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My Life as a Wanker, Part II

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Eating my own cum


I've always liked the taste of my cum. When I was a teenager, young and horny, I decided I'd like to come in my mouth. I figured that'd be easy. All I had to do was throw my legs over my head so my dick was pointing at my face and then wank as usual. When I came, I'd spray come on my face and some of it would land in my mouth. I did that a lot at about fifteen and kept doing it for a while after that. Unfortunately, I'm no longer flexible enough to manage it without back pain the next day, so I don't do it much anymore. I definitely can't now manage what I'm about to describe.
I think I'd been coming on my own face for a few months when, one day, instead of lying just flat on the bed and throwing my legs up, I had my head on a pillow. I don't remember why, but I do remember the effect: Instead of being six inches from my face, suddenly my cock was like two inches away. I hadn't thought before about the possibility of sucking my own cock. I had no idea it was even possible. But it was so close now that it damn well might be possible, so I squirmed around, tried more pillows, tried pressing on my butt, tried every damn thing I could think of, but nothing worked. I could get it a bit closer, but nothing I did got it close enough. So that day, I just wanked into my mouth again. But with my dick being so close, my aim this time was really good, and I swallowed pretty much all of it.
I wasn't about to give up. I started thinking of other things I could do to get my dick into my mouth. But it turned out that the main thing I needed was really just practice, and a little more flexibility. Soon, I was able to get my tongue on my cock. It was just enough to lick the head, but for a very horny fifteen year old who'd never even had a girlfriend, let alone had sex, it was heavenly. And the more I practiced, the better I got. Within a month or so, I was able to get my lips on the tip of my dick, which meant that I could run my tongue pretty much all around the glans. I couldn't get myself off just by doing that, but I was able to masturbate with my lips on my cock and then cum that way, so the semen would go directly from my dick to my waiting mouth.
That was as far as I ever managed to get: I wasn't able to get the head completely in my mouth. Still, it was fun, and I wish I could still do it.
It was even more fun the one time I did it for my college girlfriend. Suze and I had very few sexual secrets, in part because neither of us had much experience before we met. We got really drunk one night, and I told her how I used to be able to lick my own cock. She asked me if I thought I could still do it, because she'd love to watch! I said I didn't know but I'd be happy to try. I got undressed, lay down on her bed, and threw my legs up over my head. Amazingly, not having done it at all in a while, I was close. And I knew the sort of thing I needed to do to get closer. Suze was clearly enjoying the show. She'd stripped, too, and was sitting in a chair near the bed. Her left leg was up over the arm, her right was laid out before her, and her fingers started drumming her pussy. I remember she was freshly shaven. Her swollen cunt was nicely visible to me. Her excitement helped immensely, and I was soon able to get my tongue on my dick.
Suze let out an audible gasp when she saw that, and I looked over to see her with three of the fingers from her left hand buried in her pussy while her right worked her clit. I started pulling hard on my dick and managed a little kiss of the head before having to back off a bit. That put Suze over the edge. She cried out and started cumming in a fierce orgasm. Watching her fucking herself put me over, too, and I started spraying cum all over my face. I remember Suze saying, 'That's so fucking hot', before exploding into another orgasm, which was unusual for her, and then coming over to me and licking all my cum off my face, which was even more unusual. We fucked like bunnies the rest of the day, but, for whatever reason, never repeated that scene.



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