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My Little Friend

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Recently I have been reliving some of my favorite masturbation memories. As
you can see, I spent (and still do) a great deal of time with 'my little
friend'. Thought I'd share some of those memories....
A short bio first though, I am a white male, in my late 30's. I have always
preferred the company of larger ladies, BBWs as they are referred to.

The Early Years
I don't remember at exactly what I age I first started jerking off, but it
was quite young. Like most guys, I did it daily in the shower using lots of
soap or shampoo. The only exceptional things from this time period I
remember were some of my outdoor sessions. We lived in a very rural area,
lots of wooded land with no inhabitents.
There was a nice spot with a small stream running through it. It was only
about six inches deep, and two feet wide, but was cool in the hot summer. I
used to go down there and remove all my clothes. Sometimes I'd lay on the
bank, and jerk off until I spurted high in the air. I'd then slip into the
stream to wash up, then dry on the bank until I had to go home. Other times,
I'd go right in the water, and would hump the sandy streambed, or lie back
and let the cool water flow over my penis while I stroked it to orgasm.

The College Years
In college, I had a small one room apartment, that I lived in alone. A wall
seperated the bedroom area from the living room area. It was during this
time my masturbation probably reached it's peak. I had a nice stack of dirty
mags, and a very good imagination. A typical day had me waking up early, 6
or so. Of course I woke up horny, so would grab a mag, or just recall a
dream I'd had the night before. My favorite way would be to lie face down,
and hump the matress until I orgasmed, soaking my crotch and penis with my
cum. I'd then doze back off for a while.
About 8 I'd get up and go into the shower. While there, the soap would
reawaken the old boy. Usually I just stood up, but on occasion I'd sit in
the shower floor, legs spread wide to give me good access. A nice spurt
ensued, to be sure!
Off to class, and I'd usually stop at a deli and bring a sandwich back to my
apartment for lunch. Feeling full would get me slightly drousy, which
usually gets my imagination going and thus got me horny. Well, off goes the
clothes, and I'd lie back in the couch (more of a loveseat really) and
stroke for a while. I'd then go into the bedroom area, Usually I'd open up a
few mags and spread them on the bed. Then I'd stand over them, and stroke
myself off, shooting a hot load on the bed and floor. Free from distracting
thoughts, off to homework!
Most evenings were spent hanging out with friends, but usually twice a week
I'd plan a 'solo' evening. After an early dinner, I'd retire to the bedroom.
I'd spread my mags out on the bedroom floor, then lie down there myself. I
enjoyed leaning back, and spreading my legs up and wide, to give me room to
massage my area between my scrotem and butt hole while stroking with my left
hand. For my first orgasm of the evening, I'd hold my hand over the tip of
my dick, making sure most of my juices fell back on it. My hand would
contine to massage it, the juices keeping it slick.
It wasn't too long before I felt ready to go again. I'd climb up into the
bed, and lie face down, looking at the pictures of pussy laid out before me.
My crotch would grind against the bed, bringing me much pleasure. After a
while, gobs of cum were shooting out, again soaking my sheets and penis. If
I was good, I could keep rubbing my penis in the slick sheets and maintain
my erection. My hand would often sneak down there, helping out and sliding
my cum around my crotch. Another orgasm would then soak me down, just before
I'd fall asleep. (I know this sounds like it was very quick, but this
process usually took 2 or 3 hours).
If I was lucky, I'd wake up in the middle of the night, 3 am or so. I
usually drank a lot of beer or other liquids so I'd be sure to! It was in
the middle of the night I'd feel the freest to experiment, so on 4 or 5
occasions I rolled out of bed onto the floor. I rearranged a few of the
mags, changing some pages. I would start to stroke my hard cock, but having
cum several times before left it very sticky. That's where all the beer cums
into play, as I'd eventually force a stream of urine out, soaking me down.
