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My Horniest Masturbation Fantasy

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I read Solo Touch every day, and every once in a while the horniness builds up to the point where I need a special kind of release. That's what was going on with me all during the holiday season, and after. I loved DeeBee's story and request for fantasy stories in response to hers, and I wrote a two-part story in response. Irene's story about fucking her ass with a vibrator struck deep into my own secret erotic places.

I've always been intrigued with knowing how other people masturbate on their 'horniest of days,' because there are definitely two levels for me: regular masturbation and horniest days. Most of the time, I don't do anything anal when I masturbate, although it is in my fantasies. But occasionally the horniness builds up to the point that I have to indulge myself. This week while working away from home, I could feel it coming on. I drove to a store in that city where I have looked at dildos and anal devices in the past, wanting to find a realistic dick-dildo. Something with a nice flared head, about 7 or 8 inches and 1-1/2 inches wide, with the pliable firmness of a real live penis. I would like it to have a suction cup base so that I could stick it on the shower wall, bend over, and fuck myself with it.

Alas, the store had gone out of business, so I didn't get my toy. The rest of this story is a fantasy about what might have happened if I had gone inside and found the perfect toy.

I want to take it back to my room, get naked, lubricate it and my ass, straddle a couple of pillows covered with a bath towel, with the dildo sticking straight up from it, and slowly, slowly lower myself onto that nice, hard dick. I want to savor and indulge the fantasy that I am being slowly and tantalizingly fucked in the ass, reliving my first real sexual experience as a teenager. I have lived a straight life since that experience, but I believe our first thrilling sexual experience remains with us for life. I want to feel the tip of that dick-dildo between my buns, pushing against my hole. I want to recreate the wanton craving to feel it inside me and the delicious, exhilarating shame of knowing I'm doing something that's supposed to be so wrong (but feels so good). I want to experience the excitement and tension of knowing this dick-like thing is soon going to be all the way in me; that I will feel the tip of it against my insides, where just a little deeper brings a pleasure-pain so intense that my body will shiver, teeth chatter, and I will gasp 'Oh, God!'

But at the moment, the tip is just resting tantalizingly between my buns, lightly touching my Vaseline-smeared hole. I luxuriate in savoring the moment and thinking about what I'm going to be feeling very soon. I lower myself until I can feel it trying to push its way into my hole, then back off, teasing myself, delaying the penetration I desire so much. I edge it in further to the point where I know the head is about to pop all the way inside me, then withdraw the pressure and let it slip back out, moaning something like 'Oh, God!' or 'Please fuck my ass.' When the head finally pops through my tight sphincter, the feeling is unbelievable, but it is stretching me too much so I pull it out again. I repeat the penetration and withdrawal of the tip until I am sufficiently stretched, then do it a few more times just to savor the thrill of penetration that I remember from my teen experience. There is something thrilling in that moment when the tip goes all the way in; a sudden, clear realization that my nice, bare ass is really going to be fucked. Forbidden. Erotic. Shameful. Secret. Sexy. Naughty.

With the head inside me, it's time to think about lowering myself down further and feeling the long shaft slowly going up my ass. Moving ever so slowly, it seems like I can feel every molecule of its surface as it slides past every nerve ending in my anal opening; feel every vein on the dildo moving through my tight, sensitive hole. It is so satisfying, I'm in heaven. I repeat that sequence over and over again, starting with having nothing in me but knowing I'm naked and in the position and about to be butt-fucked; feeling the tip of it slide between my buns and touch my hole, the first little push, a harder push, the head forcing its way through my sphincter muscles and popping inside me, the slow slide of the shaft through my hole, the filled-up feeling of knowing it is in me as far as it will go and the tip pressing against the insides of my body, pausing there to squeeze my ass muscles around the shaft a couple of times, and then the slow withdrawal and release. I wish time could stand still for hours and hours while I repeat this over and over again, entertaining delicious fantasies and saying things like 'Please fuck my ass' and 'Oh God, it feels so good to have it in me.'

That was my fantasy. The actual day was not a total loss, however. I went to a supermarket and bought a bulb-type anal douche syringe, two perfectly-shaped zucchinis, and a package of ribbed condoms. A zuch is larger at the insertion end, like a penis, and thinner at the other end, so my muscles can relax after the 'head' is in and then grip around the thinner end of the shaft. It is firm and pliable, like a hard dick. I put a condom on it just in case it breaks off inside me. I like the ribbed kind so I can feel more sensation as the ribs move through my sensitive hole. One zuch was bigger around, so I used the smaller one first, then tried the bigger one for another level of pleasure. Even after being stretched, it was a challenge to get the larger one past my sphincter muscles, but it felt like a good fuck once it was inside. The shaft was bigger around, so my ass muscles couldn't relax with it in me. For the next twenty minutes, I kept alternating between the two, enjoying the penetration and the different feelings I got from each one. I couldn't decide which one I liked better.

When it was late and I was too tired to continue the action any longer, I filled the bathtub and took a nice, long soaking bubble bath and went to bed feeling very relaxed and satisfied.



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