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My Lifelong Friend And I

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Great Site! Very informative.


I have known my friend Casey since about 12 years ago, so of course when we were young, we had no urge to do anything sexual. As we hit 14 (we are the same age) we wanted to experiment a little. The previous year, he asked shyly if we could french kiss for his first time. (I had done it before a few times)So I agreed. It felt magical but we both felt a little guilty. We didn't do it at all after that. Then the year after, we were looking for his baseball in his yard (which is surrounded by tall bushes from all sides)We made our way to his dads boat and suggested that it might be under there. After we were both under there and as we suspected to our pleasure that nobody could see us, he told me he had never touched girls breasts before. He was so obviously dropping a large hint (I was blessed with large breasts) so smiling and taking pity on him I raised my tank top for him to touch. It was summer but the nights were a little chilly. He just stared fascinated by my breasts for a minute then finally reached out slowely to feel them. He slid his fingers down them gently then up then a little harder. His fingers were cold and I started to nip. He apparently enjoyed that. His fingers felt so cold, but I was feeling so hot. After he finished he said 'Wow that was great.' We heard his brother upstairs talking on the phone so we immediately quieted to a whisper so he didn't hear us. He then said 'You know what?' I looked at him questioningly and he didn't say anything. From the look on his face I knew then exactly what. We both got over our shyness and I leaned forward to him. I kissed him gently on the lips as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He pulled open the flaps (he wasn't wearing boxers) to reveal a massive boner. He was well equipped for 14! Then it was my turn to stare fascinated. I wanted so badly to taste his beautiful boner, but I didn't know how he would take it. So I just reached out and slowely, gently stroked it. He let out a few small pants and then I gripped it harder enclosing my fingers around his long, hard cock. I enjoyed the sensation of electricity running through me. I slid my hand up and down his shaft slowely then quickening a little. I did it harder and faster still and he let out a loud moan followed by more heavy breathing. I was positioned at his side and I preferred to try it faceing him so I repositioned myself, not stopping. He opened his eyes again so just for fun I pulled off my shirt and bra (he already had his shirt off) and moved closer. His cock hardened more and my hand was starting to get wet. I wanted to put it in my mouth so bad so I leaned forward slowely and placed my tongue on the bottom base of his cock and licked slowely up his shaft applying more pressure at the head then put just his head in my mouth and worked on it for awhile still using my hands on the lower part. He moaned again louder as I moved my mouth down lower and lower until I got his whole 7.5 inch boner in my mouth down to the base. I licked and sucked delicately then harder and faster until I felt his whole body shudder and stiffen. He then gasped 'I'm going to...' and released loads and loads of cum into my mouth in which I swallowed. Right after I finished I pulled back and he sat up shakily. He sat panting for a moment and said 'That....was...*pant pant* amazing!!' Then my dad called so he kissed me on the cheek (since my mouth had just been elsewhere) and we departed. Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoyed!!



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