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My Jack Buddy - First 'O'

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Best jack bud ever...


I apologize for the length of my first post, but I think it will bring back fond memories for some Solotouch viewers. I can be contacted via email by Solotouch.

I have enjoyed the posts here for quite awhile. It is time for me to post my very 'truthful' history of masturbation and mutual masturbation with a good friend of mine. I encourage all those who view this site to post their experiences. Just post your true experiences so others can relate to them.

To give you a mental image, at the time of my story in the mid 1960s (yes kids, we jacked then too) the 'stats' follow:

ME: white, tall, almost 6', skinny, brown hair, circumcised (average, plenty thick, 5 inches then, 6 inches later)

TIM: white, 5.6 ', some boy fat, blond hair, circumcised (average, 4 inches then and 7 inches and a lot thicker later - like a lot bigger!)

I was a rather skinny white middle class boy and my buddy Tim was a white middle class boy but he still had his baby fat and looked a bit younger, in fact he was almost a year younger than I.

Both of us have beautiful circumcised weenies.

I am told that I was a very good looking young boy but my best friend was a bit slow on the puberty side and was not as 'cute' according to the standard at the time. Yes, he wasn't cute or attractive at that time in his development but he was the best friend and jack buddy that any boy could ever have and I always supported him and loved him as a friend - he was my best friend. Tim was simply not gifted with timely maturity or good looks as a teen, but he is a fine looking man now (later post will tell how developed he became!) and still a good friend.

Don't get me wrong, Tim was not unattractive, just less matured than I. He had some baby fat that soon disappeared and a dick that grew very fast and was very impressive later!

I look fondly upon the past when I was young, energetic, sexually naïve, and full of curiosity. I want to tell you about my best friend and our experiences together. How I wish that I could return to those times and enjoy that youthful energy and pleasure.

I became friends with Tim when we were in fifth grade. I don't know why we became so close to one another but we seemed to have a bond from the start. We did the usual boyhood things that would be expected at that age such as playing together at recess (remember that this is in the mid 1960s), going home together after school for snacks, and generally hanging out together and sleepovers when we watched a lot of TV.

I always felt comfortable with Tim as a good friend from the start of our relationship. He was someone I could confide in and who would not pass judgment on me. I always felt that he would confide in me and the same from me. If anyone else has the benefit of making a friend like I did, then you are blessed.

Okay, onto the topic of this forum.

The first time I remember being naked with Tim was when we I was staying at his house and we were told by his parents to take a bath before dinner (they were somewhat strict and wanted clean boys with combed hair at the table). Back then (the old days) we did the bathtub routine. We sat facing each other (11 or 12 years old) and washed ourselves, and then after looking at Tim's dick I felt it was okay so I just reached out and started to feel his dick. I didn't know what to expect from him but I really wanted to feel his dick. Without saying anything he leaned back in the tub so I could feel his balls and asshole and then he reached out and began feeling my little stub and butt as well. We just looked at each other and smiled! No judgment, no comment - just trust.

I think we got hard but were basically just checking out each others equipment. What is so cool about this is that Tim didn't have any problem with it and it was like we were on the same 'wavelength', that is, we both wanted to explore and didn't need to say anything to each other, no words were spoken and that is the way it was in the future. I still remember how nice his little unit felt in my hands and how it felt for him to squeeze my balls and pull on my unit. We played with each others dick and balls and were fascinated by the feelings. No words exchanged, we just did it and we both were comfortable with playing with each other - trust and friendship.

We were so small then that we used only our thumb and forefinger to stroke each other. BUT, neither one of us knew about jacking off or anything about sex and we didn't keep stroking long enough for anything to happen. We were both totally naïve as to masturbation. So we were just feeling each other and knowing that it felt good and that we were serious buddies and could trust each other.

Hey boys out there - trust, trust, trust...get a jack buddy and treat him right!

YES, serious buddies that had an understanding that was never spoken, it was just understood between us! Way cool. Not all jack buddies are the same (later posts).

Tim turned out to be the best buddy I ever had and one that would let me do anything with him and me with him. He was submissive but always returned any favor I did for him. In fact, he liked for me to explore so he could do the same.

What I found out was that he liked for me to explore. I look back now and realize that he wanted to do more but waited for me to initiate the action. But I would find out later in our relationship (another post) that he would make the first move for more action.

Okay, the good stuff.

Picture this (oh, how I would like to be young again) - two 12/13 year boys with major hardons with no clue about orgasms but feeling serious sexual tension!!!

When his parents weren't home (he was an only child so the house was all ours), we would get naked the whole time and play grab ass or whatever - walk around the house nude, stop and look at each others dicks, assholes, or other body parts, press and rub our dicks together. I remember the feeling of freedom and excitement from being naked and looking at Tim's naked body. I would just look at him laid across his bed. Naked and ready for me to touch him in any way!

