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My Love For Panties

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I once heard the phrase, 'Panties may not be the best thing in the world but they are next to it'. That phrase has a double meaning and is so very true.
I have been addicted to the smell of pussy for as long as I can remember. I think I was around 11 years old when I first picked up a pair of panties and smelled the crotch. I was visiting my mom's younger sister who just happened to have the largest set of tits I had ever seen, like 44EE. I was looking at her bra while sitting on the commode. After inspecting her bra I picked up a pair of her dirty panties and looked at them. I noticed this stain in the crotch so I smelled it. The odor went straight to my cock. My little cock got hard instantly. From that moment I was addicted to sniffing panties.
I was just getting into jacking off at that age and I began using soiled panties to help when doing so. I jacked off to my mom and sister's panties. Our neighbor had a daughter a year older than me who was really hot and I began to steal her panties. Their house, like ours, was never locked so it was simple to go in the house and get a pair of her panties. Somewhere along the way I began to lick the crotch of the panties as well as smell them. During my teen years I sniffed panties that belonged to my neighbor, a couple of younger cousins, some older cousins and a friend's mom. Although I began having sex as a teenager, I did not give up my joy of jacking off to a pair of good smelling panties.
After I married I continued my habit of jacking off to the wonderful odor found in panties. At that point in my life one of my favorites became my wife's twin sister. I began smelling her twin sister's panties and enjoyed many wonder jack off sessions to the odor of her sweet smelling pussy.
Today I am in my late 50's and I still enjoy jacking off while smelling and licking the crotch of a pair of soiled panties. My two all time favorites are my wife's twin sister and one of my wife's nieces. There are three incidents that I would like to share with your readers.
One occurred once when 6 of my wife's nieces were visiting us. The six sisters arrived and were spending the weekend with us. They ranged in age from 18 to 29. Saturday morning my wife and her nieces all went shopping. I knew they would be gone most of the day. Shortly after they left I made a round to their bedrooms and was lucky enough to find soiled panties belonging to all of six of them. I made a mental note of which pair belonged to who and took them to my bedroom where I stripped naked. I lay on the bed and as I stroked my hard cock I took turns smelling their panties. I would say out loud, 'Well, I think I will fuck Jane now,' and would smell Jane's panties as I jacked my cock. After a few strokes I would move to another pair of panties. I went through each pair of panties several times before I finally decided that the 18 year old had the best smelling pussy. By that point I had pretty well licked the crotches clean so I wadded all of them together except the 18 year old. I stuck her panties to my nose and inhaled as I jacked my cock with the other's panties. It didn't take long until I had shot cum all over the panties.
The second incident that I want to share was when the niece who's panties are one of my favorites spent the night with us once. She was 16 at the time. My wife had gone to the grocery store and Julie was going to take a bath. I told Julie that I was going to put some clothes on to wash and if she would put her dirty clothes just outside the bathroom door that I would get them. I did that hoping to get her panties. My plan worked. She went into the bathroom and stripped and opened the door just enough to drop her dirty clothes on the floor. In those clothes were the panties she had been wearing all day. As soon as I picked up Julie's panties I noticed they were wet. And we are talking soaking wet. By the time I got to the other bathroom my cock was hard. I opened the panties and the crotch was coated with her pussy juice. I rubbed her slick juice all over my cock. To be able to use her pussy juice as lubrication while jacking off was one hot experience. As I jacked I licked the crotch of her panties clean. As a finish I blew a load of cum in the crotch of her panties.
The third incident that I want to relate to your readers involves my wife's twin sister. She knows about my love for panties. One time we were visiting in their home and I picked up a pair of her panties that I saw on her bed and put them in my pocket. She saw me take them and go to the bathroom. Later she found them back on her bed where I had put them when I finished with them. Upon inspecting them she found them full of cum. I thought I had gotten away with what I had done until later that day when she confronted me. I tried to lie my way out of it but when I knew I had been found out I simply told her that I was very turned on by her and that smelling her panties was the only way I knew to get a smell of her pussy. Apparently she was also turned on by what I had done. Now my wife's twin sister supplies me with dirty panties. Not only does she leave her panties out where I can find them, she even gives them to me. Not too long ago I stopped by their house and saw her and her husband. As I left she walked me to my car. I was sitting in the car and my sister-in-law was standing by the open door. Suddenly she handed me a pair of panties that she had wadded up in her hand and said, 'Here. I thought you might like to have these. I wore them to bed this afternoon and spent about three hours masturbating in them. I came in them so many times I lost count. Have fun.' With that she smiled and turned and walked back toward the house. That was one smelly pair of panties she gave me. She has sent me a number of e-mails with pics she has made of her pussy so I now know what her pussy looks like in addition to what it smells like. My favorite pic is one of her lying on her bed with her legs spread and she is playing with her pussy through her panties. I have also sent her pics of my hard cock, of me jacking off and even some showing my cock shooting cum into her panties. She says that the pics of me shooting cum in her panties are her favorites. She told me recently that she likes to take a pair of her panties that I have shot cum in and rub then against her pussy until she has an orgasm.
My twin sister-in-law, as I call her, and I have never touched each other, other than an occasional hug, but we have become pretty familiar with each other's bodies. It sure is nice to have a your wife's twin sister as your jack off partner. I'm trying to talk her into getting together with me sometimes and masturbating for each other. I think it would really be hot to watch her play with her pussy as I jack my cock.



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