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My Initiation

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I was a relatively new student in our high school at the time and a junior. Of course I wanted to fit in and make some new friends. There was a group of girls maybe seven or eight that hung together and I thought were really cool. I talked with a few of them several times and made it clear that I would love to hang with them.

At lunch one Friday Mandy who was like the unofficial leader of the group sat next to me and said that the girls were going to her house tomorrow and just hang. I was invited to come. Needless to say, I was really excited. Next day I wore my best jeans and a real nice top. since all these girls try to look really sexy at school I figured I'd wear a rather sexy top. It was a black rather form-fitting top and I did not wear a bra underneath. I quickly left my house before my Mom saw the top and made me change. I thought I looked just great. I will admit, I have a real good body.

Mandy's house is only a few blocks from mine so I got there quickly. When I got there, there were six girls in the house. They welcomed me and asked me if I wanted some pizza. I said, 'sure' and we ate pizza and just talked. Then Mandy told me that if I wanted to hang with them I had to show them that I would be loyal to the group. I assured them that I would be. Mandy then asked me if I would do what she asked me to do to prove my loyalty. I told her I would as long as it didn't get me into trouble. She said they would never do that. I wasn't ready at all for what came next.

Mandy then said, 'I want you to undress me. I didn't know where this was going but I could certainly undress a girl. I pulled down her jeans and then lifted her top up over her head and told her to remove her sneaks. She now stood there in front of the other girls in only a sheer bra and matching panties. She looked really hot. Long legs, round ass, pretty face and big tits. I figured we would stop at this point and I would soon find out what would be next. Mandy just said, 'well?' the other girls began to giggle. I said, 'well what?' She said, 'totally undress me.' I never undressed a grown girl before but so what! I removed her bra and faced the most sexy, to drool for, tits I had ever seen. Her tits were average size but they were tubular in shape rather than round and her two huge areolae looked like they were a second set of smaller tits placed on top of the first set. They stuck out from her tits by about an inch and a quarter. Maybe more. I was told later that they are called 'puffies.' Her nipples then stuck out from the areola nearly a full inch. Together the areola and nipple stuck out from her tits by over two inches by my guess. It might have been more. God would I love tits like hers.

Mandy told me to suck on her nipples. I was quite surprised but to tell you the truth, I wanted to put those nipples in my mouth. They felt even bigger in my mouth and I sucked away. Mandy reached forward and took one of my nipples in her fingers over my top. When she realized that I had no bra she put her hand up under my top and held my nipple. She very gently rolled it between her fingers and pulled on it. Chills travelled through my body and she whispered to me 'it's real hard.' Mandy told me to stop sucking and she nodded her head toward her panties. I pulled them down and saw that she was totally bald. Mandy let go of my nipple and told me to take off my top which I did. She just kissed both of my nipples and that was all. She then spread her legs right in front of the other girls and told me to finger her clit. I couldn't find it so she took my fingers and guided me to her little knob.

She opened her legs even more. As I rubbed it I could feel Mandy getting wetter and wetter by the second. I just kept rubbing and she starting making noises and little moans. Finally she thrust out her hips and I could feel her actually shudder for several seconds. She had climaxed big time. Stuff was in my hand (cum) and it was gooey and sticky. I held out my hand away from my body but Mandy said, 'that's me' and she took my hand and licked her stuff off my palm and fingers. I had to force myself not to throw up. I put my top back on and Mandy got dressed. She said, 'welcome to the club.' Shortly after we all went home. The next day at school Mandy stopped me in the hall to talk. She said 'I'm going to say something to you and if you every repeat it you will regret it.' I promised I would never repeat what she was about to tell me. Mandy then said, 'I would really love to have sex with you.' I immediately said, 'when?'

About four days later Mandy and I explored each other sexually for over an hour at her parents house in her bedroom.

I am now twenty and we have again moved away to another town. I am single and I consider myself to be bisexual. However, I will admit that I enjoy sex with women more than with men. I also just found out for the first time that my Mom (42) also likes women. Now maybe I'll tell her about me.



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