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My Hot Wife

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My wife and I have been married for two decades. Sex is hotter than ever, and we are more open and into each other and different ways of having fun than we have ever been. She and I both work, and often come home very tired-often too tired for regular sex.

I know she's tired but wanting pleasure when we meet in the bedroom and she says, 'Do you want to put in a movie?' This translates into, 'I want sex, and I want you to come, too, but about the only energy I've got left is for us to lie next to each other, watch naked couples fuck on TV, and get ourselves off.'

What a wonderful suggestion! I readily agree, although I often miss the fondling and kissing that come with intercourse.

I know from past experimentation that she likes orgy scenes, and they have always been my favorite, too. We have some DVDs that contain the kind of orgy scenes that make us both very hot, very fast-lots of far shots showing lots of naked fucking bodies, bare feet, and people who are enjoying the sex. I play the DVD as we each apply Vaseline to our genitals.

On this occasion, I suggest something that requires a little more energy than just lying next to each other and enjoying the voyage to orgasm. 'Would you like to sit on my chest?' 'Sure!' My penis springs to full attention, pulsing slightly.

My beautiful, hot, sexy, wife straddles me facing my feet and scoots her ass close enough to my face for me to be able to fondle, caress, kiss, and lick her as she sits astride my chest. I am easliy able to reach around her thigh with one hand to caress her clitoris, while I can use the other hand to her maximum advantage.

She puts more Vaseline on my penis, I put more Vaseline on my finger, and we begin stroking each other as we watch three couples fuck their brains out on the TV in our bedroom.

I especially like the masturbation position we have chosen tonight-it gives me free access to her clitoris, breasts, and lovely, jiggling ass. I can caress her legs, arms, pull the hair on the back of her neck, and see her feet. Seeing her beautiful, naked feet, almost in my armpits due to our chosen position, is enough to almost make me pop.

She, in turn, has freedom to caress my slick penis, and gently pinch each of my testicles as she pulls them away from my body. I squirm as she attends to her delightful ministrations, curling and flexing my toes alternately, stiffening my legs, and groaning.

We are alone tonight, no kids at home, and are free to vocalize to each other as loudly as we want. Hearing her sounds makes me even more aroused. My penis stands straight, moving with each heartbeat, and begins to emit clear fluid. I pray I can last a long time-the pleasure is something I don't want to stop, but over which I have little control.

As I begin to touch her, she rocks gently, moving her hairy pussy back and forth ever-so-slightly across my hairy chest. She begins to make soft sounds and sways her upper body side-to-side, in addition to all her other motions.

I sense she likes the way I caress her clitoris, one side of which is sometimes more sensitive than the other. Tonight, it is the left side that needs the most attention-at least for awhile.

I stop all stimulation of her, removing my finger completely away from her clitoris, because I want to prolong her pleasure. I also pray her pleasure is as intense as mine, and that I can make this come a special one for her.

I suddenly must knead her breasts, tweak her nipples, and gently squeeze the glands deep within her breasts. She makes more soft woman-sounds as she enjoys my attention to her special, soft places.

We are both lying so that we can see the orgy, now in an immediately pre-orgasmic frenzy, on the small screen. She divides her attention between watching her fingers caress the tight skin on the large, cap-like head of my penis, now glistening from copious drops of clear fluid and lots of Vaseline, and the action on the screen.

It's a close thing for her as the first man in the filmed orgy withdraws, pumps his hand furiously up and down his stiff shaft, and squirts sperm all over his partner, who moans and rubs it into her breasts. My wife's hips move more quickly across my chest, making small, efficient motions, lubricated by Vaseline and her own juices.

She moans softly, making the kind of feminine sex-sounds she only makes as she feels the great pleasure begin to overwhelm her. Her smell is magnificent and extremely arousing to me-pussy and sex and perfume and sweat-the essence of aroused woman.

It is all I can do to keep from wetting down her breasts, belly, and hands with my semen, now built up in my swollen prostate to an almost painful level. I badly need to come-my pleasure is now extreme.

Somehow, though, she lightens her caresses, allowing me to hold onto my sperm for a while longer. She, herself, holds on through the on-screen orgasms of the other two men in the three-couple orgy, and continues to keep from coming as she closely watches their filmed attentions to their partners. All the actresses are covered in a sheen of sweat and have hair made stringy with the exertions of strenuous sex.

One of the on-screen women is obviously extremely interested in her partner's penis, which she holds in her small hand as she gently jacks him until he comes. She pays close attention to her partner's penis, staring at the head and tip of it as she expertly directs the ropes of semen onto her chin, neck, and breasts. As she does this, her partner groans out his pleasure as his prostate empties itself.

I find this porn actress' obvious fascination with what her partner does in response to her movements extremely arousing. She is one of the few porn women who pays close attention to her man, and obviously enjoys the whole process.

