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My Incredible Wife

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Accidently tricking my wife into masturbating for me


I awoke with a start. You know, that foggy head, waking up from some sort of a nonsensical dream not knowing where you are. But I'm in my own bed lying next to my lovely wife Mel. It slowly dawns on me that it's Saturday morning and I don't have anything to get up for. No work and the kids don't even have any soccer games today. Beautiful. The shades are down but some soft light filters into the room. I lie back and roll my head over to look at Mel as my eyes adjust, she's still sound asleep. She looks wonderful. Late thirties, takes care of herself, great body for a soccer mom. I notice that she is lying flat on her back, unusual for her as she usually sleeps with her back to me, probably because we always fall asleep spooning. She's probably dreaming and I'm hoping that it's one of those early morning sex dreams that she is known for. I carefully reach under the covers and run my hand over her warm soft thigh. She's wearing summer pyjamas with a thin top and matching baggy shorts and she moves a little with my touch and turns her head away from me. I rub her flat tummy a little and then slip my fingers carefully under the loose waistband of her shorts. Her pubic hair is cropped short, something she does just for me.

Very gently and slowly I move my hand in small circles just at the top of her pubic mound. I know from years of practice that this can be a very subtle stimulation as it tends to pull her pussy lips apart a little with each circular stroke. I do this for a few minutes and then slowly work my circles lower into her soft pubic hair. This elicits a quiet little purring noise and she settles into her pillow a little deeper and turns her head away from me. Eventually my fingers brush over the tops of her vagina lips and I notice they are a bit swollen, so my suspicions of a sex dream could be accurate.

As my warm hand creeps further down her lips with each slow rotation she moves her legs apart some to allow me better access to her gorgeous pussy. I stop my circular motion and slide my fingers down the length of her slit and cover it with my hand. My middle finger slides easily into her slit a little and I touch her moist inner lips. Just as I thought they would be, swollen, puffy and slick. I increase the pressure slightly and now I can feel her little button of a clit as it pops its head up to my fingers.

One of my favorite (and Mel's favorite) caresses is to lay my middle finger into her slit and use my two surrounding fingers to roll her pussy lips together over my middle finger, sort of burying my middle finger in the lips of her pussy. It's easier to do when they are puffy as they are right now. She loves the feeling of this and a low sigh escapes from her lips. Her eyes are not even fluttering yet so she's still mostly asleep. At this point she opens her thighs further and slightly arches her back, her first push back against the pressure of my hand. I know that what she wants at this point is for me to start making little wet circles around her clit, but I want to tease her for a while so I resist the urge to give her what she wants and just keep the even pressure on her mound and slit. Suddenly she moves her left arm under the covers and I feel her hand touching my right forearm. She lightly strokes my arm and slides her fingers down toward my hand. I love the feeling of her hand on my fingers as she tries to press them harder into her slit and guide me. She aligns her fingers with mine and forcefully moves them around and around. My fingers are getting slippery now with her slickness and I feel her fingertips slide off and touch her own cunt lips. This is startling and incredibly erotic for me as I have never known my wife to masturbate and we have never even discussed it. Her hand is very insistent now on mine and our intertwined fingers are slick and sliding around on each other. I slide my fingers apart which causes her fingers to slide right down on her swollen lips. I quickly move my hand on top of her's, now I'm guiding her fingers all over her very erect clit and she begins to hump against our moving hands. She let's out a low moan and tries to pull my hand back under her's but I move it away and bring it up under her pyjama top to squeeze her breasts.

I can tell that she has stopped touching herself at this point as her body is still, but I know that one thing she really loves when she is very excited is for me to play with her nipples. I find that her nipple is hard already and start to swirl my wet fingers around it. This causes it to wrinkle up and get all pebbly so I grasp it firmly between my thumb and fingers and pull straight up on it. This brings a big moan from her throat and she tosses her brunette hair across her face and shakes her head from side to side. I don't let up and keep working on that beautiful pink nipple. I watch her bring her knees up under the blankets and can tell that she's squeezing her thighs together and rocking her hips. I've never felt such control over her and such deep love for this woman as I do at this moment. I push the blanket down exposing her body and for the first time she opens her eyes and looks up at me. The look in her eyes is amazing, sweet torture and pure lust. She lays her head back and thrusts both hands into her shorts with her legs splayed wide as I roll up on my knees next to her to watch the show. I can play with both nipples now and do so to help her along. Her hands are moving under her shorts and I can tell that she is using her left hand to pull up on her pussy lips and expose her clit and her right hand is making frantic little circles in the center. There are distinct smacky noises coming from her shorts and her breathing is ragged.

Suddenly I smell her sex which jolts me and I notice my dick is almost bursting and pulsating. I take one hand away from her breasts and begin to stroke myself with abandon. She opens her eyes to watch me masturbate, something I know she has never seen before. It hits me like an electric shock as I realise she is turned on even more by watching me watching her...it's crazy! I am not shy at all now and stand up on my knees so my pole is right above her stomach and we masturbate for each other for an eternity, which, in hindsight was probably about thirty seconds. I look down at her face and say 'Honey, are you going to come for me?' All she can muster is a nod and a sound not unlike a sob.

Just as I realise I can't wait another second she starts to wail and buck her ass up off the bed in a tremendous series of spasms, I shoot the first rope of cum across her stomach. The next one lands across her tits and onto the pillow on the other side of her writhing body and the next three pump big spurts onto her chest between her tits. A few more dribble down my fist as I finish one of the most incredible orgasms of my life. My wife is shuddering and laughing and crying all at once as I flop down exhausted next to her and bask in a wonderfully soft afterglow.

Later on, as we are sipping our coffee and watching the kids play at the playground in our neighborhood park she tells me about the sex dream that I interrupted. But that's another story. . .



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