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My Life of Masturbation

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The minor details (Locations,Names) have been changed for privacy.


This is my first story about my life that I have written so here goes...

I first discovered, when I was around four years old, that pouring water out of a cup, that I had in the bathtub, with me fell good on my penis. I use to do it when my mother would leave me for a few minutes to do other things. I never reached orgasm at that time. When I was five years old we moved out of our house, and went to live with my mother's father because my father moved out on us. My mom had a few problems, so when I was eight years old she sent me to live with my uncle for a few months.

My uncle lived in Texas, with his wife and two children, Justin and Lisa. Justin and Lisa were both around fourteen. The second month I was with them we moved into an apartment, a nice one. There was a pool that Justin and I used to swim in alot.

One day, Justin went back to the apartment to get something so I was at the pool alone. I swamp to the side of the pool by the jet and accidentally positioned myself so the jet was hitting my crotch. It felt real good, so I took my small penis out and let it hit it. I remember I reached my first orgasm very quickly and I was breathing very heavy. I had no clue what just happened but I know it felt very good. I went to swim back to it but I couldn't handle it anymore. After about 5 minutes I went to do it again, but my cousin came back. Later that night, we went back to the pool and I got in the Jacuzzi by myself since it had a jet of its own and I leaned over the side with my penis sticking out on the jet. It was sort of exciting because my uncle and cousin were in the pool right next to me.

A month after that, I went back home with my mom. A few days after I got back, I never noticed before but the shower head in the bathtub also had a jet on it. Almost everyday I would take a shower and use it. Needless to say I had a blast. When I was 11, I started using my hand to pleasure myself, I am circumcised but I don't use any lubricant. Also about this time, I was in the bathtub using the jet sitting on the side, when my mom came in but she didn't say anything, just walked out.

When I was 12 on the 4th of July, my mom and I went for a drive to the beach. That's when we had 'the talk'. She also brought up that she knew what I was doing in the bathroom and it was really okay with her. A few months later, I was playing with myself and I came for the first time. I knew what it was, and I was excited I finally did it, but also a bit sad, that I couldn't do it as often because of the clean-up.

At 13, I noticed that when I jacked off I thought about males, but the past few months I've read that it was normal. Around puberty almost anything can turn you on. Lately I have been thinking about girls that I like and are hot, so I know it was just a phase. I was a bit scared at first that I might be gay but I know now I'm not.



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