Using this as lube, I could then enjoy another late night orgasm. I usually
had enough presence of mind to drag myself back into bed, where I'd sleep
until the next morning, where I could start all over again.

The Single Years
While I was single I did of course masturbate, all the time for that matter.
I needed a cheap place to stay, and a friend of mine and his wife had a
spare bedroom, with it's own private entrance. His wife (I'll call her H)
was really cute, short and a bit plump. She had this awesome ass, and a
cute, firm pair of C cup titties. She remained an object of my fantasies for
quite a while, though.
One day I was sitting in the living room, quietly reading a book. With no TV
on, she assumed I was gone, and came trotting into the living room in only
her underwear. She walked around for quite a while before finally noticing
me. She was only slightly embarrased, and after that freely paraded around
in front of me in her undies. I should note at this point her hubby was a
security guard, worked all sorts of crazy shifts, and was seldom home.
Without meaning to, I brought things to the next stage. I was stepping out
of the shower in my bedroom, walking across the room to get some clothes.
Suddenly H walked in on me, to let me know I had a call. I stopped in mid
stride, and stood there totally nude while she, in her undies, managed to
stammer out I had a call, then left.
A few days later, I was lying in bed (my day off). Nude, of course, A knock
on the door, and H came in at my invite, clad in her usual bra/panties. She
said she was sorry about the other day. I told her not to worry about it,
but she said she wanted to make things even with us. With that, she stood
and removed her bra and panties, and swirled a few times to give me a good
look. She informed me that she was more comfortable nude, and that from here
on out when we were here alone she'd probably be naked most of the time. I
was free to be nude as well, or not as I pleased. Then, very firmly, told me
I was free to look, but no touching!
Well, some time went by, and we got semi-comfortable being nude around each
other. I sometimes would come out, sneak a peak, then return to my room to
jerk off. Well, this got interesting one day when I came home early from
work. Her husband was working night shift, so she was there alone. I walked
in to find her watching tv. She was sitting on the couch, and had a blanket
over her and a funny look on her face. I plopped down on the couch,
intending to relax and watch a little tv with her. She kept giving me funnly
looks, and I finally asked what was up??
'Well, you sort of caught me' she said, and pressed play on the vcr remote,
starting a porno movie. She kicked off the blanket, and was totally nude
with a few fingers in her pussy. 'Look, I was in the middle of getting
myself off, and by damn I'm going to finish. You can either jerk off
yourself, or go elsewhere, but I AM going to finish!' Well, what could I do,
but strip down myself.
We sat at opposite ends of the couch, and positioned to give each other a
good show. She went first, cumming over her fingers and making more noise
than the folks on the tv. She asked me to get on my kness, so she could see
it good, and laid a towel down on the cushion so as not to stain it. I gave
her a good show, rubbing and stroking myself and her eyes never left my
dick. Soon a load of cum shot out the end, landing on the towel. Her fingers
were going furiously, and she soon enjoyed another orgasm of her own.
Despite her 'don't count on this ever again but it sure was fun' speech, the
next day we were back at it. This time she came into my bedroom and woke me
up, and told me she was in her room masturbating, did I want to join her?
Hell yeah I wanted to! Back in her bedroom she had hooked this long double
headed dildo to the foot of her bed. She slid down to it and began gyrating
her hips, pumping the big dildo in and out of her pussy while her hands
rubbed her body.
She told me to position myself anywhere I want, and I could do what I wanted
as long as I remembered the no touching rule. Oh, and I was to let my cum
fly where it would, don't worry if it got on her or the sheets that was OK.
To get the best view I knelt on the bed beside her, enjoying the hot view.
She enjoyed several orgasms, and I soon borrowed a bit of her oil to lube
myself up. Soon she was talking really nasty to me, encouraging me to shoot
my hot load. My whole body clenched and I soon shot a ton of hot jism over
her tits and belly. Giggling, she just rubbed it in, even sucking a little
off her fingers.
