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My Incredible Wife (Part 8)

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How can this keep getting better?


It's been a few years since I have contributed to Solo Touch. I shared several stories of how my amazing wife, Mel and I had discovered each others passion for masturbation. Since then we have incorporated it into our regular lovemaking in the most provocative and exciting ways, but I must tell you all about our latest.

This past summer we spent a week in a really beautiful cabin in Colorado, just the two of us. It was wonderful and the most relaxing time we've spent together in years. We had the cabin for two full weekends and the week in between, and the plan was for Mel's niece, Kimmy, to come up on Friday and join us for the last three days of our stay.

Kimmy had just graduated from college last May and had already landed a job as a gradeschool teacher in suburban Denver. I'm sure she was an easy hire for this school as she has a wonderful personality, a great sense of humor and is an absolute knockout. Kimmy is tall and athletic with shoulder-length brown hair. She runs and bikes so her ass is amazing and, although I had never noticed before due to the sports bras and sweatshirts she always wore, had really large tits. But more on that later.

The plan was for Mel to drive down to Denver to pick her up on Friday afternoon and bring her back up to the cabin for the weekend. I had stayed back at the cabin to do some hiking while Mel made the trip. Now, I need to mention at this point that Mel had purchased the 50 Shades of Grey books on her ipod for our drive the weekend before. I hadn't really heard too much about these books at that time, but I knew Mel was really enamored with them and we had spent most of the drive in silence with Mel listening with her earbuds intently. I learned later on that Mel had plugged the ipod into the car stereo system for her drive to fetch Kimmy, and the ipod was still plugged in when Kimmy got in the car. The first thing they both heard was the narrator reading a very steamy part when Kimmy got in the car and they had a good laugh about it. Mel had acted a little embarrassed but Kimmy assured her it was fine and that she was very interested in hearing the audio books as she had heard so much about them. Mel backed it up to the beginning of the first book and they drove the rest of their two hour plus ride listening to the erotic tales.

Mel told me later that the sexy parts were really making her horny along the way, especially listening along with someone else and she knew that Kimmy was feeling the same way as she just stared out the window most of the drive with flushed cheeks and her legs tightly crossed. Mel was always the young, cool Aunt to Kimmy and her sister so it was not unusual for the topic of sex to come up between them all. She said Kimmy didn't act the least bit shy about it and was obviously into it.

Keep in mind that I was back at the cabin and knew nothing of this at all. I was grilling steaks and was working on our first bottle of wine for the evening, enjoying the view of the mountain sunset off of the deck. I saw the girls coming up the driveway and met them with a glass of wine at the door. There were the usual hugs and kisses and I noticed that Mel was especially flirty. She was wearing a little low-cut sundress and not much else so I was paying a lot of attention to her and grabbing her ass any chance I got. The vibe in the cabin was definitely relaxed and sexy. The girls talked about the book they were listening to and I asked a lot of questions, which brought out a lot of very frank and honest answers. Our conversation became strictly about sex and what we like, don't like, orgasms, sexy movies and the like.

The cabin we had rented was not large, but had a loft with a bed overlooking the main room. On the main floor was a fold-out sofa bed, which was where Kimmy was going to sleep, and Mel and I were using the loft. We talked about sex, laughed and drank wine late into the evening and then it was time for bed. I went up to the loft, stripped off all my clothes and basically passed out on the bed, next to the railing overlooking the rest of the cabin. Mel joined me a little later and we fell soundly asleep.

Later on, it must have been about 3am or so, I was awoken by Mel, who was moving around in the bed and making some moaning noises. I thought she was having a dream but then I noticed that her eyes were open and she was looking at me. The cabin has a row of skylights on the southern exposure and there was a clear sky that night with a very bright moon so I was able to see the twinkle in her eyes. I raised my head but she gave me the shush sign and smiled. I had no idea what this was all about at all. Then she rolled away from me over onto her back and kept making these soft, little moans that sounded really wonderful. She has the sweetest MMMMM and AHHHH sounds of anyone I've ever met. Her sex soundtrack always makes me hard as a rock. I laid there a while and watched her in my fog as she slowly raised her night shirt and started pulling softly on her nipples. They perked right up and were instantly erect. I started to reach over and touch her soft stomach but she gently pushed my hand away and then slid both hands into her panties and caressed herself while making her soft little moaning sounds. I was still a little confused but was thoroughly enjoying the show by this point.

