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My Jerking off Experience

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I was 11 when I first realized that rubbing my cock felt amazing. Since nobody told me how to 'do it' in the right way(the fist method) my only choice was to hump and rub myself on the bed, wich at first gave me only dry orgasms, but soon I began shooting huge wads of a white creamy substance, that freaked me out for a while, and it was messy to clean.

I did that for two more years until I met Jim.We instantly became good friends,weird enough, we were almost identical, both, blonde, skinny, green eyes, we could almost pass as twin brothers.

We started to hang out constantly at his house or on mine, but the subject of sex never came up.We just did what normal teenagers did, played videogames, went to the beach together, played football, stuff like that. Still, there were situations in wich I began noticing a strange arousal. We both walked around his house or mine without our shirts, sometimes only in our underwear, and he aways liked sleeping naked, that made me feel horny, and I didn´t knew what was going on.

Sometimes, I wondered if he did the same thing I did to the bed, but I was afraid to ask.

One day, while we were at his house, he asked me to sleepover, he said he had rented a few movies and his parents were going to be out for the night, I said ok and stayed over.

Around ten o´clock his parents left the house, he looked at me with a weird look in his eyes and ran to pick the video he wanted to show me, to my surprise, it was a porn movie!

while the actors where moaning and cumming all over he asked me if I wanted to 'play with myself', I said :

- what do you mean?

- well..you know, jerking off...

Jerking off? I thought to my self, what the hell was he talking about!

-let me show you how to do it.Believe me, you´re gonna love this thing.- he said with a kinky look in his face.

he undid all of his clothes and began rubbing the tip of his hard cock.When I saw that, I knew that jerking off was exactaly what i´ve been doing all those years to the bed.

- Now you do it.

In a blink of an eye I took my clothes off, and began simulating his movements.I couldn´t beliave my eyes, I was naked in front of my best friend jerking off and watching a porn movie.This was far out to me, beyond any of my exotic dreams.

At some point I noticed he was more interested in watching me naked jerk off than the porn movie. We began moaning until he said he was going to cum.

We both cummed at the same time letting huge loads of clear whiteish cum hit the floor. We went to shower together to clean up and stayed up the rest of the night naked jerking off.

After that incredible night we did alot of other stuff togheter...but that's another story.



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