Well, soon the no touching rule went away, and we took turns making each
other cum with our hands, mouths, and toys. She never did let me put it in
her pussy, but I still had some of the greatest orgasms during that time. H
loved to talk really nasty and also liked it when I came on some part of her
body. Sometimes it'd be odd parts like a thigh, feet, hair, or her back.
Other times It'd be something you'd expect like her tits or face. Great
There were of course several women I dated during this time period, but none
seemed to be in to masturbation, or at least would never discuss it.
The First Marriage
I had what is known as a 'starter marriage'. No kids, parting of ways. Sex
though was not one of the reasons for the break up. I think 'L' at times
actually preferred masturbation to other forms of sex. She was never one to
talk about it, but lots of evidence. For one, she never wore clothes around
the house, I'd come home from work and she'd still be as naked as when she
woke up. At times I would also find one of our porno movies in the vcr,
where she'd left it. As I said, she didn't admit it, but at times would let
me join in.
Sometimes on the weekends I'd be summoned to the living room. She'd be there
naked, dirty movie going, surrounded by a few of her favorite dildos and
vibrators. Knowing the drill I'd strip and sit down on the other end of the
couch. If she was feeling especially exhibitionist, she'd place a kitchen
chair right across from me, and sit on the edge. One hand would work a dildo
in and out of her fuzzy pussy, the other would alternate between her tits
and clit. Other times she'd place the base of one of her really big dildos
on the chair, and face away from me, leaning her tits over the back of the
chair, her big ass pumping up and down. Soon she'd work herself up to a good
orgams, her juices soaking the thing down.
Next she'd tell me it was my turn. She'd get on the floor between my legs,
and would put her face just inches from my dick. I wasn't allowed to cum on
her like this, she just enjoyed a good show, and soon I shoot a load all
over my chest and belly. Usually L would flop back, and work a vibrator over
herself until she came again.
On rare occasions she'd let me cum on her tits or ass, but only if she was
about to take a shower. I remember one time, I had just stepped out of the
shower, and was quite erect. She was sitting on the toilet, waiting for me
to get done. I tried to start a little something, but she reminded me we
didn't have much time as we had to be somewhere. I did a little begging, and
she said 'look, just jerk off real quick'. I was already over her, so
started stroking my penis while rubbing my cock on her fat titties. At this
point she started talking really dirty to me, very very nasty. She also
spread her legs wide, and was working a hand into her hairy pussy. We both
kept stroking, and she kept up the nasty language. Soon I shot my cum all
over her tits and plump belly. She then started moving her hand very fast,
and had a orgasm herself before pushing me away and jumping in the shower.
There were two other times in the bathroom that were memorable. I had just
gotten up, and was taking the usual morning piss. She came in, also nude,
and was bent over the counter, looking at something on her face in the
mirror. I moved behind her, and playfully at first started rolling my cock
around on her plump ass. She started rubbing her own hips against the corner
of the counter, grinding her pussy into it. Soon I was alternating between
pumping my dick between her ass cheeks, and stroking it while rubbing just
the head up and down her crack. She must have been getting close, because
she told me to shoot my load on her butt. My precum had moisened the slit in
her ass, and I was able to glide my cockhead up and down easily while
stroking. Now with her urgings, I began pumping faster and faster. I
convulsed as thick gobs of my semen shot out all over her big ass!
