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My Life-long Passion

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Thanks, Jessica! Your story was so hot...gave me quite the 'fun tingly feeling'


Ok, maybe not quite all my life, I started playing with myself around age 10, but actually had a much younger brother (around three or four years old) who would do it all the time (much like you describe, face down humping his hands)...my parents called it 'doing his thing' as well. Like you, he would do it indiscriminately no matter when or where. Being older, I knew I needed to do it in private if I was going to do it, but I was just so darn curious. I mean, mom and dad were always yelling at him to stop, and it just seemed like an odd thing to do anyway, so if he kept doing it, there must be something awfully good about it right?!?

So I was so curious I HAD to try it. And boy, did I find out what was good about it! I was young enough the first year or two or so that I did not produce semen or ejaculate, but I reached a peak of intense pleasure just the same (and hey, that's why we masturbate right, for the good feeling it gives us!!!)

I think literally from the first orgasm I was, as you say you were, hooked. I have felt sexual pleasure and orgasm (or several) almost every day of my life for the past 20 years. Some are better than others of course, but every single one feels good. Every single one gives me release and relief from tension. And I keep wanting more and more and more. It amazes me sometimes how the desire never wanes...like, say, who doesn't find eating chocolate chip ice cream enjoyable? But if I'd had a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream nearly every day for the last 20 years, I'd be pretty sick of it by now, I think!!! But I never stop wanting (needing) orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

Speaking of orgasms...Jessica, if you are reading this, you mention the doctor asked you 'Do you ever feel like you are finished doing your thing?'...what did you tell him? Did you experience orgasms at that point, or did you just enjoy steady plateau-level pleasure when you did your thing? (not that the latter wouldn't be good enough reason to do it, there are definitely times when I'm nowhere close to cumming but the pleasure I'm getting in my crotch is pure heaven and I feel like I never want the feeling to end)

All right, well, I've enjoyed writing this story but now I'd getting that not-so-fun tingly feeling down in my ballsack, time to go make it into the tingly feeling that feels good!



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