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My Learning Experience

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I first learned about masturbating at, of all places, church camp when I was 11-years-old. A group of us boys were sitting in our cabin. We were all about the same junior high age (10 to 13-years-old). Since we didn't have the lights on, one boy pulled out his flashlight- you know, the ones with the long black handle. Well a little later, one of the older boys, a 13-yr old, took the flashlight and put it between his legs and began 'stroking' the handle, saying 'look at me, I'm jerking!' This intrigued me, since I had yet to experience the pleasures of masturbating. Later on, this same boy had to go to the bathhouse to use the restroom. I decided to follow him, since I wanted to know what 'jacking' was. As we walked, I got up the nerve to ask him what he meant by that. Joel looked at me, and to this day I will never forget him asking, 'How old are you?' He then proceeded to tell me other unknown words, 'jerking off, stroking' and others. I just looked at him, with a stupid expression I am sure.

Finally, we reached the bathhouse. He asked if I could keep a secret and he would tell me everything. I agreed, and followed him into an empty stall. He asked for me to get undressed. Now I was very shy and even would shower with my swimming trunks on. So I nervously pulled down my pants and underwear. He then did the same to himself. He told me to watch him, and try to do the same things he was doing. I looked down and was amazed at his dick-it was very long (compared to mine) and was surrounded by a thick mat of hair. I was still hairless. Now just by looking at him, I became hard very quickly. His reached hardness shortly thereafter. He whispered that I had to put it in my fist and pretend I was 'fucking' (another new word). I watched him and then did the same thing to my own. However, I was too engaged in his actions.

He asked if I wanted to try doing it to each other. I let go of my own and reached for his. It was amazing to feel something so big and the hair was so fascinating to me. He closed his hand over mine, and began to 'teach' me how to stroke his cock. I continued doing this as he released his hand from mine and place it on my own hard dick. We continued stroking each other until he finally said he was going to cum. He said to not stop until he said so. I continued my stroking until I felt it throb in my hand and he released his thick cum onto my hand. The warm feeling of his cum mixed with the pleasures of watching him caused my body to tremble. I told him I felt something and he continued stroking faster. An intense explosion overtook my body and I looked down to see a thin, clear liquid shoot out of the head of my cock. Joel continued stroking me until the intense feelings left and I was exhausted.

Joel looked at me and said, 'Now you know what jacking is all about.' Needless to say, I have been doing it AT LEAST twice a day ever since my learning experience. I thank Joel for teaching me the pleasures of masturbating. I eventually passed this experience on to my younger brother in much the same way.



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