Then, still at age 11/12 we would massage each other, the best was when Tim was lying on his stomach (he would do the same for me) and I would run my fingers all over his back, legs, and then slowly tickle his inner thighs, butt, and scrotum, and massage his balls!

Keep in mind that we didn't know about orgasms or masturbation but we were rock hard and loving the touch (I wish I could go back). I remember lying next to him with my face right next to his dick, holding it and enjoying how hard it was but not knowing why it felt so good to do that.

I would get on top of Tim when he was on his back and rub my dick and balls against his ass but never to orgasm and he would do the same to me. It felt wonderful, but I didn't know exactly why?!? I can remember pressing my body against his and feeling something wonderful that built up inside of me. I would spread his ass, rub my dick into his crack and do whatever I wanted and he would say he liked it and do the same for me.

We explored each others bodies completely - and I mean everything. We would touch, rub, and tickle everything, especially our dicks but what was so cool was the tickling of our inner thighs, balls, and in between our assholes and dicks. We spent hours rubbing and tickling our body parts.

We never kissed or anything like that, we just explored each others bodies and enjoyed the feelings. Wow, I think back on those nights at his house and wish I could do it again.

The body exploration was understood between us and no words were spoken. That is what was so cool about our friendship - do me and I will do you.

OKAY - here it is!

One Friday night when we were in seventh grade I was sleeping over at Tim's house. As usual we had watched TV until late and his parents had gone to bed. The great thing about sleeping over at Tim's was that his parents would NEVER come into his room. He told me that they would never enter his room and over the years it was true. When he moved to another house I learned that 'no intrusion' was true because we had the entire upper floor to ourselves (later post).

Remember, we both were totally naïve about jacking off and orgasms. I don't know why we were so sheltered or whatever. Neither of us had an older friend or whoever to tell us about jacking off and orgasms. I am deeply saddened that I never got to have a 'dry' orgasm.

Anyway, on this Friday night we were lying in bed naked as usual (very late after TV and his parents had gone to bed) and touching our dicks and he told me that a friend at school had talked about 'rubbing' or something like that to describe how to make your dick feel good. I rubbed his dick (the underside) and played with his balls. I can remember that there was just enough light from the street light outside to see his hard dick and naked body. Tim's dick sat straight up against his stomach like mine, but his was slightly curved upward like a banana and mine was straight up against my belly. Wow, what a view that was for me. I liked just looking at his dick.

It is funny that we didn't even know how to jack our dicks (where were the older guys or whoever to tell us?). All we knew at that time was to rub the underside of our dicks, the seam that runs along the underside and up to the head of the dick. That is the most sensitive part of the weenie and still is. So I rubbed the seam of Tim's dick for awhile and rubbed his head, squeezed his balls, and all that. He liked it and wanted to do me.

Then!!! He rubbed my 'seam' and head for a long time, lightly with his two fingers up and down, lightly touching my head, really nice touch, and then the orgasm feeling began to grow (but I didn't know what was happening and he didn't either).

IMHO this is still the most intense orgasm that a guy can have, but you have to keep from grabbing your unit and jacking off. I know this is true and you can check with jackinworld.

I asked him to keep going (he was lightly rubbing the underside of my hardon with a couple of fingers, up and down the sensitive part of the underside of my dick). The way he was touching me convinced me that he really wanted to make me feel good. He was always willing to do things for me. That is why I would always do things for him and feel that I didn't 'have' to do things for him. What a great bud.

I felt something building up inside of me and told him to keep going (he always hung in there), the touch on the sensitive part of my dick was unbelievable, more and more pleasure (and almost pain) came to me and then the most intense feeling hit me and I had my first orgasm!

At first it felt great, but like a boy on another post on this site wrote, I almost wanted to cry because it felt good but hurt at the same time?!? My head exploded with the sensation but my dick seemed to hurt!

I immediately told Tim to stop rubbing me and said I wanted to sleep. I felt depressed and confused and weird. I put my underwear back on because I was always shy about waking up in the morning without anything on, even though his parents weren't supposed to come into the room. Tim always slept naked which I thought was cool.

I felt guilty to stop our playing then but I felt spent and weird. Not fair to Tim at that time but I made it up to him later. I remember that no jism came out of my dick then but the next morning I found a spot on my tightie whities. It was just a small spot of jism but was dark and crusty. Not like my jism later. The next morning when I pissed I realized that my dick was clogged with jism. When I went home the next day I threw my underwear away so my Mom wouldn't see it when she did the wash.

I told Tim a few days later that I had spooged (I knew that men ejaculated but didn't know how or what is was like). Tim didn't believe me and thought that I just got tired or something. We were both still clueless about jacking off and orgasms.

Anyway, that was my first orgasm, by the hand of my best buddy. We did a lot later and I will post that soon.

Boys, get a jack buddy but be careful how you handle it. My posts later will tell you why.



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