My wife manages to enjoy the thrill of riding the crest that my finger and the movie have induced, without sliding into orgasm. She, through great practice and effort, is able by concentrating on my stiffness rather than the screen, to postpone the inevitable. I think she likes prolonging the erotic buzz.

I am having a difficult time resisting her efforts to produce my orgasm with her skilled fingers as they make their oh-so-light milking motions. She is like a virtuoso, playing me for all I am worth, swirling her hand around my veined shaft, cresting the top of my mushroom head with her lubricated fingers, teasing the sensitive under-tip with light caresses.

I thrash and moan, but she has learned to make me suffer exquisite pleasure without causing the flood of semen. This is hard for her, because she likes my seed.

She will often help it out of my engorged member with encouraging sounds, and either taste it or rub it deeply into he breasts as she inhales the odor deeply. It is good to have a woman who likes what my body cannot help but doing in response to her.

Two decades of marriage have made us acutely attuned to what we want, need, and must have. She knows I like to be brought close, and has learned to ignore my pleas and whimpers for her fingers to skate faster over my penis head. She stops for a moment as the next scene begins.

We are both close. I knead her ass, pinch her breasts, and lubricate my middle finger with saliva just before I reach around her thigh and apply my fingertip just under the hood of her clitoris. Her clitoris is swollen to twice its normal size, and the hood has retracted enough to give my slick finger purchase. I can actually feel the ridge her tiny 'foreskin' makes as her clitoris, engorged with blood, peeks from it, begging for more attention.

She continuse to talk about our sex in her soft female moans, making her use of the language of sex a delight to hear. She begins to move her juice-slickened vulvae back and forth across my chest, on which she has made a lake composed of Vaseline, saliva, and vaginal secretions. I know she is close enough now to need to come more than she needs to postpone.

As the action on the screen heats up with another multi-couple orgy, so does my hot wife. She is very close, now, and I remove my hands to pinch and roll her nipples between two fingers, one nipple in each hand. I pull her nipples outward as though trying to pull them firmly, but gently off her breasts. She moans as I begin squeezing each breast at the base, closest to her chest, between the two fingers.

She watches the screen as I move my lubricated finger faster. With my other hand, I continue to stimulate her breasts, concentrating on her nipples. From time-to-time, my hand squeezes her beautiful butt, made more beautiful and prominent by the flexing of her muscles as she approaches the supreme pleasure.

She forgets to stroke me as her body forces her concentration inward. She starts to moan, more loudly than before, and then calls out the words of orgasm through her clenched teeth. She instinctively uses words, grunts, and woman-growls: 'Yes! Yes! YES! OOOOHHHHH! OOO! UNH! UMMMMM!'

As she shouts her pleasure, her whole body goes ridid, she clasps my sides tightly with her legs, her toes extend, touching my underarms, and her butt tenses, becoming more rounded as her muscles contract with her orgasm. It is a beautiful experience to witness such a thing.

I am still honored and amazed, after all these years, that she allows me to help her through these delightful experiences. Fuck, she's hot!

As I tenderly caress her soft skin and help her gently down, her thoughts turn outward, little by little. I am already again watching the orgy on the screen, and my erection, stiffer than ever, tip wetter than ever, demands serious attention. She galdly gives it.

She re-lubricates her hand and begins to stroke me faster and faster. One of the actors has one woman stroking his cock as another lets him kiss her, stroke her tits, and fondle her ass. This is a favorite fantasy of mine.

My eyes glaze over as my legs begin to tingle. My wife uses the fingers of one hand to move up and down my hugely-stiff cock as her other hand pinches, squeezes, and caresses my tight ball sack.

I hold off as long as I can, and, at the last second, try to force my muscles to relax. This delays my orgasm and makes the length and intensity of my pleasure greater. The mind-altering thrill seems to stretch forever.

As the intense feeling of orgasm begins to subside, I get the second thrill of semem being forced through me, welling from my prostate, through my swollen seminal vessels, flying through my seven-inch penis, and finally out into the air, jet after jet.

Relaxing just before and through orgasm has the added benefit of making me come more forcefully. Tonight, the first squirt hits my wife on her beautiful throat, the second on her sexy breasts, the third on her belly, and the remaining surges wet her petite hand as she slowly strokes me through the whole orgasm, milking every drop of pleasure from me.

My wife talks me through my come, adding to my pleasure: 'Yes, baby, that's it! Fuck it, baby. Come for me. So much cum! Yes! Make it all squirt out. That's it, more for me! That's how! Ummmm.'

She dismounts me, falling in a heap by my side. We are exhausted. 'I love you,' she says. 'I adore you, baby. Did you have a good come?' 'Oh, yeah. Fuckin' A!'

Blissful sleep overwhelms us. Just before my dreams overtake me, I say a prayer of thanks for my hot wife. I know we will do it all again, soon.



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