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My Jackin History

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Solo was great, but with friends it was mind-blowing!


I just found your website two days ago and already I think I may have to get new glasses, as my eyes cannot take much more of this reading! The stroies are fantastic! I hope they are all true. Mine is.

I grew up in a strict home where sex was not discussed and my parents restricted their intimacy to the bedroom. I presume as much because I certainly never saw them even as much as kiss each other. I knew they loved each other, but were very discreet and even somewhat embarrassed at showing any kind of intimacy.

In the fourth grade I remember overhearing some crude comments from some of the older guys in my class. I had been moved up a couple of grades, so I usually stayed away from the bigger boys. However, I found the conversations about masturbation intriguing. I would run home from school and play with myself, but would get tired quickly and give up. I thought then that it was all hype.

It was when I was in the fifth grade that a friend of mine whom I shall call Steven decided that it was time he educated me about jacking off. We would go fishing or swimming and the conversations always turned to sex and always ended on the subject of jacking. I never saw him nor did he ever see me doing it, but now I think it would have been great fun.

I started jacking regularly and then it progressed to multiple times a day and eventually I was jacking up to five and six times each day, but always in the privacy of my bathroom. Then at fifteen I moved overseas to attend school and I didn't even have my old friends to discuss jacking with, let alone have a mutual jerk.

After graduating I returned to the small town I grew up in, got reaquainted with my old friends, and adopted some of my younger brother's friends as my own. It was at that time that I first saw a 'real' porno movie and I thought I would go insane.

I went to a friends house and found a bunch of my friends there already looking at a porno. Only the T.V. provided light in the parlour. I sat down after a lot of encouragement from the crowd that knew I was seeing this stuff for the first time. In no time, I had a boner that was needing some attention. I tried to hide it and that got the attention of the guy next to me who almost had a fit when he saw the imprint of my thick eight-incher lying across my left leg. He jumped up and pulled me to my feet so that everyone could see. I was really embarrassed, but beaming with pride. I never knew that I was above average in size. Naive? Indeed. Anyway, we watched the porno and some guys left to go home, I'm sure to have jack-off, but some of us stayed.

With the movie done, the guys suggested we watch wrestling, but Tony (the guy who had pulled me to my feet) and I had no interest in watching wrestling that night. He took the porno tape off the table and announced that he was going upstairs to review it and that anyone who wished to tag along would be welcome. No one did, but I really wanted to. I was aching and wetting my underwear. After a few minutes, I excused myself and went upstairs and entered the room where Tony was. He was lying on the bed with his head on a couple of pillows and his hand down his shorts. When he saw me, he just laughed, but kept his hand down his pants. By what I could see, he wasn't doing much stroking.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed by his feet when a scene came on with two guys and a girl. One guy was standing by the edge of the bed holding the girl from under her knees, basically doubling her over while the other guy pounded her. This drove me crazy, and without thinking, I slid off the bed and onto the floor. Immediately, I pulled out my cock and decided to have a good pull. I didn't even remember Tony was in the room until he said, 'Maxian, what are you doing?'

I started, but then I just replied, 'I'm sorry, Tony. YOU may be used to pornos and can control yourself, but I sure can't.' And with that, he slipped to the floor on the other side of the bed and we both stroked our cocks for the rest of the movie, stopping only to avoid spilling. When it was over, I told him to rewind it to the scene with the double penetration because I wanted to blow my load while watching that. He told me he was thinking the exact same thing. We watched it and I had the biggest orgasm accompanied by the strangest growls I'd ever made. Tony followed, but was quieter than I had been.

Since then, I have had similar experiences with other friends, but so far all my friends have been too shy to pull in front of another guy and I so wish it wasn't so. I don't know if I would touch another guy's cock, but I am comfortable enough to jack-off openly. Those of you who have had sleep-overs as teens and camping trips and circle jerks are very lucky. I am now an adult who wishes I could have had similar experiences with my friends. I still would like to have some porno buddies to jerk off with, even at the age of 31 and with a steady girlfriend.

For those of you who have the opportunity, go for it!



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