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My Husband's Friend

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My husband doesn't know I have the fascination I have with male masturbation. I feel so cheap and dirty about what I'm going to say here.


I'm 36 and married to a great man. I love him to death. We have no problems whatsoever in our marriage. What he doesn't know about me is ever since I was in high school I have had a deep fascination with the male erect penis. I discovered Solo Touch one day when searching for articles on masturbation. All through high school and college I enjoyed jacking my dates off more than having sex in the regular way. It is such a miracle that a small (not always) piece of tubular muscle can grow as much as it does.

About a month ago one of my husband's good friends and his wife stayed the weekend with us. He is great looking and I always thought secretly that he was probably pretty well hung. I never had any thoughts of seeing him secretly or anything else though. On that Saturday morning we all woke up and leisurely talked over coffee in our robes or nightime wear.

My husband said he was going to get dressed and go to the store and buy some drink and boating snacks for the day. His friends wife said she would go with him. They quickly dressed leaving my husband's friend and me alone together.

We continued to drink coffee and chat standing in the kitchen. He suddenly said to me that he thought I was gorgeous and the prettiest woman he had ever seen. I didn't know how to react or what to say, other than thank you. Then he said that, in fact, he had thought of me a lot over the years. He was wearing a pair of gym type shorts and a T-shirt. Suddenly I saw a huge bulge in his pants. I mean it was BIG! I was almost speechless. I told him that I had thought of him too over the years although my thoughts were his dick was probably big and he was a nice guy and that is about it.

What happened next floored me. He placed his hand on his hard shaft and said he had REALLY thought of me a lot. I was all mixed up by now. Part of me wanted to scold him and part of me was curious. The curious side gave in. I said 'show me.'

He pulled his shorts down to his knees and before me was the biggest hard dick I have ever seen in person. It looked to be 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist! All I could think was 'Damn!' I reached out and took his dick in my hand and felt every hard inch of it as he slid his hand down my lounging pants and into my pussy. As we stood there he fingered me, not taking as much time with my clit as he should have, but running two and three fingers in and out of my pussy. I never came but I jacked that monster off in about three minutes. He shot loads of cum all over the kitchen floor. I loved watching that.

I wiped all the cum off the floor and he got soft in a hurry and put his dick away in his pants. We acted like nothing happened at all when his wife and my husband got home.

When my husband is at work now, or away on a business trip, I dream about his friend's big dick and masturbate myself silly thinking about it. It makes me feel dirty and cheap and a little unfaithful, but I love to think about that day so much!



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