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My Life as a Masturbator

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This is for Julie, who wrote about her 'First Orgasm.' Here is how I got started.


I'm not sure when I started masturbating but I remember doing it early on. And even then, I was masturbating like a grown man does, by gripping my cock and pumping it up and down. I don't know how I learned to do it that way.

I was very capable of having orgasms in those days, but of course I did not ejaculate. During those early years I think I masturbated no more than once every three weeks or so.

I did not ejaculate for the first time until I was about 13. I remember it very well. Only a tiny bit came out and the fluid was not very thick or sticky, but it definitely was cum. I remember licking it off my fingers, something I still like to do. I have always got excited over the taste of my own cum.

Each year of my teens, I grew hornier and hornier and had to masturbate quite often. By the time I was 17 I was masturbating at least every other day and sometimes daily. On rare occasions I would masturbate multiple times in one day. I remember once when my parents were out of town, I masturbated 8 or 10 times in about four hours. I recall that by the time I stopped, I had run out of cum. By the next morning, however, I already was producing a fresh supply.

Although I was not gay, I had male friends that I masturbated with on occasion. It was during these sessions that I learned that my ejaculations were much more interesting than theirs were. My ejaculations were very powerful and the volume of semen that came out of me was three to four times greater than what they put out. It was not uncommon for my initial stream of cum to shoot three feet or more. To this day, a good deal of the pleasure I derive from jacking off comes from watching my cum spray out.

Of course, as a teenager, I was extremely proud of my extraordinary sexual ability, but nevertheless it had its draw backs. For instance, when I would jack off in my bed, it was difficult not to make a mess, a very noticable mess. Therefore, I had to be very well prepared before jacking off. This made it difficult to be spontaneous. And even with all my preparation, I still made terrible messes at times and was always in fear that my mother would discover what I was doing by what I was leaving behind. My sheets very often had starchy spots on them the size of dinner plates.

When I was 19, I had reached a point where it was necessary to masturbate at least twice daily to keep my horniness in check. Sometimes I had to masturbate three or more times a day. I usually jacked off in the shower in the morning and then I would jack off again at bedtime, usually into a clean sock. Sometimes I would wake up about 45 minutes to an hour after dozing off, and would have to jack off again. Moreover, I sometimes had to jack off during the day. This kept me pretty busy.

Of course, by this time I was dating regularly, but I could not find a girl who wanted to have sex as often as I did so I had to take care of myself a lot. This problem has continued throughout my life. I was married once, but my wife simply couldn't keep up with my needs. We ultimately broke up and went our separate ways.

I'm in my mid-fifties now and masturbation remains a big part of my sex life, even though I presently have a very understanding girlfriend. We have sex at least once a week; however, it is still necessary for me fall back on masturbation from time to time to fill in the gaps.

Although my ejaculations are not as spectacular as they once were, when I'm really excited I can still put out a pretty sizeable load. And if I jack off while lying on my back, I can sometimes still spray hot cum into my face, providing me with a welcome dose of my own sweet semen.

As a matter of fact, I think I could use a taste of my cum right now. So I will end my story here and move on to a more urgent project.



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