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My Hot Niece Jessica

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I have always had a thing for my niece, Jessica. I've always lived in another state, so I never really had a chance to see her as a woman. When I moved out here, I came face to face with a rather attractive young woman. Just being around her, sneaking long, tight hugs, rubbing her shoulders from time to time like the pervert that I am, I have grown accustomed to her face and all the naughty swirling thoughts that come with it. If she only knew how many times I have masturbated thinking of her, thinking about my face between her legs, my fingers inside her, my hands, my mouth on her breast. To hear her sigh in ecstasy, what else is there that could fill me with such delight?

I tried to kiss her a time or two, to which she is only passively there, annoyed, letting it slide, as long as I don't try anything else. But do I really know what she is thinking? There was one time in which we were sitting in a seat to ourselves in a van on our way to Texas, two states over. We were underneath a blanket, pretending to be asleep. All I could think of was my warm, hot 16 year old niece sitting next to me. My dick was as hard as a rock. And then she whispered: I can tell what you are thinking. I can feel it. And with that, Jessica reached under the blanket, pulled my shirt up, and began rubbing my belly. I wanted her to go a bit lower, but I wasn't going to force it. I responded by rubbing her belly, wanting so bad to touch her breasts. It was getting so hot! Then the sun came up and the darkness that had been my friend was no more.

I often think about what would have happened had there been another two hours of night? I imagine a hand job under that blanket, my sperm making her hand all sticky, my fingers down her pants, rubbing her clitoris. That's what I wanted. She's my niece, for crying out loud! What is the matter with me?!

One day, oh, about two weeks ago, Jessica, now 22, came over to fart around on the computer. I had to run over there and rub her shoulders, to which she said: You really know just how hard to rub. I love it! On her way out the door, she thanked me for the back rub. I don't know if she winked at me, or whatever, but I like to think she might have smiled in some kind of way that did not compute. I don't have the best of luck with the ladies, which is probably part of the reason I find my own niece so fucking hot!

This past weekend, it came true and was better than expected! Jessica shows up Saturday afternoon quite unexpectedly, AND SHE WANTS ANOTHER BACK RUB!

Her shirt is not tucked in.


I start rubbing her shoulders, really working out the tension, trying to get up the nerve to move down to her hips and rub them through her shirt. I raise her shirt and rub them skin to skin. So warm and soft! I rub her belly. I feel her melting into my arms. I move my hands up to just below her breasts and pause. When I finally work up the nerve to touch them, I lose track of myself and I'm nibbling at the nape of her neck. My hands are the two happiest hands on the face of the planet at that moment and my dick was never as hard. I move my hands down to her belly and I playfully scratch at her navel and pants snap. I want her to know what's on my mind. My hand is all hers. I want to get her off and feel her shaking in my arms.

I go back to rubbing her shoulders and I hear her pants unsnap and the zipper going down. 'Ok' She whispers, her breathing now suddenly very slow, as if in anticipation. I need no further clue. My hands know what to do. I slide them down her belly and pull her pants apart. She is wearing white panties. I let my hand do what it wants to do. My other hand is busy squeezing her right breast. A moment later, Jessica hiked up her bra so that I could feel them in all their soft, warm glory. I was beginning to get a little worried that I might cum in my underwear and ruin everything.

Jessica was very wet. Delightful! I slipped a finger inside and reveled in the sensation. Her legs parted, giving me all the room I needed to slowly bring her to an orgasm.

Then it is my turn. She starts out on my shoulders, but seems more interested in pulling up my shirt to rub my belly. She has my nipples in her fingers and pinches them to the point where it hurts, but it was a sexy kind of hurt that I liked. How did she know that kind of stuff blew my mind? Her hand slides down my belly and unsnaps my jeans. She reaches inside and rubs me the right way through my underwear. OMG! I can't freaking believe this is happening! When she takes it out, I feel over the moon. Her little hand works me like a professional, but I hesitate to use that word. She really knows what to do. We have a connection. She is not afraid or worried that I am her pervy uncle. She is interested in letting loose and being free.

As her hand slides up and down my dick, I put happy fingers to nose. Her scent pushes me over the edge. As I lick my still wet fingers, I know I am blowing in a major way. I blast out rope after rope of cum, all the while my niece nips at my neck. It sends my mind into a tailspin. I love my niece. She makes me feel things I thought I couldn't feel. It was like a ritual when she took a warm washcloth and wiped off my sperm.

I would have written this sooner, but my right hand has been otherwise busy. Finally, I thought I would write it all down and that gave me another boner. See you. Thanks and bye.



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