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My Incredible Wife (Part 5)

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Better and better.


I have submitted stories to this site over the past few years, all of them have been about my incredible wife, Mel. If you trace back through my story links, you'll see that my long time fascination with masturbation has spread to Mel during the course of our marriage, and has served to spice things up in our love live and make our marriage stronger than ever. She is totally unaware of these postings and would be horrified if she knew, but she would also be secretly very excited by it as well. I'm sure of that.

Mel is in her late thirties, takes excellent care of herself and is the most sexual person I know. This most recent event just happened today so it's very fresh in my mind. It's Thursday and I have been extremely busy at work lately. So much so that I have had to rise early and get to my office by 6:30 or so just to keep up. This morning we had the alarm set for 5:30 and I noticed Mel stirring a little as I woke to that damn buzzer and turned it off. Usually she can sleep through the alarm, but today she seemed like she was awake. I scooted over behind her to spoon her soft body for a moment before I had to jump into the shower, and she settled back into my arms and gave me a nice little purring sound. I, of course, started to run my fingers over whatever skin was exposed and squeezed her large breasts a little. Her nipples responded almost instantly into that pebbly-hard state that I love so much so I tugged on one of them very gently through the t-shirt she was wearing. Sometimes this is too much for her to endure, but today she didn't seem to mind at all. We played like this for a few minutes and then she rolled onto her back with her forearm over her eyes and spread her legs a little. I slipped my right hand under the waistband of her loose-fitting shorts and found her mound. Her clit was already starting to grow a little and there was definitely some wetness below so I very gently applied some pressure to the front of her mound and her slit with my flattened hand. She loves this, and as expected, started to move her hips a little. She hadn't even opened her eyes yet, but it was starting to seem like a great time to make love to my girl.

Just then we both heard a little noise and turned toward the door to see my eight-year-old daughter standing there in the near darkness. She had apparently had a bad dream or something and wanted some comforting - a very bad habit that she has developed. We were both extremely disappointed, but alas, there was nothing to be done about it but postpone our love session. Mel told our daughter to go back to her room and cuddle one of her stuffed animals. She dashed down the hall and Mel looked me in the eye very intently and said, 'Don't worry, I'm going to have to finish what we've started here. You go ahead and go to work and I'll tell you all about it later.' I was instantly very excited and wondered if I could make it through the day without knowing every detail. She then lifted her fingers to my nose and a rush of pussy smell went straight to my brain stem. She had already started playing with herself under the covers. I could hear little smacky noises from between her legs as her hand darted back under the covers and into her shorts. The look on her face was very serious and I knew she was serious.

I jumped out of bed to leave her to enjoy herself, concealing my raging hardon from my daughter as we passed in the hall. I tried to concentrate all morning on my work, but was quite distracted. Then about 11 this morning my cell phone rang and it was Mel. We talked for a minute about a few mundane things and then there was a long pause. I wasn't sure if she would want to talk about it already so I wasn't going to bring it up. Then she finally asked 'So? Don't you want to hear about my morning?' I laughed and said I sure as hell did., but I needed to shut my office door first. Once that was done she started. Apparently she had to wait for our daughter to fall back asleep, which only took a couple of minutes, then removed her shorts-which she mentioned were soaked through in the crotch by now - and brought her knees up to make a tent under the covers and allow her some room to work. Then she settled back and made little circles around her clit for a while, pausing several times to let her excitement subside a little now and then - 'being greedy' she called it. Then she said that she dipped her fingers into her juices and slicked up her button real good to really start rubbing right on it. I asked her what she was thinking about while she played with her pussy, and without hesitating she said she was fantasizing about another woman going down on her. She said it was an old friend of hers from college and that they had a deep friendship years ago that could have easily turned sexual had they had the right opportunity, but it had just never happened. She said that it was a regular fantasy for her though and that she figured a woman would probably know exactly what to do and what would feel good, which makes it extra sexy for her. I just had to open my pants and stroke my hardon while she relayed this amazing information to me. I made sure my office door was locked at this point, and hit the DND button on my phone. She went on to say that her orgasm was getting near by then, and I told her I that I was masturbating right now and I would come whenever she finished her story. I could tell that she was a little shocked at first but then she asked me if I wanted her to stretch it out some more, to which I said 'You'd better not.'

She said her orgasm hit very suddenly and unexpectedly, 'like a 17-year-old girl'. That really sent me over the edge as I pumped on my cock furiously. I shot my load across the floor in five distinct and powerful ropes. She knew I was coming and kept saying things all the while but I was way too far gone to comprehend her words, and just concentrated on her soothing voice. After several seconds I told her that she was wonderful and that I couldn't wait to get my hands on her when I got home - she said she would probably not masturbate again, but would 'save it for me'. 'Probably' she said again, 'but no promises.'

After a while I had to hang up and clean up my mess, hoping my other office mates didn't hear my noisy cum. I can't wait to get home tonight and see what's going on in that nasty little mind of hers.



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