is a 40 year old single parent and occasionally she will call me and ask me for some financial help. She does struggle from time to time to make ends meet. The first time I ever gave her any money I stopped by her house and stuck $300 in her panty drawer. We kid each other about it a lot. I always tell her how much I enjoy playing with her panties and she tells me that I can play with her panties any time I want to. Usually when I drop some money off at her house I will find a pair of her dirty panties on her bed where she left them that morning when she took them off. Since she is at work I will get completely naked and get in her bed and take her soiled panties and jack off. Nothing gets me as hot as her panties. I usually get a few pair of clean panties out of her panty drawer and use them to jack off with while I smell and suck the crotch of her dirty panties. When I cum I cum all over her clean panties. I fold them and put them back in the drawer with my cum on them. I will usually rub a little cum in the crotch of her clean panties. Thinking of her walking around with my cum getting on her pussy makes me hard. Like I say, I have never come right out and told her what I do but you would think she would have a pretty good idea of what's going on.

Keep those stories coming. Sometimes I jack off while reading the stories and sometimes they prepare me for sex with the wife. Even at my age I always get hard when I read the stories in Solo Touch. The one thing I would like to read are more stories from women about men sniffing their panties. I would love to know what women think about this practice. If you are female and all of a sudden you found out someone had been sniffing your soiled panties and jacking off, how would you react or how would you feel. Let us know. Keep up the good work Solo Touch.



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