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My Latest Massage Experience

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I'm lucky to have a good Thai massage parlor near where I live. This happened four days ago...


The parlor advertises as a genuine Thai massage place, and one of the options is a hot oil massage. Clients are naked and most girls don't use any sort of towel. Thai hot oil massages are always an intimate experience (unless I've been extremely lucky), and it can be very difficult not to get turned on. Some girls offer the proverbial 'happy ending', but there's a high turnover so you're never quite sure. Seeing a new girl is always a thrill: I can hardly count the number that have got me hard over the last few years, and I'll admit to an element of trophy hunting. The very best, once they know you, can tease you for the whole time, which is a mind-blowing experience. But I don't like to risk causing offence: the girls that do offer extras often say 'why didn't you ask?', but they have a different perspective from the girls that don't.

So when my favorite masseuse told me of a new masseuse, I'll call her G, who was tall, young, slim and pretty, I was keen to see her. Four days ago I booked with G, and when she answered the door, I found she was just as described. What follows is exactly as it happened, no exaggerations or enhancements.

While I was lying on my front waiting for her to heat up the oil, I was struggling not to be hard before she even started, and didn't really quite succeed. I hate looking like a horny 'old' man, but just then that's what I was. Anyway, the treatment started, and she was obviously pretty skilled. As with every Thai hot oil massage I've ever had, the coverage was thorough - the penis isn't massaged, but everywhere around it is, and there is usually some touching of dick and anus, and almost invariably a full erection.

At this point there's a judgment to be made: is she just being thorough, or is she provoking me to ask for extras? Well, with G, I just couldn't decide. I'd start to get hard, she'd carry on touching me until I was fully erect, then she'd move off somewhere else and I'd lose it again. I turned over when requested and was more soft than hard, until she moved up my legs and touched it again, and bang, hard again.

Then she moved to my arms! We were at the latter part of the hour when she moved to my stomach, where my now partly erect dick was lying, still pointing upwards from the last touch. She worked my stomach thoroughly, running straight down under my dick to my groin, getting me fully erect almost immediately. For the next couple of minutes she rubbed my stomach with her hands and arms, with never more than a brief, glancing touch of my dick, which was standing up at its normally thirtyish degrees. But I was getting so turned on that my hips were moving, and my breathing was obviously changing, and she didn't stop. Until she moved to behind me to do my neck! Well, I figured, it's pretty clear she isn't embarrassed, and I think she's giving a clear signal that I can ask. BUT. The best girls will combine a massage with an hour's teasing, giving a close to tantric experience. A thorough massage and a five minute happy ending just isn't my thing, and that is what I figured was on offer here.

So I took the plunge. I held my dick and said, you've got me turned on again. She laughed. I asked her if, next time I came, she would offer any extras. She said yes. Then I said, do you mind if I masturbate. She said no, go ahead. I know many readers on this forum dream of masturbating while someone watches. I've done it with so many different women, I'm not sure I can remember them all, and certainly not every occasion. Never without their consent, and often at their request. I'll say this, the first time you do it might be the best, but it is ALWAYS a thrill.

As soon as I started, I knew this was going to be quick, I think I only lasted a couple of minutes. My head was on her knees and she was rubbing my shoulder blades as I started to cum, copiously. The first squirt went up and slightly left, above the nipple, and a moment later she moved her hand away, so I may have hit it, too. There were four or five more squirts, all over my stomach and chest. Something I find touching is the way oriental girls clean a man up, even if they haven't offered a service. In fact G handed me a box of tissues - I needed five - to clean myself up, although she did take the used ones from me.

When I dressed and asked 'how much', she replied with the basic fee for a hot oil massage, so I gave her a very generous tip, and look forward to seeing her again.



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