The other time happened in the downstairs bathroom. We had gone out to eat,
and when I came in I stepped into the downstairs bathroom to get rid of the
ice tea I'd had with dinner. I noticed my big, 5 D cell flash light was in
there. When I stepped out I asked L why, and she immediately blushed. She
then (reluctantly) admitted that earlier in the day she'd been watching some
of the movies and trying to get off, but for some reason her fingers just
weren't doing the job. She decided to take a break and pee, and on the way
to the bathroom noticed my flashlight. Feeling a bit wild, she grabbed it
and after peeing closed the toilet lid, placing the light on it. She then
proceeded to squat on it, and was soon working it in and out. In no time the
thick object was deep inside her and, she told me, gave her one heck of an
While she was relating the tale, I noticed one of her hands was absent
mindedly rubbing her crotch through her jeans. When I suggested it was time
for a repeat performance, she was quite agreeable! She slipped off her
jeans, perched the flashlight back on the toilet seat and proceeded to work
it in and out. While L was occupied, I slipped out of my clothes, to more
readily enjoy the scene. Occasionally she'd pull her hand out from under her
shirt to give me a few strokes, but mostly she was really in to getting
herself off. I could see her juices running down the black steel of the
light, and I soon saw her body shudder as she had a really big orgasm. She
pulled out the light, and fell back on the seat resting for a moment.
She then pulled off her shirt and bra, and told me to sit down on the seat.
She sat/leaned back on the sink counter, and told me it was her turn to get
a good show. I leaned back as far as possible, giving her a really good view
of my penis. I then proceeded to stroke myself, really enjoying showing off.
She watched, every so often teaking one of her nipples or dipping a finger
in her pussy. I was quite ready, so it wasn't long before I was shooting
jets of cum high in the air, to land on my chest and stomach.

The Second (and hopefully last) Marriage
Well, time moves on, and I eventually remarried to a wonderful gal. We are
very open with each other about sex, and masturbation is a part of it. While
we do have regular sex, there are many nights we are both too tired, or
perhaps we just want something 'quick and easy'. 'A' will start first, using
her favorite vibrator while I hold her. I stroke her skin, and occasionally
suck a breast. While I whisper sweet nothings her vibe is working herself
into a good orgasm.
My turn then cums, in one of two ways. Sometimes I'll be on my back, using
my hand to bring myself off. A will hold me close, sometimes spitting into
her hand and rubbing it on my hard on to provide lubrication. Soon I shoot a
load into the air, soaking us both. Other times I am face down in the bed,
rubbing my cock agains the sheets (remember earlier I mentioned this was my
favorite). A will get next to me, and rub her hands on my back and ass,
while talking very dirty to me. If you've never had your ass rubbed while
doing this, let me tell you it's great. Soon a new wet spot appears on the
sheets, and I can sleep well. One time A got really into it, and climbed
onto my back, rubbing/slamming her pussy into my ass while holding me tight
against the bed. Fucking fantastic, I can tell ya!
A encourages me to masturbate when I feel like it, as the more I do it the
more I want sex, the more she gets! It's a bit hard with young kids running
around, but I always get in at least one a day.
In the 'early days' of course it was just the two of us, so we had a LOT of
sex during that time, and not so much masturbation. We did masturbate of
course, just not as often. There was one time we were headed to the beach
for a vacation. It was late, quite dark out, and we were listening to one of
those 'Mars/Venus' tapes, the one about 'in the bedroom'. We stopped at a
rest area, so she could make a 'pit stop'. I made a request, and when she
came back she first ordered me to start driving. Once back on the road, she
told me she had done as I had asked. She went into the bathroom, and went
into one of the far stalls. A, at my request, had then stripped to just her
sandals, and sat on the toilet, and masturbated herself to a small orgasm.
She then took her panties, and used them to wipe up her juices. At this
point in her narration, she pulled her panties out of her shorts pockets and
handed them to me! Carefully (so as not to wreck) I put her panties to my
nose, breating in the wonderful muskiness. I was ready to beat it right
there, but she told me to keep it in my pants until we got to the motel.
