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My Husband Does Me

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This works for me when I am really horny


Sometimes I can feel an intense arousal. This feeling I get rises just above my pelvic region and just becomes more intense. It is almost like a dull ache. When this happens I become very horny. This 'ache' will start early in the morning and it just builds more intensely as the day passes. I have tried to 'rub' it away by rubbing my clitoris but all that does is make it worse. I have lived with this feeling since I was an early teen. Sometimes I would finger myself for hours before the feeling would go away.

I was lucky in the fact that I married a man that wanted to satisfy me sexually. I have a very strong sex drive and I masturbate at least twice a day. I rub my pussy to orgasm several times when I wake up in the morning. And I rub my pussy to orgasm several times at bed time. Usually that is satisfying. I also have a large dildo that I need about three time a week. My husband got it for me via the internet and it is called a dong. It is very large, eight inches of insertable length and about two and a half inches in diameter. I use it when I am alone and we use it together, my husband and I.

I like to watch my husbands face when I use it in front of him. The expression on his face is so neat. It reminds me of the expression of a child getting the gift that he wanted but didn't expect to get.

Getting back to my story. On these special days when I am extremely horny my dong is my satisfaction. I like to lay on our bed totally nude after a nice hot bath. I am usually the first in the bath and my husband joins me after I shave my pussy. I shave it every day so that it is nice and smooth. We both started shaving our sex spots about ten years ago and my husband says that if he would have known it felt so good he would shaved when we first got married. We have been married nearly thirty-three years and sex for us is still great and often.

When I am nude on the bed at night and my husband sees me he knows what I want. He calls it a 'good dildo fuck'. He lays down beside me and proceeds to 'play with my pussy'. He gently rubs and massages my entire pubic mound. When he does this I just lay back, relax, and enjoy. I like my pussy to be touched by some one other than myself. A pussy 'massage' feels so good. After a while he will get some lube, usually KY brand Intrigue lubricating and massaging oil. I like this lube it is water soluable and makes the 'massage' feel even better. He will part my labia and gently penetrate my slit with his fingers. This feels so good. As he gently goes up and down my slit he teases my clitoris. My desire grows and wants penetration. My pussy wants to be filled with my dong. I get some relief when he rubs my clitoris to orgasm. It feels so good to come. My husband does this several times until the orgasm gets so strong that I can hardly stand it. My desire is still strong and not satisfied. My orgasms keep getting stronger and stronger. Each orgasm is incredibly strong they feel like a tickly cramp. It just makes my pussy want to be penetrated by my dong. I get very loud when I come I can't help it. It feels so good. I don't say much I call out my husband's name and I grunt and moan.

When I get loud, almost to the shouting level my husband starts teasing my mound with the head of my dong. When he starts this teasing ritual I am to the point that I want to scream 'shove it in already'. I don't though. I just start to pinch my nipples. My breasts are very sensitive and by pinching my nipples it makes my orgasms even stronger. The orgasms that I feel from pentration are more intense and satisfying than clital rubbing. Sometimes I need the deep penetration of my dong to give me complete mind numbing sexual satisfaction. Make no mistake I enjoy my orgasm and the stronger the better. I am going to describe the dong tease but it feels so good that description can't do it justice. While my husband is fingering and massaging me he has the dong between his legs. He is using his body heat to warm it. When my pussy is teased up from his massaging and fingering he starts to circle my pubic mound with the head of my dong.

This feels so good. My desire is still climbing and building. I play with my breasts even more. Pinching the nipples and cupping my boobs in my hands feels so good. I can feel the dong going up and down my labia. I feel my labia start to separate. As my husband starts this movement I have a small orgasm. He rubs the hood of my clitoris open with the dong to make me come. I have a small orgasm it only teases me as I build toward a huge climax. I can feel my pussy lips fully open. When I am completely open I feel the head of the dong start to penetrate my love tunnel. I feel the head go in and then slide out and up and down my slit. The head of the dong might touch my clitoris and then again it might not. My husband does this on purpose. My desire is just about through the roof. Down my slit goes the dong and deeper into my vagina my climax grows and I am on the cusp of coming. The dong is retracted and up and down my slit it slides. I am so close to exploding I can barely stand it. I can feel the coolness of more lube trickling down the shaft of the dong and onto the head as it slides down my slit and penetrates my vagina again. This time it goes all the way in. My Orgasm explodes when my dong hits the end of the tunnel. The technique is perfected. The dildo touches the end of my puss and bam I blow. My orgasm is so huge and strong I scream with ecstacy.

On my special 'Horny' days I will take a long time with the dong session. After the first huge climax I move my hips up and down, side to side as my husband creates a rhythm of in and out. I get the full stroke treatement, eight inches in and out. I like the way the long stroke feels. The bump at the end of my love tunnel sets me off to more orgasms. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever for my pussy to be satisfied. When I reach that satisfied feeling I grunt enough, enough, enough. When I do, I feel the dong go in and out rapidly. One last climax that is as strong as the first. The orgasm is so strong it is almost painful. What an extreme pleasure to feel.

After my treatment of pleasure I am exhausted. I can't leave my husband unsatisfied. We have what my husband calls his favorite sex. That is sex after dildo. My husband likes how my pussy feels during sex after dildo. I satify my husband. After he is satified I can roll over and drift off to a beautiful restful sleep.

This story and technique may not be for everyone but it works for me and I intend to continue to do it as long and often as I can. Enjoy all.



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