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My Incredible Wife (Part 2)

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It just keeps getting better.


I do a lot of running, and lately we have had a few nice warm days to enjoy a good workout. When it's warm I wear those little running shorts that are split up the sides, so they are thin and very light and short. Anyway, last Sunday afternoon I finished my run and came into the house. The kids were busy watching a movie and drawing pictures downstairs and I could hear Mel upstairs walking around. I came up the stairs to our bedroom with a big glass of iced water and saw her putting laundry away. She asked how the run was and we engaged in some idle chatter as I sat down on the couch in our bedroom to cool off.

She started to scold me for getting sweat all over the couch, but then just sort of trailed off as some other thoughts seemed to come across her mind. She flopped down onto the bed on her stomach facing me and started to talk about her recent trip to Arizona where she visited her childhood friend last fall. She had an odd look on her face and was clearly leading up to something, but so far I had no clue what it could be.

We both love the sensual nature of the desert in Arizona, particularly my wife. Her friend has a beautiful home in Scottsdale, and Mel's favorite feature is the stone bathroom with a big whirlpool tub and a clear glass shower right next to it. Mel and I had played around a little in that bathroom the last time we were there together so I could picture it clearly.

Apparently one night when she was visiting they had gone out to dinner to a fabulous southwestern restaurant, and then returned to their home. Her friend's husband went with them, but then had left to go to a friend's house to play cards so she and Jamie had flopped in the living room to talk about old times.

As she was telling me about this particular evening I noticed her cheeks were getting a little flushed, odd, I was wondering where this story was going. Anyway, they had started talking about old boyfriends and lovers and Jamie had told her about one particular guy that she had hooked up with in a parked car back in the day. Apparently he was quite a stud and had made love to her every which way in his old Nova. I knew this guy and laughed to myself as I pictured the scene, but apparently Mel had found the story quite arousing. A hot sweaty love fest in a car in a city park, the chance of getting caught, young passion, etc.

She then said that as Jamie was telling her this story she noticed that she was opening and closing her legs very determinedly, and sort of staring at the ceiling as she told more about the young stud's hot cock. Apparently she left no details out and was quite explicit. Mel said she was able to openly stare at Jamie now because she had laid back on the couch and was looking straight up as she crossed her legs and was clearly squeezing her thighs together while she continued with her sexy story.

Then Jamie confessed that she often thought about that night while she and her husband made love. She felt guilty about it but couldn't help it. She started to say that she also thought about it when she was alone, but was interrupted by the front door opening and her husband walking in. He had forgotten his cigars and had come back to get them, which totally interrupted Jamie's erotic confession. As the door shut and Trey left, they looked at each other and laughed, mostly at their own embarrassment.

Mel saw that it was late and asked Jamie if she could take a quick shower before she went to bed, and of course her host agreed. Okay, this whole time I'm wondering why she's telling me this, aside from being a pretty good story, it's doing nothing but making me horny. I'm still sitting on the couch watching my lovely wife and sporting a pretty good semi in my little running shorts, hard to hide.

She is by no means done as it turnes out. Mel said she went up to the bathroom and stripped down and stepped into the shower. I noticed that she was really red-cheeked now as she told me that she was very aroused standing in this beautiful, luxurious shower, and she knew that her lover was several states away. The shower felt good, and she went into great detail about how she soaped her breasts and her stomach, afraid to touch herself between her legs for fear of further arousing herself. She looked up into the skylight and saw the stars of the desert sky, then noticed that there were actually several windows in this bathroom. She realized that if someone were standing in just the right place they could easily see in from the outside.

I think this sort of put her over the edge as my wife is a bit of an exhibitionist. I was really having trouble controlling my hardon as I was picturing the scene. Mel stopped her story and stared at my lump, then looked at me and said 'Do you want me to go on?' I of course answered 'Yes, please'. She said she would, but I should probably get out of those sweaty clothes'. Now, at this point I must explain that we have only had one mutual masturbation session, and it wasn't really in broad daylight like this situation.

I really wanted her to continue and my inhibitions were pretty much vaporising at this point so I stood up and stripped out of my running shorts and t-shirt. My cock slapped against my belly as I did it and my wife's eyes were like saucers as she watched my pole. I heard her breathe in sharply between her teeth as she stared, so I said 'Please go on' and sat back down and wrapped my fist around my hard cock and squeezed it tight. It felt fantastic. She visibly pulled herself back to reality and went on with her story as I slowly and proudly started to pump myself. Apparently, back in the bath event, as she realized that someone could be watching she gave in to her desires and ran her soapy fingers into her slit. She said she just about jumped out of her skin when she touched her clit, which was very swollen and sensitive.

She played with her pussy that way for a while and stared at her reflection in the glass. She then looked at the big bubble tub and decided she wanted to lie back and relax for her orgasm, so before she got too carried away, she made herself stop and turn off the shower. She stepped out and moved over to the edge of the stone raised tub and sat on the edge. She said she even remembered starting the water running with one hand because she couldn't stop pinching and pulling her nipple with the other.

Now my cock head was totally covered with shiney pre-cum juices as I stroked with abandon and watched her face. She was watching me back, but the images of that evening were clearly more powerful than me frantically pounding my cock, judging by the look on her pretty face.

She said that she sat up on the stone edge and really spread her legs wide so she could play with her cunt. She knew that she was close to coming, and wanted to come really bad, but was concentrating on saving it for the tub. She said she had two fingers very slowing sliding up and down her slit, pushing on her clit at the top and then back down spreading her juices around, when the door suddenly opened and Jamie came walking in. Mel said she jumped about a foot and closed her legs and tried to recover and act normal, but she had been totally facing the door with her legs spread and her fingers playing. She could not believe that she had been so stupid as to not lock the door, but it was way too late.

Jamie walked right across the room, dropped her sweat pants and sat down on the toilet. Mel said she remembered Jamie saying something and just acted totally casual, like nothing was unusual. Mel busied herself with adjusting the water temperature and went on about her business, dying of embarrassment. She said Jamie finished up, and started to leave, but stopped at the door, looked right at Mel and said 'That story always does that to me too.' and then left. She was mortified, and I was about to shoot my load.

I asked her if she went ahead and finished the job, to which she smiled, looked me right in the eyes and said 'Twice.' I shot about eight big streams of cum into the air. Sweat was not the only thing that I was getting on that couch that day.



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