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My Little Old Lady Friend

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This happened to me 12 years ago, and it happened only twice. I still dream about it.

I was on a club committee working on writing the history of the organization and my most important colleague was a lovely 72-year-old woman who had been widowed for more than ten years. The committee started with six people and ended with the two of us meeting almost all the time by ourselves. She was a sweet woman, tall and very slender with white hair and her husband had been the club president for years.

She was about to leave town, and was selling her home as we worked and we were rushing to finish since she was going to go south to be near her children in Florida. When we finally finished she had sold her home and was living in a down town hotel for a week while she completed her financial affairs. We had really become close over the months of work and she knew that I was the primary writer of the history that she was narrating.

To celebrate the completion of the work, I offered to take her for dinner which she accepted. We arranged to eat at the hotel where she was staying. I had absolutely no idea that anything like this might happen.

I knocked at her door and she invited me in while she finished getting ready. She was wearing a light cotton sweater and a loose fitting flowered skirt that clung to her. For the first time she looked absolutely sexy and ravishing. She smelled of a rich perfume that I noticed as I took her arm and led her out the door.

After dinner a small band began to play slow dance music and I asked if she might like to try dancing. She seemed eager. On the floor she melted into me pressing against me in a very sensual way. We did three numbers and she leaned back saying that she needed a bathroom break. Picking up her purse, she stepped into the ladies room.

When she returned there was something different about her shape, and as we danced again I became aware of the fact that she had removed her bra. Without it her nipples became clearly outlined in her cotton sweater, and I alternated between pulling her into me so that I could feel them and spinning her away so that I could look at them.

'And what are you looking at,' she whispered. Then with a twist of two fingers she opened a button allowing me to see all the way down her neckline. She had the most amazing hard and protruding nipples that I had ever seen.

'Can we go back to your room?' I asked, trembling with anticipation and lust.

'Yes but I'm not sure what we can do' she answered, 'It's been more than ten years for me and I am an old lady.'

In her room we dropped onto the couch and I had removed her blouse in just seconds. Our lips and tongues met and we were locked in a ravenous kiss. I touched her nipples and she trembled. 'It's been so long' she gasped. I alternated between suckling her amazing nipples which seemed to make her wild, and kissing her lips for several minutes, then sent a finger up her legs to see what I would find. No underwear, just a sopping wet vagina and a clitoris that rivalled her nipples for size and extension.

Pulling her skirt up and around her waist I slipped my hand down so that my fingers touched her tummy, then slid down further gently flicking her clit. She made little animal sounds as I touched her, seeming so aroused that I was afraid that she would climax too soon. I reached under her bottom and began lifting her up with my other hand and onto my other fingers, rubbing her wet vaginal lips then letting her slide back down onto the couch. Finally after several minutes of this teasing she grabbed my hand and pulled my two fingers into her. She exploded in a series of contortions.

I sat up and got next to her, slid my pants off and released my very erect penis. Just as I did that thinking that I would let her help me masturbate she leaned over, straddled me and said that she didn't think that she could or should let me enter her. Instead she held my penis right next to her vagina and manipulated it with her fingers as I kissed her nipples. I came in just a few strokes.

When we had calmed down, she thanked me, but told me that what we had done was wrong and that I could never tell anyone.

Five years later I visited her on a Florida business trip and we repeated the event, this time at my hotel room since she was living with a daughter. But it never happened again.



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