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My Initiation With Our Sister Sorority

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As part of the initiation into a fraternity at my school, I was told I would have to let some of the girls of our sister sorority watch me masturbate without having an orgasm. (I don't know which of these things surprised me the most! I didn't undersand how I could jerk off without coming!) The guys laughed and said that I would have to do 'whatever the girls wanted' and they usually let the guy come anyway. On the night it was scheduled, one of the older brothers drove me to this run-down house which was the sorority's house. About six girls lived there full time so they were there with about a dozen other members. They were all seated in the main room, most on a couple of sofas they had and on some big easy chairs. They laid out a big beach towel on the floor and the president of the sorority, a tall blond with close cropped hair and a workout suit on said 'This is where you stand when you're doing it.' I must have got red-faced when she said this because some of the girls started to giggle and point at my face. The guy who drove me left and said he'd be back in an hour, so I was left standing on the towel facing about these 20 girls.

The blonde said, in a very friendly tone (I guess she was trying to 'relax' me because I really started to get a little nervous by this upcoming 'show' I was supposed to put on), 'OK, why don't you just let us watch you strip.' I started taking off my clothes and putting them on a nearby folding chair and when I got down to just my underpants, she told me to stop. 'I want you to start playing with yourself with your pants still on,' she said. 'When you take your pants off, we all want to see a rock-hard dick.' I put my hands inside my pants and in few minutes got about as hard as I thought I could. My dick was jutting out making a tent out of my underpants front...The blond smiled and said, 'Now it looks good. Take off the pants.' I worked the pants off and stood in front of the girls totally naked, my dick jutting out and throbbing at the bunch of them sitting and staring. The blond smiled and turned to the girls. She said 'Anybody want to touch it before he starts?' Only three girls,the older ones it looked like, stood up and came over to the towel. One by one they put their hand around my dick and the other around my balls and just let their hands just stay there about a minute or so while looking right into my eyes. It was an unbelievable experience and I got every harder than I was. The fact that they didn't stroke me or do anything other than just me got me even more excited. After they finished and sat down, the blond said, 'OK, now start stroking yourself.' I began jerking off until I said, 'I'm going to come.' The blond said 'Not yet. Hold it in.' I could tell the girls were getting really aroused. One of them shouted out, 'let's see him come!' Finally, she said 'OK, shoot it out.' After just a few more strokes, my whole body tightened up and I shot out a good spurt of cum. I did it one more time and then got my clothes on and my driver returned. this was truly the most exciting sexual experience I ever had!



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