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My Incredible Wife (Part 3)

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..and better


Over the past year or so I have shared a few key stories with you about my incredible wife and how I have watched her grow sexually over the years into the most exciting creature I can even imagine. Mel has always been an extremely sensual woman, but her catholic upbringing comes in to play occasionally which seemed to be stopping her from really exploring her sexuality. After 14 years of marriage my patience has paid off and we have smashed a lot of those barriers. Our marriage has never been stronger.

Masturbation is a big part of our sex now. I find it extremely exciting and so does Mel. I suggest you check out my two earlier stories listed in the links section of this page to really understand what I'm talking about.

Last weekend we had one of those blissful and rare mornings when we didn't have to be anywhere. We both slept in pretty late. The kids were already up and watching cartoons and eating cereal so we had some time to enjoy each other. Normally in a situation like this I would roll over and start running my hands over Mel's magnificent smooth skin, but I decided to lay there acting asleep and force her to initiate sex if she wanted to. I was not disappointed as just a minute or two later I felt her stir and roll over to face me. I was flat on my back with my arm over my forehead, not moving a muscle. Soon I felt her fingernails dragging lightly over my chest and stomach under the covers. I moaned lightly and continued to lay still.

Her fingers moved up and down my body, to my thighs and back up to my chest. It felt wonderful. She had been carefully avoiding my cock up to this point but soon I felt her brush her knuckles across it, almost by mistake. She did it again, and then again, each time 'accidently' touching it lightly each time.

She finally stopped her hand right over my semi-hard cock and lightly dragged her fingertips up and down the length of it a few times before she wrapped her warm, soft fingers around it and very slowly began to squeeze it. I was getting very hard very quickly now as she had me right where she wanted me. My hips began to move a little as I was really getting into it and I could tell she was too. What a way to wake up in the morning.

I moved my arm down and slid my hand under the covers to where she was busily pumping my shaft, and held the covers up above her hand and my cock so she could work it unencumbered. She pointed my cock straight up to really work the length and the head of my dick brushed against my own hand. It felt odd, like it had a life of it's own or something. Very warm and very soft at the head, but also starting to drip a little now so it was slick. I think she felt the contact also and quickly bent my dick back down so it wouldn't touch my hand. This was fine with me as I was getting really into the moment by now.

But soon I felt her bend it upwards again, almost tentatively but very intentionally. It brushed against my 'tent' hand once again and this time I started almost moving my hand with hers. She slowed her motion, I guess to let me catch up so I blatantly put my hand around her fingers and guided her movements. It was amazingly exciting as I felt my rock hard shaft with her small delicate fingers around it. Since it was my right hand and her left hand our fingers were starting to mesh around each other as she parted hers and then I felt her gripping mine tightly together.

I was just thinking that I couldn't believe that she was feeling me masturbate in her hand, when she pulled her hand back and wrapped it around my fist as I frantically pumped my cock. The feeling was absolutely exquisite and I knew I couldn't last very much longer.

I slowed down the pace to lengthen my enjoyment and she started giving me the most passionate kiss of my life. Obviously she was as excited as I was. I had to stop pumping my dick at this point, and she looked me in the eyes and gave me a little sympathetic moan, but I wanted her cunt. I reached between her legs and found her slit swollen and actually dripping. I mean, I had never felt her cunt so ready without a lot more foreplay. She was so excited. I slid two fingers in so easily. She was so slick with juices that I was able to last a good five minutes of pounding my cock before she finally had a tremendous orgasm, her cunt spasms triggering my own cum as we had shuddering orgasms in each other's arms.

Later I just had to ask her what she thought about the whole thing, and she just stopped and looked at me and said 'that was the most intimate sexual experience I've ever had.' Then went on with her day.



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