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My Kids (They Think I Don't Know)

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I have two kids, a 17 year old daughter and 13 year old son. Recently, I discovered they have been... what shall I say... playing doctor? This is how I found out.


So, of course back in the day when I was a kid, I masturbated every now and then, but no where near as often as kids today. This was still in the day when people told us we could go blind, insane, or grow hair on the palms of our hands. Oh yea, and we would also burn in hell for it as well. Needless to say, I believed it all, and so on the rare times I did it, I honestly thought I was risking great mortal and eternal peril.

Ha! How times have changed.

My wife and I have two kids, as I said above. We wanted to have more, but her health complications have kept us at two. They are getting older and are now full fledged teenagers, and I often marvel at how much things have changed. For example: The way I found this site is by going through the history in FireFox to see what my kids have been surfing for. I don't know if it was my daughter or son who visited this site, but one of them did. After spending some time here and reading many of the stories, I guess all in all this is better then surfing for porn. We have filters in place to keep then off those kinds of sites. At first I thought about blocking this site as well, but in light of a recent discovery, I think I will keep access to this site open.

When it comes to sex, my wife and I have always taken a firm stance on the matter. I must tell you that my wife and I were both virgins until the night of our honeymoon, and we have strongly encouraged our kids to strive for the same thing. That being said, when our son began to hit puberty about a year ago, I asked my wife how we should best handle it when he starts to masturbate.

'WHAT?' she screamed, clearly in shock. 'Our son will NOT do that! Why would you even say that? You say it like you just EXPECT him to do it!!'

Well, I got her calmed down and did my best to explain that ALL boys do it everywhere in the world.

'DID YOU?!?!?' She was in shock. I mean literally in shock. I told her what I've already told you. 'And you think OUR little boy will do it too?'

'It's inevitable. He will find out on his own, if some boy at school doesn't tell him first.'

'Oh, I just don't like this conversation' she said. 'You deal with... this.... disgusting BOY problem. I don't want to even know about it.'

So, I decided that when the time was right, I would sit my son down and have a frank conversation about it. I planned to tell him that I thought it was perfectly normal, but that he might be well served to hide the fact that he was doing it from him mom. I had been fifteen when I figured it out myself, so I thought I had a few years with my son. Boy, was I wrong.

It happened one day when I stayed home from work because I was sick. I was so sick, in fact, that I didn't even get out of bed all day but to kneel before the pot once or twice. My two kids had no idea I was home. After school they came in from the front door, so they didn't see my car still in the garage. My wife was still at work herself-normally the kids let themselves in and are home alone until around 4:30 when my wife comes home. They are old enough that we had been trusting them to do this for a couple years.

So, I was laying in bed too weak even to announce my presence, but also kind of enjoying them not knowing I was home so I could get an idea of their routine. Holy smokes, was I in for a surprise!

The three bedrooms in our house are all upstairs. My son's is first, then a bathroom, then my daughter's, then our master bedroom is the last door in the hallway. My door was open just a crack.... enough I could hear what was going on outside and down the hall.

My daughter went to her room and I could hear her on her cell phone chatting with a friend. My son I could not hear and had no idea what he was doing. Then, my daughter got off the phone and started walking down the hallway towards the stairs. As she was walking I heard her giggle and then say, 'You could at least close the door, you know.'

'Why?' I heard him say. 'It's just you.'

'Do you have to do it EVERY day after school?'

'Yup' my son replied.

Now I was curious. What, I wondered, could they be talking about?

'I'm starting to regret' said my daughter, 'that I ever taught you how to do it. I've turned you into a little horn-ball.'

Uh oh. All of a sudden I thought I knew what was happening, but I didn't want to admit it to myself. I felt a knot in my stomach, fearing that what I suspect might actually be true. As a dad, I knew my son would figure it out, but I didn't want to learn like this! And... in the name of all that was sacred and holy, surely he would not be doing it in his room WITH THE DOOR OPEN?!?!?!? Then he said...

'Can you do it with me again? Please?' he said.

'Not today' she said. 'I'm going to Karen's to work on calculus. Do you think you can be behave until mom gets home?'

'But' said my son, and I could hear the pleading in his voice, 'Can you just do it for me then? You know, when you rub it?'

There was a moment of silence and then my daughter said, 'Aw, what the hell, you little shit. I'll do it for you.'

'Can I see your boobs while you are doing it?' he asked, and then I heard a noise which sounded a lot like someone taking off their shirt. 'YEEAA!' said my son, and I knew he was looking at his topless big sister.

I was sure I had died and gone to hell! This could NOT be happening! My brain was racing 5,000 miles per hour trying to think of some OTHER explanation for what I was hearing, but it found nothing! I thought about running down the hall yelling 'STOP!!!' but I thought that might do more harm then good, especially if I were to witness my DAUGHTER with her hands on my SON'S PENIS and vomit on both of them. So I just laid in bed and listened.

A moment later I could hear my son grunting. I knew exactly was happening. All too soon I heard his grunting turn into a slow, long, pronounced whine, and I knew he was cumming. My daughter giggled and said 'There you go, little dude. Hope it felt good. You gotta do your own clean up, 'cause I gotta run.' And with that, she made a pit stop in the bathroom to rinse her hands (I cringed when I thought about what she was washing off) and to get dressed again, and then she was down the stairs and out the front door.

I could hear light movement from my son's room, and then a moment later he went downstairs and I could hear the television.

Well, let me tell you... this gave me a lot of things to think about. For days I wondered what to do about all this. One thing was for sure. My wife was NEVER going to find out. But in the mean time, I had no idea what to DO about this? Were my kids sick? Did they need help? Well, to make a long story short (don't want to bore you with non-juicy details), after giving it a TON of thought, I made up my mind.

I had the masturbation talk I told you about before with my son. I told him it was normal and that I didn't care if he did it, but that his mother should never know about it. I thought about it, but decided against having the same talk with my daughter. She was, after all, months away from moving out of the house.

As for that day... when my wife got home my son was visibly horrified when I came out of my bedroom looking sleepy, sick, unshaven, and scruffy. I pretended that I had been asleep for his sake, and I never once let on about what I knew had happened.

After much internal strife, I decided I didn't mind all that much that they were masturbating together. I had no idea how long it had been going on, or how often it happened. I didn't WANT to know. Based on how casual it had been for them that one time, and from what my son said... 'Can you do it with me again? Please?' ... I was pretty sure it was a fairly common activity for them. But, so long as it stopped there, I figured, what real harm would it do anyways?

That's not an easy thing for a father to say after making such a harsh discovery, but I thought that confronting them might do even more damage then whatever damage they were doing to themselves. So... I concocted this plan....

I had discovered this web site after one of them had been visiting by looking in the browser history. I decided that if I wrote up the story and submitted it, there was a chance one or both might read it.

So, kids! If you are reading this, your dad knows! From now on, you might want to be a little more discrete!



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