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My Husband Does Me

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Sometimes I need more relief and my husband knows exactly what to do.


I have written before and I will write again as I don't see many contributions from older women and I think there should be more contributions. I became sexually aware at an early age. I had an older cousin that taught me to finger myself and he would also finger me. This lasted until I had my first period. He seemed to lose interest in me and we no longer masturbated together. My story is about my sexual desire and need to relieve myself. Ever since the summer of the third grade my flower has been horny. I finger myself, rub on objects, whatever it takes to get relief.

I am older now and not quite as horny. I am however more horny than other women my age. I rub my clitty for orgasmic relief when I go to bed and when I wake up. I am multi-orgasmic and four will usually end the day and start it. It relieves the tension that I feel building up.

I have erotic dreams and wake up with a wet pussy nearly every day. My husband and I enjoy a healthy sex life and enjoy each other's bodies. Our relationship is very sensual and satisfying. My husband's penis is six inches long when erect and about one and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. It is nice medium enjoyable sexual experience. Sometimes, however I need a larger form of satisfaction. My first penis experience was very large. It made me cum upon penetration. It was summer and my cousin and I enjoyed each other almost every day. Like I said, he was older and at the time he seemed very large. My experience from that summer left me with an appetite for a large penis. I enjoy the feeling of a full pussy. I have a large dildo. It is sold as a dong it is ten inches long and two and a half inches in diameter. I refer to it as my 'rubber husband'. Every woman should should have one and not be afraid to use it.

Occasionally I can't get totally off. It is a sexual feeling that builds up and sex with my husband doesn't totally satify. It just builds and builds. My husband understands and has learned to read my needs.

When I am needful he just takes me to the bedroom and relaxes me. It doen't take much. He helps me to undress. He guides me to our bed where I lay down on left hand side of the bed. He stands beside our bed and gently rubs my throbbing pussy. I love the look on face when he does this for me. He massages the outer and inner lips of my pussy with massaging and lubricating oil. He massages my entire pubic area until my own natural love juices are flowing. I am totally wet inside and it starts to flow out. My husband massages until he can see the trickle of my white lubricating fluid. By the time I reach this point I am ready to explode. I am eager with anticipation. I feel a desire, a want, a need for large penetration and nothing else will do.

When I reach my total state of arousal I close my eyes. My husband places my dong at the opening of my vagina and moves it in an up and down motion of my inner lips. He teases my clitty with it. I want to come but the play with it makes it better over all. When I can no longer stand the tease my husband penetrates my eager pussy with my dong. I explode with an orgasm upom entry before it touches the end of my vagina. I let out a yelp of pleasure. When I climax I am very vocal and loud. I am penetrated with eight inches of pure pleasure. I enjoy every inch and every minute of it. My husband retracts the dong until he sees the edge of the head then plunges it in again. I explode again. I have an orgasm with each stroke for about the first seven or eight strokes. The first orgasm is always the strongest, then the intensity of each subsides. My love juice flows freely during these episodes and runs down my the crack of my fanny and wets the bed. My pussy is so wet, wild, and unsatisfied it takes several minutes to an hour before I tell him to stop. When I start to feel satisfied my pussy slows its lubrication and I start feeling sleepy. When I reach this feeling I say enough please stop. My pussy is so satisfied that all I want to do is go to sleep. My husband with my dong is so satisfying and exhausting. My husband does such a good job of taking care of me. We have a great sex life and I am glad that he satifies me the way that he does. We have been married for thirty-one years and every woman should have what I have. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Just so you know I became horny when I thought about writing this. So I had my dong in my vagina and as my story progressed so did my strokes. Girls keep on jilling. I don't think that I will ever stop.



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