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My Korean Drycleaner

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I get hard just looking at her!


I've been taking my clothes to this dry cleaning place which is a few minutes from my house for several years now. It's run by a Korean couple I would say in their late 30s early 40s and from the first time I've gone there, I've been totally turned on by the wife that works there and finally one day I had the chance to jerk off just a few feet from her without her knowing!

This Korean lady is totally hot, I would say in her mid to late 30s with a thick Korean accent. I would call her an 'Americanized' Korean chick because she is totally into fashion and making herself look hot even though she just works at the dry cleaners. She wears make-up all the time and she has these big awesome lips which are always red with lipstick. I can tell she tans because of her bronzed skin, she is slim with some nice perky tits and she always wears a nice bra to show them off. She wears glasses but they have a yellowish tinge to them so I'm not sure if they are to see with or just for style. She always dresses hot with short jeans skirts in the summer with little tight t-shirts that say 'sexy' or 'playboy' on them (kinda like what teens wear). In the winter she wears tight jeans which show off her awesome curves and tight sweaters that show off her titties. One day in the summer I went there and she had a little leather mini skirt on and a mesh tank top and bra and all I could see was this awesome cleavage as the bra pushed her tits together. Some of my friends that go there as well laugh and think its funny she wears this stuff but little do they know after a visit to my dry cleaner, I usually go home and jerk off as I fantasize about her. What is funny is that her husband looks like he is totally fresh off the boat the way he dresses while his wife dresses like she's going out to a club!

So now that you have an idea of how hot she is, I gotta tell you about an idea I came up with just to spend more time with her. I went to the store and bought some jeans that were too big for me and even though my mother always hems them for me, I thought I would take them to the dry cleaner because she hems stuff right there for you.

I went by on a really hot humid day knowing she would be wearing something really hot and slutty and I wasn't disappointed. She had on a cut off little denim skirt which barely covered her ass and what I call a 'wife beater' or a white undershirt with some high heeled flip flops on. She was wearing her over sized yellow tinted glasses and her black hair (which had some red streaks in it) was tied up in a bun with a few strands hanging down over her face. I just got hard looking at her as I could see didn't have a bra on as I could see her brown nipples through her white shirt. I couldn't believe she was dressed like this but I didn't care, I wanted to see her naked and cum all over her.

We said our hello's when I walked in as I was holding my jeans in my hands and I asked if she could hem them for me. She said no problem and called out her husbands name in Korean as he emerged from the back of the store wearing his usual dress shirt and slacks. She said something in Korean to him as he took a seat on the stool at the front and then she said 'follow me to back'. I walked around the counter and smiled at him as I followed her down between the isle of dry cleaned clothes. I just stared at her ass as she kinda walked awkwardly with the heeled flip flops on as her butt was moving back and forth (almost as if she knew my eyes would be glued to it).

We got to the back of the store where there was a little room with a table, a sewing machine and a closet that had the door removed and in it's place was a rod with a curtain. She pointed at the curtain and said 'you try on jeans, I measure you'. Already hard with pre cum dripping from my 7' dick, I stepped in behind the curtain, pulled off my shorts and slipped the jeans on.

I came out and she told me to stand on a little wooden stool as she had some pins in her mouth.

She kneeled in front of me as she started to roll up the bottom of my jeans. I looked straight down her top and watched as her cleavage swayed as she moved. She pinned the bottom of my pants for me as my cock grew and started to push against the fabric. I was nervous as I wanted her to see it but at the same time, I didn't want her to think I was a weirdo getting hard in front of her. She then looked up at me while still on her knees and grabbed a measuring tape. I smiled at her as she smiled back with those amazing red lips of hers and her beautiful Korean face. Little did she know that her mouth was only a foot away from my fantasy of her giving me a blow job. She said 'I measure you now' and me being the pervert with the dirty mind thought she meant my dick. Kinda frozen I just stood there as she ran the tape from my heel along my seem to the crotch of the jeans. As she moved up, her hand brushed against my hard dick and then kept it there for a few seconds as she checked the measurement. She then moved her hand away kinda giggling and said 'I sorry, you take off pants now, I fix for you' I said no problem and jokingly said 'Is that all you need to measure' I'm not sure if she got my joke as she just smiled then turned to get her sewing supplies ready.

As I went into the makeshift change room and pulled the curtain back. I took the pants off and opened the curtain slightly and handed her my pants and she said 'its ok, you stay there and relax while I fix pants for you' so I sat down on the stool in my underwear and t shirt.

The curtain was open a few inches and I had the perfect side view of her as she sat about 5 feet away from me on a chair as she began to sew. I was so horny at this point that I took my underwear and t-shirt off and sat on the stool completely naked as I watched her sew my pants. Her boobs swayed side to side as she worked the machine and the view of her amazing ass and legs were too much to handle. I stood up and began to stroke my hard cock right there in the change room only several feet away from the Korean lady that I fantasized about every day.

I felt my cock twitching and I knew I wasn't going to last very long. The noise from the machine was loud enough that I hoped she didn't hear by balls slapping against my thigh as I jerked my cock faster and faster for her. I knew I was seconds away from cumming but didn't know where to shoot my load. The only thing I had in the room was the hanging curtain, my underwear and t-shirt.

I grabbed my underwear from the stool and held it in my left hand just inches from the tip of my cock. I wanted to open the curtain and have her turn around and face me and watch me jerk myself off for her. I wanted to cum all over her lips and yellow tinted glasses. I couldn't take it any more, I continued to stroke my dick by the crack in the curtain as I shot my load into my underwear. My knees felt weak and my underwear was soaked with a huge load of cum, probably my biggest load ever! I looked down at my underwear and noticed the cum was dripping down onto the floor as well there was so much of it. I rubbed the cum into the carpet with my bare feet so she wouldn't see it.

As she stopped sewing, I threw my shorts on without my underwear and rolled them up and put them in my pocket. I also put my t-shirt and flip flops back on and came out from behind the curtain as she was done and folding my jeans for me.

I said thank you very much and she smiled and said 'any time I do for you' I said thanks I'll remember that. As I took my jeans from her, I noticed she had a small square mirror on her desk which showed her the reflection into the little change room where I was jerking off just minutes before. I instantly turned red as I wondered if she had been watching me the whole time.

I smiled at her and she smiled at me. I noticed her nipples were hard and clearly visible in her white shirt. I thought to myself she must have watched me and was completely turned on by it but I didn't know for sure and I wasn't about to ask if she just watched me jack off as I didn't want to embarrass either of us.

I said thanks again as she walked me to the front, her husband got off the stool and made his way to the back as she rang in the amount I owed. The entire time she was smiling at me, I smiled back as I paid.

As she handed me my change, I leaned over to her and said 'you look really good today, I like your outfit'. She giggled and said 'thank you'. I told her 'actually, you look really good every time I come here', she just nodded up and down blushing and said 'thank you' again. I've always wanted to say that to her and I figured today was the day.

I said bye and left as she said bye to me too as I walked out the door. As I walked home, I replayed it over and over in my head and thought to myself...why did she want me to sit in the change room and relax while she hemmed my pants...she must have known I was going to jerk off in their as her hand did press up against my hard on and she probably did watch me through the crack in the curtain. I still don't know if this was true or not but I tell you I went home and jerked off again thinking about how hot my Korean dry cleaner is and how maybe she watched me too!



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