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My Little Cousin

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First and unique experience.


It's a story about my little cousin and me. First of all, I'd like to say that English is not my mother tongue, so excuse me if I do some mistakes.

This happened last year, I was 23-years-old, when I was living in my aunt's house because I studied in the same city and having my own apartment was expensive for me. She had a big house, so that I was not causing any problem for her. She had a daughter who was nearly 18 months old and a son who was 13. I helped her in the house, as her husband was always on travel for work. I was like she said, the man of the house!

But let's talk about my experience. It happened some days before the holy month of Ramadan and we're Muslims. Why I talk about this month is because it all began from this. In our religion, boys and girls have to fast only when they are at puberty. So, one night when we were dining, I asked my cousin if this year, he would be able to fast like an adult! That was just a way of joking for me, but he didn't seem to understand. He replied that he didn't know if he was an adult or not yet! I laughed thinking that it was an answer to my joke! We continued the dinner without any other allusion to the subject.

The same night I was preparing myself to sleep, which doesn't take much time, since I sleep naked, only wearing my underwear! I noticed that my cousin was behind the door waiting for me to be on my bed, so he could ask to go in. I told him to enter, not thinking that the guy would pass two or three minutes looking at me almost naked walking, as I prepared my books and clothes for the day after.

He sleeps with me in my room some nights, because he always told me that he always dreamed about having a brother and he really loved me like I was his. That was really cute, but this night something was different! The guy was here not to sleep and there were a lot of questions in his eyes. When I was on my bed, I turned off the light and asked him what was wrong. He replied that he was serious about not knowing if he was an adult or not and that disturbed him. I said that there were some signs, so he can know. I was talking about hair on the chest, under arms without any allusion to the area around the sex.

He stood up and said, 'I don't have hair on my chest and just a very little under my arms. Am I a man or not?'

I said that there was another area he had to check and he asked where. I turned on the light and with my hand I touched my pubis. He said that he had some hairs, but he still didn't know if it's enough to be a man!

I began to talk about puberty and the modifications it brings on the body of girls and boys. I gace some examples of course, so he could understand. I showed him the hair on my face, under arms and on the chest. I'm not very hairy, but that seemed to interest him. I finished by saying that for me it happened when I was 12 years old.

He asked me what's happened and I began to laugh. I asked him if he used to touch himself, but he didn't understand, so I asked if he masturbated. Talking about it made me get a semi-erection in front of him and he looked at it really interested by the shape! He asked me if he could see my dick, offering to show his if I showed mine. I answered that first of all I'd see his dick just to check if he was a man or not! He stood up, took off all his clothes and the thing was completely hard! It was like four inches long and not very large, with some pubic hairs around it.

I joked that what he had must be a man dick, but he wanted to see a real man dick, talking of mine! I told him that those things mustn't be done, but since we were between brothers I could show him. I took off my underwear and I was not totally hard, but he was like impressed by it. He'd never seen a man dick and asked me about the size. Mine is about nine inches when fully erect, so I told him that every man had a penis in a different shape and a size. I also said that was not interesting and what counts is how you use it!

While talking there was a little pre-cum on my dick and he asked me what that was. I told that goes out before sperm and I asked him if he'd ever seen sperm. He said, 'Of course not!'

Now I was really aroused and decided to jerk off, but before I did, I told him that it must stay between him and me. I told him I'd do something for him, so he'd know if he was a man. I told him to lie on the bed. Then I took his little dick in my hand and began to caress it, he closed his eyes at first. When I began to masturbate him, he opened his eyes just to see me naked. It took almost two minutes, but suddenly he closed his eyes, shouted and exploded in my hand with two little shots! I told him here is your sperm man, but he wasn't interested! His eyes were still closed and I thought he slept immediately, so I laid next to him and began to stroke myself.

It was awesome to jerk off using someone else's sperm! Then he opened his eyes and I noticed that he was hard again. He asked me if he could do the same to me, so I gave him my dick in his hands. He needed his two hands to take it and then I showed him how to give me pleasure. He was like a student in front of his teacher and when I felt that I was about to cum, I asked him to go faster. I came in three long shots and he said, 'Waouh!' He had a white liquid in his hands and I said that was called sperm. I told him that was the difference between a boy and a man!

We passed a part of the night completely naked, talking about sex. We had to masturbate like three times after the first one. It was 2:00 am when we decided to sleep, so I put on my underwear and he put his on. He slept in my arms and it was so cute feeling his heart beating against my chest. I never felt that with him, he always dreamed about a brother and in that night I realized that he had really become my little brother.



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