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My Incredible Wife (Part 6)

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This is going to be the sixth instalment in my ongoing experiences with masturbation and my wonderful marriage to my incredible wife, Mel. Masturbation has now become a centerpiece of our sexual lives together, and Mel is now much more comfortable masturbating in front of me and even watching me masturbate occasionally. She has learned how much it heightens our intimacy and just how damned exciting it can be. I had assumed, until recently that is, that she probably did not masturbate on her own since she did it primarily for my, and our mutual pleasure. That assumption was wrong as I found out last night.

Yesterday I got home from the office and started to go about some chores around the house that I had been meaning to catch up on. Mel had been forced to stay at home all day with the kids who had taken sick suddenly the night before. We were both in the kitchen, she busily unloading the dishwasher in her floppy sweats and t-shirt, and I was trying to figure out how to change the clock on some of our appliances. I was absent mindedly listening to her telling me what a long and boring day she'd had, when she mentioned that she had even stolen away in the middle of the afternoon for a wonderful nap. I said 'Mmmmm, sounds dreamy.' And she turned and said, 'Well, as a matter of fact it WAS dreamy!'with that unmistakable sly smile of hers that tells me she's been up to something. This got my attention.'Do tell' I said, to which she told me that she'd just had a wonderful afternoon sex dream, teasing me a little. I, of course, pressed her for more and asked her what had happened in her dream. I don't think she would have brought it up if she didn't want to tell me about it. I know her better than that.

Now, I've got to digress just a bit at this point. This scene had played itself out several times in recent months - Mel telling me that she'd had a sex dream and that it involved her masturbating. Usually in front of someone, sometimes me, sometimes strangers or even other women on occasion. I love these stories, especially the one where she was masturbating in an old fashioned recliner with her legs spread wide dangling over the arms of the chair for several people to watch. That one really got me going. But these were all just her dreams, or so I thought.

Okay, so back to the kitchen last night. I had asked her what her dream was about and she answered that it was a really erotic session of just her loving her own body, and that she had found herself stretched out on a bed with her nightgown pulled down exposing her breasts, kneading them lovingly and pulling on her nipples, and had the bottom of her nightgown pulled up to her waist and was playing with her 'slippery, swollen cunt'. This unusually graphic description was really starting to have an effect on me and I felt my cock begin to swell in my shorts. I asked her who was watching in her dream and she turned back around to the dishwasher and sort of wistfully said 'Nobody, it was just me enjoying my body I guess' as if her story was over. 'Hmmmm, sounds great' I mused. But then something occurred to me, I wondered if she was just using this whole dream thing to tell me about when she had actually masturbated in real life, just to make it seem more innocent, like she wasn't as much in control in a dream state so she couldn't be held responsible for her actions.

I turned and looked at her, as she was noisily digging a bunch of silverware out of the dishwasher and said 'So, did you come? She absolutely froze for a second, and then without turning around answered 'You mean in my dream?' and I quickly said 'No, I mean in your hand.' She straightened up slowly and turned toward me with a look of mock bewilderment and started to respond, I interrupted her and said 'Oh come now, you're not going to deny it, are you?' She smiled sheepishly and said 'You're right, I did. Are you mad?' I was quick with a resounding 'Hell no I'm not mad, I love it!' I was instantly completely aroused and so in love with this woman. I couldn't believe she would hesitate to tell me about masturbating, something she knows I adore her to do. She just didn't want me to know she ever did it without me - like I would care!

I grabbed her hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom, past our TV watching (sick) kids and pushed her roughly onto the bed saying 'Show me!' I stood over her and dropped my shorts. She gasped at the sight of my rigid cock bobbing in front of her and started pulling off her sweats, unable to take her eyes off of my hard on. I wrapped my fist around it and slowly started pumping it. Then I asked her where the panties were that she had masturbated in that day, she looked me in the eyes with pure lust and said 'Over there in the hamper, I put them down in the bottom because they were so soaked.' I went over to the hamper and dug down under the other clothes and found them almost instantly. Small, yellow panties, and the crotch was indeed soaked. I walked back over to the bed and put them to my face and inhaled deeply. My cock was rock hard now as that scent went right to my brain stem.

She watched me mesmerized as her hands found their way into her crotch. I told her to spread her legs wide so I could see, and to take her time. She obliged willingly, bringing her knees up and letting them fall to the sides. She teased her swollen button with one finger while she spread her lips with the fingers of her other hand. I saw her hips start to move a little as I reached around my swollen cock again. I knew I wouldn't last long so I tried to be gentle with it, but the urge to pound was immense. We stayed like this for a little while, she looked so beautiful, the soft light of the bedside lamp illuminated her body as she played with her pussy and watched me stroke my hard on. I could see the flush of her impending orgasm creep into her face and across her chest. I could hear those little smacky noises coming from her cunt as she slapped at it with one finger inserted inside. I told her I was not going to be able to hold out much longer and she said 'Go ahead, I want to see it'. The thrill in her voice was too much to take and I began to shoot. From my toes to my balls, I was one big pulsating machine. Across her chest, and her arms,. Her other hand was squeezing her breast now as I splattered cum across it. There must have been 6 or 7 slender ropes arching across her body. Then, just as I started to subside, hers started. She hung on the edge for a few seconds as her back arched and her head went deep into the pillow. Then BAM, she started bucking violently for a few seconds and then settled into a blissful, purring orgasm, trying her hardest to keep from moaning too loudly

I crawled onto the bed and layed my body across hers and hugged her so tight. I could feel my slippery cum between our bodies as I kissed her face and neck. It was incredible. Again, I am the luckiest man on earth.



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