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My Husband Watched

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My husband and I were teenage sweethearts, we dated all through high school and married at 18. We are utterly in love, and our sex life is varied, but we wanted something a little different...


It all started when we were watching a porn film together. The 'plot' of these is somewhat weak, but this one was about a woman who was allegedly married and her husband had a thing about her fucking other men. As usual Chris, my husband found it arousing as I did. We lay together masturbating each other before Chris said, 'You know, I would love to see you being fingered by another man.' (Chris has been in failing health for some years now and frequently, owing to his heart condition, finds it hard to well, stay hard.) I said, 'You mean you want to watch me getting screwed, you horny sod!'. But no, he wanted to watch me getting fingered.

It rattled around my brain a little for a few days until I had an idea. There is a swingers club in the town where we live. No, I do NOT mean 'naturist', although it is often the case that 'naturism' is a thin veneer to hide what really happens there. This is a self confessed, all out, liberated lifestyles club. You can join for a year or go along as a day visitor. I decided that we should go as visitors. The manager said they had strict protocols around not pressurising anyone, particularly newcomers. We could go, watch, join in or not at whatever level we were comfortable with.

So on the day in question we turned up, showered and stripped. At first, we wore a towel around us, but everyone else there was either naked or wearing very sexual outfits. We wandered around, taking it all in. There were couples of every gender making out or just walking in the grounds. Some were in the spa bath or steam room. It wasn't an orgy, just people enjoying themsleves. Chris, for the first time in a long time got really hard. We sat on a long couch and started making out. It felt great having my legs apart and his fingers in me while others were watching. No one made a move to invade our space and then Chris whispered 'WELL? do you want someone to touch you?' I looked around and nodded at a good looking guy who was with either his wife or his girlfreind.

He came over and I took his hand and placed it between my legs. 'No fucking, just touching, ok?' He smiled and nodded. Soon I had his cock in my hand and was jacking him. He felt moist and slippery and I guessed he and his partner had fucked. GOD he was good! His fingers played with me beautifully and I felt my orgasm coming on. Chris was all eyes! But I wanted to treat him too. I looked at the guys partner and whispered to him. 'Same rules?' he smiled and said ok. So I said to Chris 'Go ahead. Finger her.' Watching Chris press hs magical fingers into her and watching her arch her back was enough for me and I orgasmed long and hard. Then I felt the guy I was jacking tense and he spurted all over my tummy. Chris was getting her there too and I saw her cum, not only each contraction but she squirted too. The next thing, Chris and I were all over each other. I was licking the girls cum off his fingers and the guys sperm was squelching between us.

Let me tell you. If your relationship is absolutely secure and you are ready to spice up your sex life, you HAVE to try this. Far from being a turn off to think of your lover screwing anyone else it is a total turn on. Would we go back? OH yes.... would we fuck others while there... DEFINATELY... in fact... we already did



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