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My Husband and I

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What a real sensual massage is for a woman, and can other women relate to my experience


Every now and then I feel the need for a really good full body massage. I like to be fully nude and I like to be massaged over every inch of my body not including the head. It is very relaxing and rewarding(sexually). Maybe other women can relate to this practice.

As the stresses of the job and trying to live life every day build up and as my personal body stress builds I need a release. I am going to relate to all who would like to try this and please comment on my little pleasure.

My husband and I enjoy a healthy sex life. We both enjoy sex and get it more often than the average for our age group. We are both fifty-four soon to be fifty-five. We both masturbate often. It is easy for me. I just rub my clitty when I feel like it, first thing in the morning when I wake up, if I wake up in the middle of the night, when I use the restroom for a 'tinkle' break in the middle of the day. I know how to give my self an orgasm and I do it often. When rubbing my clit isn't satisfying enough I use my dildo. I like a large dildo because I like the full, large, deep feeling. In the catalog it is sold as a dong and it is larger than my husband's penis. How large? I will tell you. My dildo is ten inches long and is two and a half inches in diameter. It really satisfies me when I need it. As for my husband when we are not together he takes care of himself.

Now you tell me if you like this. When I have a real desire (arousal) my pussy is usually incredibly wet. I tell my husband I want a 'sensual massage' a term that I adopted from a popular movie. And now to describe my pleasure, my experience. My husband is not trained in massage but he does one very fantastic job of massaging and pleasuring my body.

We start with a hot bath, as hot as we both can stand together. We have a lage whirl pool tub that two people can use together comfortably. I selectcted it when we remodeled our bathroom. It was very expensive but worth every penny. (I had fantasies to fulfill.) While we are bathing my husband soaks my 'dong' in the bath water so that it will be warm when needed. He wraps it in a large bath towel to help retain the warmth. It also makes me think of when I use it in the bath when I am alone but that is a story for another time. I usually get out of the tub first so that I can dry off real good. I comb my hair and pretty up my nudity and retire to my queen size bed and wait for my husband to join me.

When I have my massage I don't relieve myself because I don't want to dilute the moment. Soon my husband joins me and he brings the necessary supplies. He has scented massaging lotion, he has a massaging and lubricating lotion for my pubic area and the towel with my dong wrapped in it. I am already about to explode with anticipation. I never know where he is going to start. Head/neck or at the feet or in the middle. Every time is a new experience due to the anticipation of the event.

I am going to tell every one about my favorite technique. When my husband does this it just sends me over the top into incredible orgasmic ecstasy. He will start massaging my shaved pubic area with Intrigue Massaging Lubricant Lotion. I like to shave my pussy because it is more sensitive to the touch and I experience orgasm easier and more often than with hair. He does this for an extended period of time. He massages the muscles from leg to leg and from just below my belly button to near my anus. Sometimes he will massage my anus and that increases my excitement. Then he sometimes moves to my neck and shoulders and massages his way down to my toes and bottom of my feet or he will start at the bottom of my feet. From my neck he massages my tense neck muscles. While he does this I just totally relax and think of the pleasure that I am experiencing by being touched in such a soothing manner. He then moves his gentle rubbing touch to my arms, hands, upper chest and my breasts. When he massages my breasts he rubs each one with the oil and my nipples get hard and erect. When my nipples get hard I like to gently squeeze and pinch them. When I do I feel an excitement that grows in my pussy. I feel a strong urge for penetration. I am so built up I need penetration and nothing else will do. My husband works his way down my body massaging my tummy and belly button. For some reason this adds to my excitement. I close my eyes and just take in the pleasure of his touch and I fantasize about receiving this treatment on a warm deserted beach. He then starts on my thighs massaging from the top of my leg to the knee he does both legs. He deliberately avoids my pubic area, this just builds me up even more. I can hardly stand it. I want to tell him to relieve me but I don't. My anticipation is so strong and so intense, I need relief!!! But later is greater. He then massages my lower legs from knee to ankle. My body is totally relaxed but is full of sexual tension and anticipation. Both of my feet are massaged one at a time. First he massages the top of my feet then he moves to the bottoms of my feet. My feet are kind of ticklish but this massage feels so different and good. When he finishes my feet he has me turn over so that I am lying face down. When I am lying on my tummy I deliberately spread my legs as far apart as I possibly can. I want him to see what is happening to me. My labia are so totally open and my juices are flowing from my love canal. Sometimes it is flowing milky white and it wets our bed sheets, I can barely stand it.

When I am this way the anticipation of relief is so intense words can't describe it. I 'NEED' release. I know it is approaching soon. The exact moment of relief I never know because he builds me up, up, up. My face down massage starts with massaging my calf muscles, both legs one at a time. Then it goes to my thighs. While my thigh muscles are being massaged my husband will gently touch 'tease' my pubic area. Again more build up. Then he moves to my fanny and massages my entire buttocks one side at a time. He even touches and massages my anal area and this neearly launches me to another planet. I don't know how he does it because he always has his hands on me. I never feel him not touching me. While he is doing this I feel him massaging my anus and buttocks it feels so great. Then when I can't stand it any longer he sends my warm dong deep into my pussy. He enters my hungry lips in such a way that it hits my G-spot going in and I immediately 'EXPLODE' with a giant orgasm before my dong hits bottom. I take in eight inches before it reaches the end of my vagina and touches my uterus. When it touches my uterus I come again. When I am like this I come and come and come. He moves my dildo in and out several times with each flex I come. Then he continues the massage. He massages my lower back from my butt to just below my shoulder blades. When he re-starts the massage I close my legs so that I can hold my 'rubber husband' in my vagina. While he is massaging my back I flex my pelvis in a pumping motion into the bed. This makes me come more. I can relieve myself. When he reaches my neck and completed my neck to toe full body massage He covers me with a towel. After the towel covers me he takes our large electric massager and runs it over my upper shoulders from arm to arm. He then slowly, in a circular motion starts to move down my back. When he reaches my lower back I pinch my thighs together because I know what he is going to do. Thats right you guessed it, he touches my dong with that powerful back massager/vibrator and I exploded again. He usually passes the massager over my body four or five times touching my dildo each time. I come, I explode and come again. It feels soooo.... gooood. It is soooo.... STRONG soooo... INTENSE. Words can't describe it. And we are not done yet. Oh no. When I ask for my sensual massage I have such a built up need that it takes a while for me to be fully satisfied. I literally need to beg for mercy. He takes the towel off, puts the massager away and when he does this I spread my legs as far apart as I can. I want him to pump my dong into my vagina gently touching my uterus until I am totally relieved. I raise my pelvis off the sheets and arch my back so that I can feel my pussy being penetrated in my favorite most relieving angle. My huge dildo rubbing my G-spot plunging deep till it can go no further, this is the finale for me. I have my husband drive my dildo into my pussy touching my uterus over and over and over again until I am completely satisfied and can't take it any more. The orgasms are so deep and intense. My husband does this for me until I scream enough, enough, enough please stop. When I am done my vagina is so wet the fluids just flow from my love canal. I then satisfy my husband and we drift off to sleep in incredible orgasmic ecstasy. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing. I haven't had a 'sensual massage' for a while and writing this makes me want one. I think I will have one tonight. Until next time. Ladies, keep on jilling



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