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My Little Sister's Friend

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I grew up in a very conservative Chinese family. Nobody ever discuseed sex, even the females didn't discuss it among themsleves. When I was 17, I still hadn't even masturbated, much less experienced an orgasm. I had been horny occasionally, but never really did anything about it. I always kind of felt unattractive, partly because I had never experienced any real sexual pleasure, even by myself.

All that changed when I met my little sister's friend. My little sister Tina, who was 12, had a friend, Wendy, who was also Chinese, and the same age as Tina. She was staying with us for a few days. My little sister was at band practice or something like that at school, and Wendy and I were taking a nap in our room. I was asleep, and I woke up to see Wendy with her jeans unzipped and her hands in her pants, moving back and forth in rhythm. After a few seconds she stretched out her legs and said, 'uhhhhhhh' with this contorted look on her face, and then she relaxed and went back to sleep. I had read about orgasms and understood what they were, and I was pretty sure that was what she had just felt.

The next day we were taking a nap and the same thing happened. When I watched her as she was feeling her orgasm, my clit started to harden-I had never seen someone have sexual pleasure before, and I started to get horny as I thought about it.

After she relaxed some I went over and sat on her bed. I told her that I had watched her and that I had never done that kind of thing before. I told her that I kind of wanted to feel what she felt, but that I didn't know where to start. She just looked at me and said, 'ok, I'll show you' and then reached over and unhooked my jeans and pulled them right off. I was shocked at how bold she was, and at first I hesitated-she then put one hand on each side of my panties and pulled them down around my knees. I felt so strange with my black-haired pussy exposed to someone like that, but then she immediately took her jeans off and pulled her panties down around her knees. She just had a small amount of black pussy hair, evenly distributed along her girlish-looking pubic area. We were leaning up against the wall with our legs stretched out on the bed.

Wendy took her rather elongated and thick clitoris and began to roll it between the index and middle fingers of both hands. She said, 'this is my favorite way-my sister taught me to do it like this' and began to moan as she did. I started to imitate her, and let out a loud 'ahhhhhh' as the pleasure in my clit kind of hit me. She pulled on her clit, kind of kneading it between her fingers, and said, 'ahhhh, that feels good'. She stopped for a second and ripped off her shirt and her bra and then laid back down and started manipulating her clitoris again. Sometimes she would rub her clit with one hand and press down hard on one or the other of her very small breasts with the palm of her hand, as if she was trying to mash her nipple with her palm. I watched her and started to pinch my nipple through the fabric of my t-shirt, as it started to throb watching her do that.

She went back to kneading her clit with the fingers of both hands, and started saying, 'that feels so good..huh..good...ahhh...yes'-I laid back with my eyes partly closed as the pleasure made it hard for me to keep them open. My vaginal wetness was seeping out of me and down the cheeks of my butt. Wendy started saying, 'I can't take it..I'm gonna have an orgasm...it's almost here...going way up...so good...yea, here it is...it's here' and then she stretched her legs out and put them tight together and said, 'UHHHHHH' and threw her head back and moaned and moaned. I saw her do that and I started to feel the pleasure rise and I started to say, 'no, NOOO!' because it felt so good that it hurt-then it was all the way up, and I almost fainted from the intense pleasure I felt in my groin that radiated in waves up to my uterus.

When we both came down from our orgasm highs, she started to talk to me about her family. She came from a very open-minded family, particularly for Chinese, that practiced nudity at home and were very open sexually. She had seen her whole family nude since she was very young, and when the female children in the family began their periods, they were given books explaining sexuality and were encouraged to masturbate.

Wendy had two sisters, one was 16 and the other was 20. Her oldest sister had been taught to masturbate by her mother. Her mother had taught her oldest sister to masturbate when she started her period, and made sure that she knew how to consistently bring herself to climax. Her oldest sister saw her mother orgasm a number of times while she was instructing her on masturbation, and she was then expected to do the same with the sister that was younger than her, and so forth. The same went for the male members of the family around the time that the boys were able to have their first ejaculations.

Her parents had the idea that their kids should not be hung up about their sexuality, that it is something that should bring them pleasure and make them well-balanced. They were kind of a Chinese version of hippy-nudists, although I had no idea that such a thing existed until now. She said she had two brothers, one that was 22 and the other who was 18, and she had seen both of them with full erections a number of times. She said both of her sisters enjoyed prancing around nude and showing off their distinctively tight Asian bodies and their jet-black Chinese pubic hair, that they liked to trim just a little to keep in perfect triangles. I thought, wow, well, these people must come from another planet or something-I couldn't imagine an Asian family being that open.

Wendy said that she had masturbated with one or both of her sisters a number of times, and had seen both of them orgasm plenty of times. Wendy said that as soon as she had a chance that she was going to show Tina how to give herself an orgasm. I kind of felt strange taking lessons in sexual pleasure from a girl that much younger than me, but under the circumstances it kind of made sense. After that I started giving myself orgasms nightly, although I tried not to let Tina know I was doing it. I started fantasizing about boys I knew (even thinking about what Wendy's brothers must look like with their handsome erections!). Once I started feeling orgasms regularly, I just had to feel even more of them.

About a month later Wendy was staying with us again, and one night we were all in our room together, and Wendy said, 'ok, now we're gonna do it together!' I was pretty sure I knew what that meant, and Tina and Wendy began to strip their clothes off. I followed suit and pretty soon we were laying together on my bed with our backs against the wall and our legs stretched out on the bed, next to each other.

We all started rubbing our clits and moaning as we felt the pleasure in them. I was surprised that Tina had so much black pubic hair, as I hadn't seen her pussy since she was just a little girl, and then only briefly. Tina threw her head back and smiled as she was obviously getting into the feeling she was giving herself.

Wendy startled me by suddenly reaching around and pinching my nipple and scratching it with her fingernail-she knew EXACTLY how to do it-I couldn't keep my eyes open, it felt so good. When she stopped, I looked over and Wendy was pulling on her small breasts, and I started scratching the top of her nipple-she began to groan and pinched the areola to make the nipple stick out more, and I scratched the tip of her nipple hard as she did that, as she kept rubbing her clit with the other hand.

As I was scratching her nipple, Wendy started to say, 'ahhh...come on...here it comes..I'm there...ohhhh...'and threw her head back and groaned out her orgasm.

Tina's face got all contorted and turned bright red, her eyes shut tight-then her legs started to shake violently, but she never made a sound. This is the way that she would always manifest her orgasm whenever we would jill together. I knew as she was doing this that she was feeling her orgasm. Watching both girls feel the pleasure of their climaxes sent me over the edge, and I bit my lip to keep from screaming as I came.

We would all three jill together whenever we could, and Tina and I sometimes did it in our room or in the shower. It was sexy to watch Tina feel so much pleasure from the stream in the shower, her nipples hardening and her boobs turning red, and then orgasming from it.

I began to feel prettier and more sexy, and started to feel much more like a woman than a girl. I felt better about myself, and the guys noticed me more, as I had more confidence in myself and felt more sensual, thanks to my little sister's friend. I've just discovered Solo Touch, and am fascinated by all the honest stories on here about how people discovered their sexuality.



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