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My Long Distance Love

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I am a huge fan of this site, and I have been masturbating for as long as I can remember. It always brought me great pleasure to rub my clit and finger myself. However, I was always very quiet when I did it, mostly because I was always scared of getting caught.

It wasn't until this year that I experienced the pleasure of letting someone hear me moan while I masturbated. I have a long distance boyfriend named Joey. We were good friends for three or four years before we really got together, so I felt really comfortable opening myself up sexually to him. I am a college girl with a very healthy sexual appetite! Due to the distance we started out talking dirty to each other online, and that turned into several mutual masturbation sessions. I would describe myself giving him a blow job and rubbing his balls, possibly licking and sucking on them, and he would describe himself eating me out and fingering me. I have this passion for the way my wetness tastes, and he knows this, so he would tell me that he wanted to finger me and have me lick his fingers afterwards, and I would tell him that I would want him to kiss me after he eats me out so I could taste myself on his lips. We would also tell each other what we wanted the other person to do to him/herself. Joey has a fantastic imagination and an incredible sex drive. Steamy phone sessions were soon to follow.

As I said earlier, I had never let anyone hear me moan before, but Joey really wanted to hear me. He would have me get naked and rub pussy, and he would ease me into it by telling me that he wanted to fuck me and that I was making him so hot. I started moaning softly at first and would get louder as the session went on, then he would start moaning. This drove me crazy. I was rubbing my boobs and clit so fast and sticking my fingers really deeply into my pussy. He would tell me what he wanted me to do. Sometimes he would just ask me rub my clit, other times he told me to stick my fingers inside myself, then he would tell me to do both. The sound of his voice changed as he was rubbing his dick, I would tell him where to rub, and to massage and pull on his balls. He would make me so hot! We would do this until we were both ready to climax, and he would slow down if he was ready before me. Then I would give him the OK, and he'd go faster, and we'd climax together.

Over spring break my friends and I went into a sex shop and I purchased a vibrator. I told Joey about it the next night, and we were both excited to put it to use. I promised him I wouldn't use it until we could do it together. The opportunity came the day after I got back from my spring break trip. I had the room to myself and he was done with his classes. I let him guide me with the vibrator. He told me first to put it on my clit until I got wet. The sensations of the vibrator were so wonderful. I was in complete ecstasy with my baby on the phone telling me what I should do, and getting him hot and listening to his voice as he rubbed his dick. When I stuck the vibrator in my pussy for the first time I thought I would pass out from the pleasure. I was moaning deeper and louder. It felt so big and was throbbing inside my tight newly penetrated pussy. He asked me to pump it in and out of my pussy and rub it on my clit again for a little while. I was so wet and hot, and I made a noise with every thrust of the vibrator. I came harder and faster than I ever had before, and Joey was right there with me.

Since that first time, we've experimented with several different positions with the vibrator. Our favorite is when I get completely naked, then I get on my knees and elbows on the bed with my ass in the air as though I'm preparing for sex doggy style and I pump the vibrator in and out of pussy. It feels so damn good! I would moan and tell him I want that vibrator to be his dick going in and out of me, and that I want him to fuck me so hard. I even pump the vibrator in and out, fast and hard, to get the actual feel of getting fucked. Joey has opened me up to so many different experiences. I look forward to our conversations and future sessions because he always has something new for me and I love to hear his voice as he's rubbing his dick. I think I'm going to give anal penetration a shot next time. He of course will be the person I'll do it with and I can't wait.

I hope you enjoyed my story!



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