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My Incredible Wife (Part 8)

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If you've been keeping up with my earlier postings you know that my relationship with Mel, my wife of sixteen years, has been an amazing thing. Especially the sex. And now that Mel has discovered and enjoys masturbation as much as I do, we have hit new heights of excitement. If you refer back to one of my earlier postings about when Mel was visiting her best friend in Scottsdale a few years ago, you've already been introduced to Jaimie, who is a little vixen in her own right. Mel and Jaimie have been best friends since an early age and know each other extremely well. My earlier posting about Jaimie and my wife told of how they had gotten themselves all worked up and how. So much so that Mel had to relieve herself in the bath later on that evening, but was walked in on by Jaimie. That was one of the first masturbation discussions I ever had with Mel and it still makes me hard as a rock when I think about it.

Snap ahead about three years and now Jaimie was coming to visit us in the Midwest. Mel and I were lying around in bed late one evening talking about it and out of the blue, Mel brought that story up again. I was starting to think that she was just trying to get a good 'rise' out of me when she brought up a completely new idea, 'Why don't we see if we can get Jaimie horny enough to masturbate at our house and we'll bust in on her!' I thought it was a great idea, of course.

We talked about what it would take to get the job done and how we were going to make sure it happened. A good dinner, sexy music and of course, a real sexy discussion. And as I am not into hidden cameras or any of that nonsense, we were trying to figure out how we would verify that it had happened. Mel seemed certain that if we made sure she slept in our son's bedroom, which is connected to ours via a half bath, we could at least listen, if not watch. This meant we would have to make sure the guest bedroom was not available, so we agreed that it was as good a reason as any to start painting it. Done.

By the time Jaimie arrived the next Friday we were so excited about our little plan we could barely contain ourselves. We wanted to start in right away and we were worried that she would be so tired from her flight that she would not be into the mood, but as it turned out, everything went surprisingly smoothly. We had prepared a nice salad and I had the grill warming up for some fillets, and the iPod was playing the special playlist I had prepared over the whole house stereo system. Best of all, Mel looked like a million bucks. She was wearing a little wrap with no bra and when she turned it was obvious that she had one of my favorite pairs of thong panties on, the dark maroon ones. They were barely visible as she worked around the kitchen.

Of course we couldn't keep our hands off of each other and repeated stole little kisses and a few touches and squeezes here and there. Jaimie noticed this and told us that we looked like a couple of horny teens getting ready for the prom. We laughed and then Mel started telling Jaimie right in front of me that I was certainly getting better as the years went by, and that our relationship was never better. Jaimie laughed and said 'obviously!' and then started talking about how she wished she could find that kind of excitement with Terry, her husband. That was the opening we had been waiting for. I slid out the back to mind the grill. Later on Mel told me how she had started pumping Jaimie for information about their love life and talking very openly about our sex life. When I came back into the kitchen about 10 minutes later there was a definite flush in Jaimie's cheeks. We moved on to dinner and more sexy discussion and recent movies we had seen and some of the porn sites we had visited. Jaimie became more and more open with her remarks, and at one point even laughingly proclaimed that she might have to just relieve the pressure herself on this trip if she was going to be staying with a horny couple like us. Mel and I winked at each other and laughed along as well.

Later on we moved to the living room and started watching a little TV. When Jaimie was out of the room I tuned in an episode of Cathouse on the iCommand channel. There was a lot of silly sexy stuff going on with some of the hookers at the Bunny Ranch and we were all laughing and making wise cracks, but watching intently at the same time. Mel and I were sitting on the couch together with our hands in each other's laps, openly caressing and squeezing. Jaimie was positioned at an angle to our side where she could easily watch us while watching the TV and I could feel her staring at us. At one point I sort of absent mindedly pulled her dress way up to run my fingertips over her thighs. I turned and looked at Jaimie who was staring at my hands with lowered lashes. It was obvious that she was so horny she could barely stand it.

Jaimie was the first one to break the long silence and announce that she was exhausted from her flight and was ready for bed. Mel jumped up and helped her get situated and find towels and all that stuff. Meanwhile, I turned off the TV and the lights and dashed into our bedroom. I was naked and lying flat on the bed playing with my enormous hard on when Mel finally came in. She stared at my cock for a moment and did not waste a moment peeling out of her sexy dress. She climbed up on the bed and crawled over to me and put her hand right over mine and directed me to pump harder. I did as instructed, but only a few strokes. I didn't want to shoot off too quickly.

I pushed her back on the bed and pulled off her panties, stopping only for a moment to sniff them and then toss them aside. Wow, my angel looked magnificent. I asked her if she thought our plan was going to work to which she replied, 'If it worked on her as well as it worked on me, it will be a winner!' I could see her gaping, shiny pink pussy lips gleaming I was going to tease her a little, and with that I started rubbing around her pussy very lightly. It made her crazy and she tried to grind her hips into my hand, but I kept backing up so it was nothing more than a light touch.

As I was doing this I noticed out of the corner of my eye the bathroom door move ever so slightly. I tried to act like I didn't notice and kept teasing Mel's flowering cunt. After a while I looked up again and sure enough, I could see just a little movement in the quarter inch crack in the doorway. It was Jaimie for sure and she was peeping at us. Our plan had backfired in a way, and it was us who were putting on the show instead of our cute guest!

I slowly backed away from my fingering and got up on my knees between Mel's spread thighs. My cock was huge and hard as a rock and I started slowly pumping it. I said to Mel, loud enough for Jaimie to hear, 'Please show me how you like to play with your pussy sweetheart' and she smiled and put both hands flat on her cunt. Two of her fingers, one from each hand slipped easily inside and she immediately went to work on her beautiful clit. Her hips started moving rhythmically as we watched each other pleasure ourselves. I put the tip of my cock near her open pussy lips and she grabbed it and started jacking me. It felt like heaven and I heard a small gasp coming from behind the bathroom door. Then I could hear little squishy smacky noises from there as well and I knew that Jaimie was joining in our little masturbation party.

This went on for a few more minutes until I could not take any more. I slowed my actions to try to make it last as long as possible, but Mel was almost ready to come and wanted to feel my hot load across her stomach. She told me to 'please, let it fly Daddy!' I turned my head toward the bathroom door and stared openly at the crack as I shot 5 or 6 thick ropes of come across Mel's stomach, all the way to her heaving tits. She was right behind me and as soon as she felt my hot spunk hit her skin was all she could do to hang on. She bucked like a wild woman on her hands and came for what seemed like an eternity. I could hear Jaimie's stifled groans as well from behind the door and I knew she had sealed the deal.

After a few minutes I heard Jaimie silently shutting the door on the other side of the bathroom and I knew she was gone, so I told Mel what had just happened. She smiled really big and said 'I know, I told her that it was going to be hot in here and that she should take a peek, why do you think I left the light on?'



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