As we drove down the road, we listened to more of the tape, and got to
another erotic part. I slid my right hand down her shorts, and began playing
with her pussy. She was getting in to it, but I was having a hard time
driving and rubbing her, so she pulled my hand away and told me to drive,
she'd take care of it. She reclined the seat all the way back, and pulled
her shorts off. Spreading her legs as much as possible, she then proceeded
to work her fingers across her clit and in and out of her vagina. Soon the
tape was drowned out by her very loud orgasm! She then took her pussy juiced
fingers and stuck them in my mouth, one at a time. I eagerly licked up every
drop, and asked for more, which she willingly gave me. To cut a long story
short, by the time we got to the motel I was really worked up, and as soon
as we were in the room she was on her knees sucking me off to a quick cum,
the first of many that weekend.
During her first pregnancy, masturbation was a real life saver. She was sick
a lot of it, and didn't feel up to having our normal sex levels so I wound
up having to take things into my own hands.
In the mornings she'd wake me up, then tell me to 'have fun' while she went
and did her morning routine. I would then jack off, most times by rubbing my
crotch into the bed. A usually just wears a t-shirt around the house, but
even that got uncomfortable during the pregnancy so she spent a lot of time
naked. During this time I was working from the house, and by lunch all that
parading around had got me stiff again! She usually laid down after lunch
for a nap, and I would join her for a bit. If she was up to it, she'd use
her hands and spit to jerk me off, while talking dirty to me. She loved to
sit cross legged, between my legs while I was on my back. She would then
stroke and pump me, occasionally leaning forward to dribble some spit on my
cock. When I came, she always got a big smile, and would watch every drop of
semen as it flew through the air.
If she wasn't quite up to it, she would ask me to give her the show. I would
kneel beside her in the bed, with my cock aimed at whatever body part I felt
like coating. Sometimes it'd be her big tits, other times her plump pussy,
and as it got bigger her hot belly. I would then stroke myself, sometimes
dry other times using a bit of oil. She would slide one of her hands behind
me, to rub and stroke my ass, while her other hand played with whatever body
part I was admiring. I would build and build, and would get a good view as
my hot cum sprayed her sexy body. Her hand would then rub my semen into her
skin, adding to the visual enjoyment.
By bedtime she'd be feeling better, and we'd be able to engauge in other
sexual pursuits, such as oral, anal, or just a good old fashioned fucking.
Since the kids we obviously can't do the 'anywhere anytime' like we used to,
so today masturbation steps in to tide us between the 'dry spots'. We have
even taken turns watching the kids, so the other one can go up to the
bedroom for some self pleasure. We make sure to tell each other about what
we did, which makes it even more fun!

Bits and Pieces
A few of my more memorable experiences, in no particular order...
One time A went out of town, to visit her mom or something and left me alone
for several days. By Friday night I was feeling really horny, even though
I'd masturbated several times that week already (once while on the phone
with A while she did it at her end!). Feeling adventerous, I purchased a
plastic matress cover, and a big bottle of baby oil. After enjoying several
movies out in the living room, I retired to the bedroom (rather late at this
point I might add). I had already stripped the sheets, and slid on the
matress cover. I pushed the bed against the wall, and propped a full length
mirror agains the wall, sideways so I could see my whole body while lying
down. A few select magazines and naked photos of A completed the list.
I started by squirting a small puddle of oil on the bed, and sliding my cock
around in it while reading. Well, this got to feeling so good, I wondered
what more oil would do. I grabbed the bottle and squirted more on the bed,
so it went from my chest to my knees. Oh, delightful, the slickness against
my skin. I rolled over but most of the oil was now in my skin. Well, in for
a dime in for a dollar I thought. I grabbed the bottle again and emptied
most of the contents on the matress and myself.
I was enjoying the show in the mirror, and was touching myself all over. It
was quite late, and I was now really worked up. Feeling dangerous, I got out
my wifes butt plug, and worked it into myself. (This was one of the few
times I've done something like that). Soon, my hot cum was shooting all over
my cock as it squirmed in the bed. I kept pumping, and was able to stay hard
quite a while, enjoying the after glow! I rested a bit, and read some of the
magazines and looked at A's photos. Still very horny, I began sliding around
in the mixture of oil and cum, and it wasn't long before a second orgasm was
close. I rolled on my back this time, and was pumping my slick cock with
both hands. As I came, I caught most of the jism in my hands and rubbed it
into my crotch and chest. I barely had enough strength to clean up before
falling asleep.
