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My Incredible Wife (Part 7)

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The saga continues.


I still maintain that I am the luckiest man alive. My incredible, beautiful wife has grown more and more comfortable with masturbating in front of me and with watching me masturbate for her. I wouldn't say that she is 100 percent comfortable with it, which still makes it a special treat when it happens.

On special occasions like my birthday, or Father's Day, Mel has offered to let me be the 'Director' and she will do whatever I tell her to do. We both love this game and we end up with the hottest lovemaking you could ever imagine. A few times we have gotten a little out of hand and ended up with me slapping her ass and her screaming to her second or third shuddering orgasm. Those times tend to make her feel a little sheepish the next day as she is still a nice catholic girl and a mom at heart. But man, is it ever fun to unleash the nasty slut in her and watch her enjoy her body.

I recently had a big birthday, my 50th. Mel is quite a bit younger, I call her my little trophy wife. She had offered to 'do whatever I want' for my special birthday present, and I know she knew I would want a masturbation show. She had even bought some sexy new lingerie for the event and arranged for the kids to be gone. We started the evening by going out to diner at a nice sushi place we both love. When we were seated at our booth I knew it was going to be a great evening when Mel slid into the seat next to me instead of across from me. She started right in teasing me and feeling the half hard lump in my pants. At one point I had my hand under her loose fitting blouse and inside her bra squeezing her tit while she rubbed my cock through my pants and stared into each others eyes. It was all we could do to get through dinner. Her blouse had a scoop neckline which really showed off her demi-cup bra and billowing tits. I'm sure the waiter caught an eyeful several times. We had excellent service that night.

In the dim light I could see the flush across Mel's chest which was a beautiful mixture of the warmth and the sexual excitement. Finally the check came and we made a dash for the valet stand. Our car finally arrived and we were off. As soon as we pulled away Mel leaned her seat back and pulled her skirt up, looking down she innocently asked 'see my new panties?' and showed me the little thong she was wearing under her skirt. They were deep maroon in color and I was pretty sure I could see that the crotch was already wet. I nearly shouted 'those are beautiful!' and then added, 'are they already wet?' She kicked off her shoes and brought her heels up on the dash, her knees falling apart she slipped a hand down between her gorgeous thighs, and with a huge smile she quietly said 'a little' and smiled at me lovingly.

We only had a 10 minute drive but it seemed like forever. We hit a red light and I looked over at her. Noticing that her hand was still between her legs I asked her if she was getting a head start. Again, she said 'a little', but this time with a much more serious look on her face. I could smell her pussy now and asked her if she would please let me smell her fingers. She looked like she was pushing them further down inside her panties and then she leaned over toward me and offered her hand to my face. I quickly licked her fingers and languished in the powerful aroma of her cunt. She giggled, closed her eyes as she went back to working her pussy.

A minute later we were at the house and running for the bedroom. I tore off my clothes and she slipped out of her skirt and blouse and laid back on the bed amidst a pile of pillows. She looked up at me as I kneeled on the bed in front of her and asked me what I wanted her to do. I said 'duh' and then told her I wanted her to pick up right where she had left off in the car. She seemed relieved and said she was really hoping I was going to say that. She closed her eyes and spread her legs wide, with the soles of her feet together. Both of her hands went straight inside her panties and I told her, 'Easy baby, not too fast.' She tried to relax but I was getting the feeling that she was well on her way to her first orgasm. I crawled up and laid down next to her to take in the show. Her bra was really cute and just barely covered her nipples. When Mel is aroused her boobs seem to take on a life of their own and swell up to a very firm state. I could tell they were all big and swollen already and I know when they get like this they are super sensitive to the touch. She loves to have her nipples tweaked and pulled gently.

I reached inside her bra and freed the boob closest to me. She moaned a little as I did and thrust her tits in the air. Her nipple was all pebbly and hard and when I pulled it gently she really arched her back and her hands went crazy in her panties, rubbing in a tight, quick circle. It was such a thrill to just lay there and watch her.

I continued to play with her tit for a while and then stopped to watch some more. After a few seconds she apparently got impatient with me and brought her left hand up to caress her breast, right under my watchful, lustful eyes. Then she did something I had never seen her do, or even thought of doing myself. She was swirling her slippery fingers around her nipple. She was rubbing her beautiful pussy juice on her nipple and then rolling it between her fingers. What a fabulous thing! I just had to help, so I reached over and uncovered her other tit, and slipped my had down to her pussy to get some of that sweet nectar. Wow, her cunt was dripping as her hand was playing. I intermingled my fingers with her and got them all slicked up, then brought them up to her nipple. As soon as my wet fingers touched her nipple she hissed 'Yes!' and her whole body started to arch and I knew she was hanging on the edge. I pulled her nipple hard and she let out a long, deep moan and started to come. Her body shook and convulsed for a good 15 seconds before she finally started to come down.

It was an amazing little thing to watch and I was so stunned I had totally neglected my own hardon. After a minute of purring and relaxing I pulled her panties off and rolled on top of her to ..... Oh my beautiful wife.



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