She spread her knees wide and really started playing with her pussy vigorously and I could hear those sweet little smacky noises of her wet cunt lips while her fingers slid around in her panties. She started really moving her hips now and softly saying 'Oh, ohhhhh' which suddenly made me worried about waking up Kimmy. The bed we were sleeping on had an old metal frame which was definitely making some noise that I'm sure you could hear all over the cabin. I turned over and looked down through the railing at Kimmy to see if I could see her and make sure she was still asleep, and I was stunned by what I saw. Clearly lit up in the pale blue moonlight, I could see her laying flat on her back with her knees spread wide but her feet together, like a lotus position. Her arms were shoved into her pajama bottom shorts. The blankets were thrown back and she was perfectly outlined on the white sheets. Her head was turned to the side and she was holding very still but her I could see her hands moving inside her shorts. She was obviously masturbating! And from the looks of her body language, was quite near an orgasm. I was mesmerized by the sight of course. The head of her bed was toward the the loft and her feet facing away, so I knew she would not be able to see my face peeking at her through the bannisters, even if she tried to look up.

I looked back at Mel who was really going at it now and she was looking back at me smiling and moaning, and suddenly I realized it was all a ruse to entertain Kimmy. She wanted Kimmy to think that we were having sex! I rolled onto my side and my cock was hard as a rock as it sprang out from under me. I started to stroke it gently and propped my head on my hand as I watched my wife masturbate and thought about Kimmy down below doing the very same thing to her young pussy. It blew my mind and my heart was pounding.

I gave a little moan as well and Mel really started to cry out softly, almost begging. We continued to masturbate and moan as we watched each other in the dim light. I rolled up onto my knees so I could watch Mel better and see down below to where Kimmy was playing with herself. I could hear Kimmy whimpering softly and could now see her bucking her hips. She had pulled her pajama top up exposing her perfect tits and very light pink nipples. I had a fantastic view of her a few feet below as I fisted my cock, its head glistening in the moonlight, dripping with pre cum. I was now making some smackie noises of my own. It must have really sounded like we were having sex now with the bed shaking and our moans of pleasure.

I suddenly got a faint and wonderful whiff of pussy and wondered if it was Mel or Kimmy as I realized that there were two excited pussies being rubbed in the same room! I tried to last as long as I could but couldnâï¿1/2ï¿1/2t take any more as my orgasm quickly built up. I moved over Mel, raised up on my knees and aimed my cock at her tits. I stroked it hard and fast giving in to the pleasure. I shot about five big ropes of cum across her arms and chest. Hell, I could have hit Kimmy from where I was with the force that I came with, it was so intense. Mel was next and came loudly, almost shouting her climax. She bucked and came in a sudden flurry of humping and groaning. It was so beautiful.

I looked down at Kimmy who was clearly just finishing a tremendous orgasm as well. She rolled onto her side, squeezing her legs around her hands which were still jammed into her shorts. I watched her have several little aftershock jerks as she buried her face in her pillow. She looked so beautiful and satisfied.

I waited a few minutes for everyone to settle down again, then quietly and boldly made my way downstairs to the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean my beautiful wife up. I was completely naked and my cock was still about half hard and swinging around as I walked across the main floor in the pale light. I'm pretty sure Kimmy was still facing toward the stairs so I'm sure she caught a glimpse of me.

When I got back up to the bed, Mel was laying there awake. She whispered to me, asking me what was going on down below. I told her that Wow, that worked out better than I had hoped it would! with a bright smile. Then we kissed and drifted off to sleep.



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