L was out of town, visiting one of her many relatives. I'd had a hard week
at work, and was looking forward to some escapism. I don't know that this
story is really adverturous, but it was fun. I moved the tv and vcr into the
bedroom. I then spent the weekend in bed, watching dirty movies and having
orgasm after orgasm. Sometimes I'd see how high I could shoot, sometimes how
much, sometimes I'd just cum. My goal was one orgasm per hour, and I did a
pretty fair job of it.
During this weekend, I also grabbed two pairs of L's dirty panties. One pair
I slipped on, the other I just held up to my nose. While inhaling the
delicious scent, I rubbed my cock through the panties until I soiled them
with my cum.
I also did a room to room jack off, having an orgasm in each room of the
apartment. In the kitchen I laid on the floor, put a little cooking oil on
the linoleum and slid my dick around in it until I came. In the laundry room
I sat on the washer while it was going and jerked off. Fun, although I
suspect women probably get more out of it. In the stairway I stood at the
top of the stairs, to see how many stairs down my cum would fly.
Once, when I was living at H's she walked in on me while I was in bed,
stroking myself. I invited her to join me, but she declined due to being on
her period (nude, she pointed to the string dangling from her pussy). She
asked if she could watch though, and I readily agreed. As I was working
myself over, she asked if I would do her a favor. She always wanted to watch
close up. Would I stand up, and jerk off right in her face? Hell yeah I
would! I stood, and she sat on the bed. With my penis just an inch or two
from her sweet face, I proceeded to jerk off. Well, it didn't take long, and
I was firing off a major load of cum in her face. Some of it landed up in
her hair, some on forehead, the rest on her nose, mouth and chin. I asked if
she wanted a towel, but she just sat there smiling and said no, a mirror.
We went in the bathroom, and watched as the cum slowly dribbled down her
face, some of it onto her tits. I bet we stood there over 20 minutes,
watching this erotic site. She only wiped some off if it was going in her
eye, and that bit she licked off her fingers. I soon got hard again, and
began rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks. Soon another load was being
smeared on her plump ass. She scooped up what she could onto her fingers,
and licked it up, also licking what had fallen onto her tits. The rest we
washed off in the shower we took together.
My wife and I were in bed not too long ago, and I was trying to start
something. She begged off, claiming to be tired. As we laid their in the
dark, I began sliding my cock around on the soft sheets. I was getting in to
it, when 'A' asked if I was masturbating. I gave her an affirmative reply as
I continued my grinding. She rolled on her side, and began caressing my back
and ass with her hand. She alternated between gentle kisses and hot talk.
Soon I was quite hot, and told her I was getting close. She went into
overdrive, clenching my ass and telling me 'fuck the mattress, ram it hard,
fuck it like it's my hot pussy, make it shoot hot cum'. And I did too,
soaking the sheets and my dick with juices.
My wife kissed me gently, then rolled back over. I thought she was going to
sleep, but a minute later I heard a rustle then a buzzing sound. It was my
turn to inquire if she was masturbating. 'Well shit, you got me all fucking
hot, I have to cum too.' I wrappend an arm around her, and began licking and
sucking her titties while she worked the vibrator around on her clit. She
kicked the sheets off, and spread her legs wide, one of them draping over
mine. I was getting into it, and was griding my cock into my own cum,
getting hard again. We continued this for some time, until finally her back
arched as she came. At the same time her calf was pressing down in my ass,
pushing it into the bed. Her moans set me off, as I had a second orgasm
(although very little cum). With that we kissed again, pulled up the sheets
and fell asleep.
Well, I probably have more I could write, but this is already pretty long so
I guess I'd better stop now.



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